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S Rrabl S Quotes By William Kamkwamba

If we were going to determine what was broken in the radios, we needed a power source. With no electricity, this meant batteries. [ ... ] we'd walk to the trading center and look for used cells that had been tossed in the waste bins. [ ... ]
First we'd test the battery to see if any juice was left in it. We'd attach two wires to the positive and negative ends and connect them to a torch bulb. The brighter the bulb, the stronger the battery. Next we'd flatten the Shake Shake carton and roll it into a tube, then stack the batteries inside, making sure the positives and negatives faced in the same direction. Then we'd run wires from each end of the stack to the positive and negative heads inside the radio, where the batteries normally go. Together, this stack of dead batteries usually contained enough juice to power a radio. — William Kamkwamba

S Rrabl S Quotes By Jim Broadbent

We seem to have reached the age where life stops giving us things and starts taking them away. — Jim Broadbent

S Rrabl S Quotes By A.J. Liebling

To the Parisians, and especially to the children, all Americans are now 'heros du cinema.' This is particularly disconcerting to sensitive war correspondents, if any, aware, as they are, that these innocent thanks belong to those American combat troops who won the beachhead and then made the breakthrough. There are few such men in Paris. — A.J. Liebling

S Rrabl S Quotes By Melanie Dickerson

Even with dirt on her face and dress, she took his breath away. — Melanie Dickerson

S Rrabl S Quotes By Daphne Zuniga

Telling the truth. I finally have that with my boyfriend, and that makes me vulnerable constantly. Without vulnerability, you're not really alive. Your vulnerability is your power. Sitting in your house alone, breathing through it. Calling a friend when you need to cry. Being really honest in your therapist's office. Whatever it is. Bringing it into a role, for me. It is your power. — Daphne Zuniga

S Rrabl S Quotes By Richelle Mead

You've deprived yourself of enjoyment for most of your life. You're aloof from others. You've never let yourself be selfish, and look where it's got you. Your 'morals' have left you with a short, strict life. Can you tell me now, just before you're about to die, that you don't wish you'd maybe allowed yourself an little more fun? — Richelle Mead

S Rrabl S Quotes By Tom Stoppard

If Beethoven had been killed in a plane crash at the age of 22, it would have changed the history of music ... and of aviation. — Tom Stoppard

S Rrabl S Quotes By Jakob Bohme

The heart in man signifieth the heat or the element of fire, and it is also the heat; for the heat in the whole body hath its original in the heart. — Jakob Bohme

S Rrabl S Quotes By Harry Anderson

I'll give it a shot. But I don't know that a year from now I'm going to be here. Nobody does. — Harry Anderson

S Rrabl S Quotes By James Mattis

Fight with a happy heart. — James Mattis

S Rrabl S Quotes By Beverly Engel

Accepting that your imperfections and so-called negative attributes are part of what makes you unique will help you to stop continually trying to be someone or something that you are not. — Beverly Engel