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Top Sad Status Search Quotes

Sad Status Search Quotes By George Orwell

It's curious how it gets you down to have a sticky neck. — George Orwell

Sad Status Search Quotes By Federico Garcia Lorca

A nation that does not support and encourage its theater is - if not dead - dying; just as a theater that does not capture with laughter and tears the social and historical pulse, the drama of its people, the genuine color of the spiritual and natural landscape, has no right to call itself theater; but only a place for amusement. — Federico Garcia Lorca

Sad Status Search Quotes By Neil Gaiman

They become more personable as you head south, the people. You sit in a diner and, along with your coffee and your food, they bring you comments, questions, smiles, and nods. — Neil Gaiman

Sad Status Search Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

You do mean it, then," I said. "You feel ... er ... betrothed to her?" "Well, of course he does, Sassenach," Jamie said, reaching for another slice of toast. "He left her his dog. — Diana Gabaldon

Sad Status Search Quotes By Carrie Fisher

Certainly there are people who like me, but then there are those who don't know me who gossip about me. You can't believe the things I've heard. — Carrie Fisher

Sad Status Search Quotes By Lindsey Vonn

Roger Federer and my boyfriend, Tiger Woods, inspire me. It's incredible what they've done in their respective sports, especially Roger. He is the nicest and humblest guy. You would never know that he's the best tennis player of all time. And Tiger is so mentally tough. He can block everything completely out and stay in the moment. — Lindsey Vonn

Sad Status Search Quotes By Andrea Speed

Roan rubbed his eyes, restraining the urge to ask if "light domination" meant he liked having his dates order for him in restaurants. — Andrea Speed

Sad Status Search Quotes By Donato DiCristino

I make so many plans but fail at follow-through. Gemini mind once a mat for you to wipe your feet. I'd beg for it. I'd plead 'Here! I'm here waiting for you to be the one. Take my heart, my life, my air: rip them to shreds and hand them back.No need to worry. I have enough superglue and tears to keep me busy for months ... — Donato DiCristino

Sad Status Search Quotes By H.L. Mencken

Congress consists of one-third, more or less, scoundrels; two-thirds, more or less, idiots; and three-thirds, more or less, poltroons. — H.L. Mencken