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Top Schiepek Quotes

Schiepek Quotes By Dalai Lama

We can change society, change humanity by changing ourselves as individuals. By cultivating inner values, we can change our own lives and those of our families. This is how we can create a more peaceful world. — Dalai Lama

Schiepek Quotes By Linda Grimes

My favorite aerobic activity is reading steamy romantic thrillers. I figure an increased heart rate is an increased heart rate. Why quibble about methodology? — Linda Grimes

Schiepek Quotes By Margaret J. Wheatley

Disorder can play a critical role in giving birth to new, higher forms of order. — Margaret J. Wheatley

Schiepek Quotes By Chrissie Swan

I don't even like turkey. It's dry and weird. And so leggy I feel like I'm dining on Rhonda Burchmore — Chrissie Swan

Schiepek Quotes By Katy Grannan

There's always been something illicit about the way I work. I'm photographing people I don't know, when nobody else is home - there's a necessary degree of secrecy. — Katy Grannan

Schiepek Quotes By Michael Tilson Thomas

I think music needs to be presented in a way so that kids can grasp songs, dances, simple music that's associated with some particular defining moment in human experience. — Michael Tilson Thomas

Schiepek Quotes By Vincent Cassel

When you see violence in movies in general, it's very quick and painless, which isn't what it's like. — Vincent Cassel

Schiepek Quotes By Taylor Jenkins Reid

Our friendship had been a long-distance one since we went off to college. But I never met another woman who meant to me what she did. No one else could make me laugh like she could. So my oldest friend remained my best friend, despite however many miles kept us apart, and it was for that reason that I made her my maid of honor. — Taylor Jenkins Reid

Schiepek Quotes By Meg Cabot

Once in a While
Once in a while you regret the road not taken
Start giving up on the plans you made
Once in a while you feel so forsaken
Wondering why so many took, not gave
Once in a while you ask, how could this happen?
How did I end up in these shoes?
But once in a while you meet a special someone
Someone who chose the same path as you
And suddenly it stops feeling so lonely
Out on that road that you had to choose
And that's when you know it all was worth it
Because once in a while dreams do come true — Meg Cabot

Schiepek Quotes By Orison Swett Marden

You must bring every particle of your energy, unanswerable resolution, your best efforts, your persistent industry to your task or the best will not come out of you. You must back up your ambition by your whole nature, by unbounded enthusiasm and a determination to win which knows no failure. — Orison Swett Marden

Schiepek Quotes By Ansel Adams

I believe in beauty. I believe in stones and water, air and soil, people and their future and their fate. — Ansel Adams

Schiepek Quotes By Joe Ducie

Sometime later, halfway between midnight and dawn, I fell asleep with my head against the polished mahogany and my hand clutching a bottle full of nothing but blue dregs and the morning's regret. — Joe Ducie

Schiepek Quotes By Molly Harper

You want to stab me again, don't you?"
He didn't look at all ashamed. "Think of it as testing the limits of your new abilities."
I groaned. "I've created a monster."
"I don't think someone who recently crawled from the grave should be throwing around labels like 'monster,'" he said, making sarcastic little air-quotes fingers.
"It wasn't a grave," I sniffed. "It was a comfy four-poster. — Molly Harper