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Top Sam And Andy Quotes

Sam And Andy Quotes By Harriet Beecher Stowe

I tell you now, Andy," said Sam, with awful superiority, "don't yer be a talkin' 'bout what yer don't know nothin' on; boys like you, Andy, means well, but they can't be spected to collusitate the great principles of action."
Andy looked rebuked, particularly by the hard word collusitate, which most of the youngerly members of the company seemed to consider as a settler in the case, while Sam proceeded. — Harriet Beecher Stowe

Sam And Andy Quotes By Bob Colacello

I took photos from 1976 to when I left in 1993, primarily for Interview and a column I had called "Bob Colacello's Out" which Andy had conceived of. I've never taken a picture since, not even with my phone! It just felt too Andy Warhol to keep going around town taking photographs. And I never really thought of doing anything with them after I left the magazine until this great Art Director Sam Shahid about for or five years ago asked where all of the old photos were. — Bob Colacello

Sam And Andy Quotes By Hannah Harrington

How the hell did you pull this off, man?" "I pulled some major strings and got us a one-night pass. And Noah here has to be back before midnight or he'll turn into a pumpkin." "Pumpkin. Can we get pumpkin pie?" Andy says, "Maybe later." Sam shakes his head. "Dude, you look totally high." It's true. Noah looks way out of it. He keeps smiling his loopy smile. "Only on life, Sam." "And a fuckton of Vicodin" adds Andy. — Hannah Harrington

Sam And Andy Quotes By Andy Coulson

Sam Cameron has managed the near impossible: to have lived in Number Ten for three years and maintained a benign and broadly positive press. — Andy Coulson

Sam And Andy Quotes By Sam Allardyce

Hopefully Andy Carroll has only tweeted his hamstring. — Sam Allardyce