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Rubbernecking With The Best Quotes By Bryn Greenwood

That night I first saw you, I was going too fast. There I was rubbernecking at you and dumped the bike. Wrecked me up. I don't want to wreck us up like that. I don't want you to get hurt." She — Bryn Greenwood

Rubbernecking With The Best Quotes By Holly Peterson

When I'd tell my mother about these women around me - and how sometimes I felt that I didn't measure up - she'd chastise me for getting sucked into their nonsense. 'How do you expect to get where you want to go if you're rubbernecking at everyone else along the way? Don't focus on what you wrongly perceive as your shortcomings. — Holly Peterson

Rubbernecking With The Best Quotes By Richelle Mead

How?" I demanded. "How could you have screwed this one up?"
"When I got in, they said the manager was on the phone and would be a few minutes. So, I sat down and ordered a drink."
This time, I did lean my forehead against the steering wheel. "What did you order?"
"A martini."
"A martini." I lifted my head. "You ordered a martini before a job interview."
"It's a bar, Sage. I figured they'd be cool with it. — Richelle Mead

Rubbernecking With The Best Quotes By Marilyn Monroe

The 'public' scares me, but people I trust. — Marilyn Monroe

Rubbernecking With The Best Quotes By Madeleine M. Kunin

Like art, political action gives shape and expression to the things we fear as well as to those we desire. It is a creative process, drawing on the power to imagine as well as to act. — Madeleine M. Kunin

Rubbernecking With The Best Quotes By Ken Robinson

Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler did not solve an old problem, they asked a new question, and in doing so they changed the whole basis on which the old questions had been framed. — Ken Robinson

Rubbernecking With The Best Quotes By Peter Landesman

There will always been the prurient rubbernecking aspect to disasters: people who just can't get enough gore. — Peter Landesman

Rubbernecking With The Best Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

Beneath the rubbernecking Chums of Chance wheeled streets and alleyways in a Cartesian grid, sketched in sepia, mile on mile. "The Great Bovine City of the World," breathed Lindsey in wonder. Indeed, the backs of cattle far outnumbered the tops of human hats. From this height it was as if the Chums, who, out on adventures past, had often witnessed the vast herds of cattle adrift in everchanging cloudlike patterns across the Western plains, here saw that unshaped freedom being rationalized into movement only in straight lines and at right angles and a progressive reduction of choices, until the final turn through the final gate that led to the killingfloor. — Thomas Pynchon

Rubbernecking With The Best Quotes By Karen Chance

I was tops at the Scarlet O'Hara school of emotional distancing. I always thought about the uncomfortable stuff tomorrow, and, as everyone knows, tomorrow never comes. — Karen Chance

Rubbernecking With The Best Quotes By Ellery Queen

Why did people do it? Why this herd curiosity about a street, a house, windows, doors? He was a public servant, the Inspector mused, but there were times when he would enjoy loading all the rubbernecks onto barges and towing them out to sea to be served, with ceremony, to sharks. — Ellery Queen

Rubbernecking With The Best Quotes By Tom Brokaw

Here is a secret that no one has told you: Real life is junior high. — Tom Brokaw

Rubbernecking With The Best Quotes By James Goss

Something pretty bad's happening nearby in the space-time continuum.' the Doctor shouted over the noise. 'The TARDIS is a terrible rubbernecker - like a little old lady, she can't resist slowing down for a gawp at a car crash in the next lane. Bless.'
'This is not slowing down,' bellowed Rory.
'Good point,' agreed the Doctor. — James Goss

Rubbernecking With The Best Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

You are going to do this voluntarily, Mr. Constant, so that the Church of God the Utterly Indifferent can have a drama of dignified self-sacrifice to remember and ponder through all time. — Kurt Vonnegut

Rubbernecking With The Best Quotes By Eric S. Yellin

But that spring, the complex and tenuous political arrangements that had made their positions possible were undone by the racism of a new regime. "I have plans that are all ruined, utterly ruined," despaired Census clerk William Jennifer.1 The opportunities and stability he and so many others had come to expect from government employment would all but vanish. This is a book about how that world of possibility, work, politics, and mobility was snuffed out. It is a story of how "good government" became the special preserve of white men. — Eric S. Yellin

Rubbernecking With The Best Quotes By Kelvin Fletcher

I've never had knickers or marriage proposals. Most of my fans are blokes serving life in jail, troubled kids, and a lot of gay guys. I never get the mid-20s, beautiful women fanbase. — Kelvin Fletcher