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Top Same Book Different Page Quotes

Same Book Different Page Quotes By Patrick Ness

He loved physical books with the same avidity other people loved horses or wine or prog rock. He'd never really warmed to ebooks because they seemed to reduce a book to a computer file, and computer files were disposable things, things you never really owned. He had no emails from ten years ago but still owned every book he bought that year. Besides, what was more perfect an object than a book? The different rags of paper, smooth or rough under your fingers. The edge of the page pressed into your thumbprint as you turned a new chapter. The way your bookmark - fancy, modest, scrap paper, candy wrapper - moved through the width of it, marking your progress, a little further each time you folded it shut. — Patrick Ness

Same Book Different Page Quotes By Parul Wadhwa

I almost trust her to burn the bridges while standing at the cliff herself. She hardly agrees to be on the same page as others, either ahead of all or all in a different book. — Parul Wadhwa

Same Book Different Page Quotes By Emily Nagoski

And even though I'd love you to find meaning in every page, every paragraph of this book, cherry-pick from here, too. We're all different, so what's relevant for you is definitely, absolutely not the same as what's relevant for me or for any of the many hundreds of women I've taught. Take what's relevant. Ignore what isn't; it's there for somebody else who needs it. — Emily Nagoski

Same Book Different Page Quotes By Italo Calvino

Meanwhile, what do you do? How do you occupy this absence of yourself from the world and of the world from you? You read; you do not raise your eyes from the book between one airport and the other, because beyond the page there is the void, the anonymity of stopovers, of the metallic uterus that contains you and nourishes you, of the passing crowd always different and always the same. — Italo Calvino

Same Book Different Page Quotes By Margaret Atwood

Books are frozen voices, in the same way that musical scores are frozen music. The score is a way of transmitting the music to someone who can play it, releasing it into the air where it can once more be heard. And the black alphabet marks on the page represent words that were once spoken, if only in the writer's head. They lie there inert until a reader comes along and transforms the letters into living sounds. The reader is the musician of the book: each reader may read the same text, just as each violinist plays the same piece, but each interpretation is different. — Margaret Atwood