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Safety Tips Quotes By Paul Acampora

Look both ways before you cross the street," she tells me.
I start to protest, but then it strikes me that if I am very lucky I will one day be able to offer annoying safety tips to my own children one day. — Paul Acampora

Safety Tips Quotes By Alice Hoffman

How could I tell the doctor what was wrong with me? I didn't understand it myself. I couldn't articulate the pain; it was the pain of nothingness. My fear was of the weather, the atmosphere, the very air. What good did safety tips do me now? 'Avoid water, metal objects, rooftops; stay off the telephone in a storm, don't think glass can protect you; even if a storm was 8 miles away, you're still not safe from a strike. Avoid life perhaps that was the answer. The number one safety tip, stay away from it all. — Alice Hoffman