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Sarcastic Remark Quotes By Vann Chow

Are there moments when our brains are not exercising?" I questioned. "That would be almost like being brain dead... — Vann Chow

Sarcastic Remark Quotes By Kerry Patterson

Let's say that your significant other has been paying less and less attention to you. You realize he or she has a busy job, but you still would like more time together. You drop a few hints about the issue, but your loved one doesn't handle it well. You decide not to put on added pressure, so you clam up. Of course, since you're not all that happy with the arrangement, your displeasure now comes out through an occasional sarcastic remark. "Another late night, huh? I've got Facebook friends I see more often." Unfortunately (and here's where the problem becomes self-defeating), the more you snip and snap, the less your loved one wants to be around you. So your significant other spends even less time with you, you become even more upset, and the spiral continues. Your behavior is now actually creating the very thing you didn't want in the first place. You're caught in an unhealthy, self-defeating loop. — Kerry Patterson

Sarcastic Remark Quotes By Elizabeth Peters

Are we all agreed? Excellent. Then Peabody had better retire to her bed; she is clearly in need of recuperative sleep, she has not made a sarcastic remark for fully ten minutes. — Elizabeth Peters

Sarcastic Remark Quotes By Gary L. Graybill

Never be SARCASTIC. A clever remark might gain you a few laughs but the butt of your remarks will be offended and will remember you for it. — Gary L. Graybill