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Top Sand Ripples Quotes

Sand Ripples Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

The wind was off shore, and only broke the sea's surface in to long, silvery ripples, and sent sheeny shadows flying out across it, from every point and headland, like transparent wings. The dusk was hanging a curtain of violet gloom over the sand-dunes and the headlands where gulls were huddling. The sky was faintly filmed over with scarfs of silken vapor. Cloud fleets rode at anchor along the horizons. An evening star was watching over the bar. — L.M. Montgomery

Sand Ripples Quotes By Pierce Brown

Sevro lands dramatically before us, spraying us with sand. His ghostCloak ripples away. "Bloodydamn shithole." I — Pierce Brown

Sand Ripples Quotes By David Almond

I have hair that drifts like seaweed when I swim. I have eyes that shine like rock pools. My ears are like scallop shells. The ripples on my skin are like the ripples on the sand when the tide has turned back again. At night I gleam and glow like sea beneath the stars and moon. Thoughts dart and dance inside like little minnows in the shallows. They race and flash like mackerel farther out. My wonderings roll in the deep like sails. Dreams dive each night into the dark like dolphins do and break out happy and free into the morning light. These are the things I know about myself and that I see when I look in the rock pools at myself. — David Almond

Sand Ripples Quotes By Arundhati Roy

The God of Loss.
The God of Small Things.
He left no footprints in the sand, no ripples in water, no image in mirrors. — Arundhati Roy