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Round Square Quotes By Augustus De Morgan

It is easier to square a circle than to get round a mathematician. — Augustus De Morgan

Round Square Quotes By Agatha Christie

There are not so many round pegs in square holes one might think. Most people, in spite of what they tell you choose the occupation that they secretly desire. You will hear a man say who works in an office, 'I should like to explore, to rough it in far countries.' But you will find that he likes reading the fiction that deals with that subject, but that he himself prefers the safety and moderate comfort of an office stool. — Agatha Christie

Round Square Quotes By Carson McCullers

You mean,' Captain Penderton said, 'that any fulfilment obtained at the expense of normalcy is wrong, and should not be allowed to bring happiness. In short, it is better, because it is morally honourable, for the square peg to keep scraping around the round hole rather than to discover and use the unorthodox square that would fit?' ... 'I don't agree — Carson McCullers

Round Square Quotes By N. T. Wright

Many of the questions we ask God can't be answered directly, not because God doesn't know the answers but because our questions don't make sense. As C.S. Lewis once pointed out, many of our questions are, from God's point of view, rather like someone asking, "Is yellow square or round?" or "How many hours are there is a mile? — N. T. Wright

Round Square Quotes By E. Joseph Cossman

Square meals often make round people. — E. Joseph Cossman

Round Square Quotes By Sigmund Freud

It is unreasonable to expect science to produce a system of ethics-ethics are a kind of highway code for traffic among mankind-and the fact that in physics atoms which were yesterday assumed to be square are now assumed to be round is exploited with unjustified tendentiousness by all who are hungry for faith; so long as physics extends our dominion over nature, these changes ought to be a matter of complete indifference to you. — Sigmund Freud

Round Square Quotes By Paul Giamatti

This whole business feels kind of intense, like a bad fit. Round peg, square hole. But whatever, I'll take it. — Paul Giamatti

Round Square Quotes By Ray Liotta

You know, it was a small, independent movie and with Paramount becoming involved, it was obviously a good thing, but you can't put a round peg in a square hole. — Ray Liotta

Round Square Quotes By Steve Jobs

Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes ... the ones who see things differently ... Rock on! — Steve Jobs

Round Square Quotes By Jo Baer

A painting is an object which has an emphatic frontal surface. On such a surface, I paint a black band which does not recede, a color band which does not obtrude, a white square or rectangle which does not move back or forth, to or fro, or up or down; there is also a painted white exterior frame band which is edged round the edge to the black. Every part is painted and contiguous to its neighbor; no part is above or below any other part. There is no hierarchy. There is no ambiguity. There is no illusion. There is no space or interval (time). — Jo Baer

Round Square Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

Don't blame me, Pongo,' said Lord Ickenham, 'if Lady Constance takes her lorgnette to you. God bless my soul, though, you can't compare the lorgnettes of to-day with the ones I used to know as a boy. I remember walking one day in Grosvenor Square with my aunt Brenda and her pug dog Jabberwocky, and a policeman came up and said the latter ought to be wearing a muzzle. My aunt made no verbal reply. She merely whipped her lorgnette from its holster and looked at the man, who gave one choking gasp and fell back against the railings, without a mark on him but with an awful look of horror in his staring eyes, as if he had seen some dreadful sight. A doctor was sent for, and they managed to bring him round, but he was never the same again. He had to leave the Force, and eventually drifted into the grocery business. And that is how Sir Thomas Lipton got his start. — P.G. Wodehouse

Round Square Quotes By Sheila Horgan

The Internet is a wonder, to be sure, but it is also a curse. Part of the problem with the Internet is that it has taught generations of people to look for what they believe to be true, for confirmation of their assumption. That is never a good practice. No matter how square the fact is, if it is soft enough, it can be jammed into a round hole. The Internet is full of very squishy facts. — Sheila Horgan

Round Square Quotes By J.R. Ward

People going in the wrong direction will get like that. Round pegs just don't fit in square holes. — J.R. Ward

Round Square Quotes By Neal Stephenson

The Praesidium stood on four pillars and for most of its height was square in cross-section. Not far above the dials, however, the corners of the square floor-plan were cleaved off, making it into an octagon, and not far above that, the octagon became a sixteen-sided polygon, and above that it became round. The roof of the Praesidium was a disk, or rather a lens, as it bulged up slightly in the middle to shed rainwater. It supported the megaliths, domes, penthouses, and turrets of the starhenge, which drove, and was driven by, the same clock-works that ran the dials. — Neal Stephenson

Round Square Quotes By C.S. Lewis

Can a mortal ask questions which God finds unanswerable? Quite easily, I should think. All nonsense questions are unanswerable. How many hours are in a mile? Is yellow square or round? Probably half the questions we ask - half our great theological and metaphysical problems - are like that. — C.S. Lewis

Round Square Quotes By Elbert Hubbard

You had better be a round peg in a square hole than a square peg in a square hole. The latter is in for life, while the first is only an indeterminate sentence. — Elbert Hubbard

Round Square Quotes By Oh Land

Sometimes something becomes a lot better. It's like a puzzle . You can't force a round brick into a square. It's a delicate thing. You need to let the song decide. — Oh Land

Round Square Quotes By Aldous Huxley

Round pegs in square holes tend to have dangerous thoughts about the social system and tend to infect others with their discontents. — Aldous Huxley

Round Square Quotes By Willie Stargell

They give you a round bat and they throw you a round ball and they tell you to hit it square. — Willie Stargell

Round Square Quotes By Carl Sagan

I find many adults are put off when young children pose scientific questions. Why is the Moon round? the children ask. Why is grass green? What is a dream? How deep can you dig a hole? When is the world's birthday? Why do we have toes? Too many teachers and parents answer with irritation or ridicule, or quickly move on to something else: 'What did you expect the Moon to be, square?' Children soon recognize that somehow this kind of question annoys the grown-ups. A few more experiences like it, and another child has been lost to science. Why adults should pretend to omniscience before 6-year-olds, I can't for the life of me understand. What's wrong with admitting that we don't know something? Is our self-esteem so fragile? — Carl Sagan

Round Square Quotes By Eve Wallinga

Down the street, tree branches strung in purple Halloween lights began to shudder and sway. Dusty whirlwinds rose from the ground, and from the north came a great rush of wind.
From Congo Square, she thought. Where the slaves danced and sang.
"...and St. Louis Cemetery," whispered in her ear.
The wind blew as cold as the icy breath of Lake Superior. Blowing veins seizured round the wrought iron gate. Yet the music continued. The only one oblivious to the sudden shift in the air--as if she were expecting it--was Angelique, who continued her dance, face to the sky. As though nothing had changed, though everything had. — Eve Wallinga

Round Square Quotes By Natsuki Takaya

Mom told me ... it's better to trust people than to doubt them. She said that people aren't born with kind hearts. When we're born, all we have are desires for food and material things. Selfish instincts, I guess. But she said that kindness is something that grows inside of each person's body ... but it's up to us to nurture that kindness in our hearts. That's why kindness is different for each person. Mom taught me that people's differences are something to celebrate ... When I thought of all the different shapes of human kindness
imaging them as round or square ... I got really excited. Your kindness is like a candle, Sohma-kun. I can feel it light up ... and I just want to smile. -Tohru — Natsuki Takaya

Round Square Quotes By Jim Thompson

He'd seen this babe before
her many counterparts, that is. He knew her kin, distant and near. All her mamas, sisters, aunts, cousins and what have you. And he knew the name was Lowdown with a capital L. He wasn't at all surprised to find her in a setup like this. Not after encountering her as a warden's sister-in-law, the assistant treasurer of a country bank, and a supervisor of paroles. This babe got around. She was the original square-plug-in-a-round-hole kid. But she never changed any. She had that good old Lowdown blood in her, and the right guy could bring it out. — Jim Thompson

Round Square Quotes By Karl Marlantes

But just below the grim tranquility he had learned to display, he cursed with boiling intensity the ambitious men who used him and his troops to further their careers. He cursed the air wing for not trying to get any choppers in through the clouds. He cursed the diplomats arguing about round and square tables. He cursed the South Vietnamese making money off the black market. He cursed the people back home gorging themselves in front of their televisions. Then he cursed God. Then there was no one else to blame and he cursed himself for thinking God would give a shit. — Karl Marlantes

Round Square Quotes By Kim Stanley Robinson

A square object was visible at a greater distance than a round object of the same area. — Kim Stanley Robinson

Round Square Quotes By Cheryl Ladd

You think you're in control, and you're trying to get that square peg in that round hole. You're frustrated, and you realize that you're not in control of everything. You need to just step back and let God. — Cheryl Ladd

Round Square Quotes By Helen Fielding

The book also says that coping with difficult times is like being in a conical shell-shaped spiral and there is a point at each turn that is very painful and difficult. That is your particular problem or sore spot. When you are at the narrow, pointy end of the spiral you come back to that situation very often as the rotations are quite small. As you go round, you will go through the troubled time less and less frequently but still you must come back to it, so you shouldn't feel when it happens that you are back to square one. Trouble — Helen Fielding

Round Square Quotes By Jarod Kintz

When Jed comes in and gives you that look where his forehead wrinkles up and his chin drops so low that his baggy eyes can't even look you square in your eyes, well, I guess you realize that it must be your turn to get out into the winter snow and round up the midgets. — Jarod Kintz

Round Square Quotes By Cus D'Amato

People who are born round don't die square. — Cus D'Amato

Round Square Quotes By Jasper Fforde

Unless the hole is MEANT to be square,' I said with a sudden erudition that surprised me, 'in which case, all the round pegs are the ones that are wrong, and if the ROUND hole is one that is not meant to be square, then the square ones will, no, hang on
'Shame,' said the historian, 'and you were doing so well. — Jasper Fforde

Round Square Quotes By Paul Collins

Autists are the ultimate square pegs, and the problem with pounding a square peg into a round hole is not that the hammering is hard work. It's that you're destroying the peg. — Paul Collins

Round Square Quotes By Charles De Lint

The lonesome dark.
That's what Jack called a night like this. When you were distanced from everything and everybody. Out on your own and there was nobody to care if you were happy or sad. If you lived or died.
The lonesome dark hadn't existed in the old days. That was something people invented. Like time. Parcel up the days, parcel up the seasons. Add a minute here, a day there when it doesn't quite fit. Trim the square peg so that you could slide it into the round hole. In the old days the night was as open as the day. It wasn't a better place to hide because there was nothing to hide from. You weren't outside because there was no in. — Charles De Lint

Round Square Quotes By Joseph Pearce

I was still very much embroiled in the racist politics of the National Front, living a double-life in which I wrote hate-filled propaganda during the day and read the love-filled pages of Chesterton and Lewis at night. I was not aware of any contradiction, at least at first, and sought to bring the two warring viewpoints together by a process of Orwellian doublethink, which is defined in Nineteen Eighty-four as "the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them."1 Throughout the early to mid-eighties I became very adept at doublethink, endeavoring to squeeze the square peg of my Christian reading into the round hole of my racist ideology. As my knowledge of Christianity grew larger and my commitment to racial nationalism diminished in consequence, the strain of squeezing an ever larger peg into an ever-shrinking hole would eventually become impossible. My days of doublethink were numbered. — Joseph Pearce

Round Square Quotes By Neal Asher

Harl whirled round, all his attention ... on Skulker. "What is that on your carapace?""What?" Skulker tried to peer back ... A tinny voice issued from somewhere ... It took Skulker a moment to recognize it as that of the human male he earlier encountered. "It's CTD gecko mine - yield of about five kilotones." Skulker's shriek terminated in a blast that peeled back four square kilometers of jungle canopy and sunk a crater down to the bedrock. — Neal Asher

Round Square Quotes By Michael Ende

And there in the snow lay the pictures, like jewels bedded in white silk. They were paper-thin sheets of colored transparent isin glass of every size and shape, some round, some square, some damaged, some intact, some as large as church windows, others as small as snuffbox miniatures. — Michael Ende

Round Square Quotes By Scott Stratten

Payment processing: As seen, you now can fit a Square peg through a round hole and be a merchant. Education — Scott Stratten

Round Square Quotes By George R R Martin

Coins from half a hundred distant cities, silver and gold, copper and bronze, square coins and round coins, triangles and rings and bits of bone — George R R Martin

Round Square Quotes By Lindi Ortega

Certain social situations make me feel like a square peg in a round hole. Realising you can connect to the human race through song makes me feel less alien. — Lindi Ortega

Round Square Quotes By Sun Tzu

Getting people to fight by letting the force of momentum work is like rolling logs and rocks. Logs and rocks are still when in a secure place, but roll on an incline; they remain stationary if square, they roll if round. Therefore, when people are skillfully led into battle, the momentum is like that of round rocks rolling down a high mountain
this is force. — Sun Tzu

Round Square Quotes By Ian McEwan

In his corner of West London, and in his self-preoccupied daily round, it was easy for Clive to think of civilization as the sum of all the arts, along with design, cuisine, good wine, and the like. But now it appeared that this was what it really was- square miles of meager modern houses whose principal purpose was the support of TV aerials and dishes; factories producing worthless junk to be advertised on the televisions and, in dismal lots, lorries queuing to distribute it, and everywhere else, roads and the tyranny of traffic. — Ian McEwan

Round Square Quotes By William Wordsworth

But who shall parcel out His intellect by geometric rules, Split like a province into round and square? — William Wordsworth

Round Square Quotes By Mark Twain

A round man cannot be expected to fit in a square hole right away. He must have time to modify his shape. — Mark Twain

Round Square Quotes By Patrick Ness

A sematary," I say. "A what?" Viola says, looking round at all the square stones marking out their graves. Must be a hundred, maybe two, in orderly rows and well-kept grass. Settler life is hard and it's short and lotsa New World people have lost the battle.
"It's a place for burying dead folk," I say.
Her eyes widen. "A place for doing what?"
"Don't people die in space?" I ask.
"Yeah," she says. "But we burn them. We don't put them in holes." She crosses her arms around herself, mouth and forehead frowning, peering around at the graves. "How can this be sanitary? — Patrick Ness

Round Square Quotes By Djuna Barnes

When autumn shadows throw their patterns across the land, they are not the images of fragile, dying leaves, not the bared arms of lofty elms, not shadows of a fading summer; but swinging shapes as of books upon a strap, of round and square boxes held under an arm, of hurrying little people heading towards the nearest school. — Djuna Barnes

Round Square Quotes By Cassandra Clare

I love round tables. They suit me so much better than a square.
Magnus, pg. 137 — Cassandra Clare

Round Square Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

Aunt Ruth looked at the unlucky pair.
"What are you doing here?" she asked Perry.
Stovepipe Town made a mistake.
"Oh, looking for a round square," said Perry off-handedly, his eyes suddenly becoming limpid with mischief and lawless roguery. — L.M. Montgomery

Round Square Quotes By Cassandra Clare

You want a round table meeting, we can have a round table meeting."
"I love round tables," said Magnus brightly. "They suit me so much better than square. — Cassandra Clare

Round Square Quotes By Cressida Cowell

But then I have always been somewhat of a square peg in a round hole. — Cressida Cowell

Round Square Quotes By Rick Riordan

This is the Propylon." He waved toward a stone path lined with crumbling columns. "One of the main gates into the Olympic valley."
"Rubble!" said Leo
"And over there - " Frank pointed to a square foundation that looked like the patio for a Mexican restaurant - "is the Temple of Hera, one of the oldest structures here."
"More rubble!" Leo said.
"And that round bandstand-looking thing - that's the Philipeon, dedicated to Philip of Macedonia."
"Even more rubble! First rate rubble! — Rick Riordan

Round Square Quotes By Virginia Woolf

We dressed ourselves up as Gauguin pictures and careered round Crosby Hall. Mrs. Whitehead was scandalized. She said that Vanessa and I were practically naked. My mother's ghost was invoked once more ... to deplore the fact that I had taken a house in Brunswick Square and had asked young men to share it ... Stories began to circulate about parties at which we all undressed in public. Logan Pearsall Smith told Ethel Sands that he knew for a fact that Maynard had copulated with Vanessa on a sofa in the middle of the drawing room. It was a heartless, immoral, cynical society it was said; we were abandoned women and our friends were the most worthless of young men. — Virginia Woolf

Round Square Quotes By John Sandford

BELL WOOD CAME OVER, a big bluff man with a mustache and a gap between his two square front teeth; he wore round gold-rimmed glasses like Teddy Roosevelt. He had a cup of coffee in his hand and nudged the leg of Lucas's chair. "Sorry about Pole. He can be an asshole." "I picked up on that," Lucas said, looking up. "You in decent shape with him? — John Sandford

Round Square Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Your bread assumes the shape of the pan you use to bake your flour. Therefore stand still and know that you can't use a rounded pan and ever get squared bread. Change the pan and change the shape of the bread! — Israelmore Ayivor

Round Square Quotes By Agatha Christie

But seriously Poirot, what a hobby! Compare that to
" his voice sank to an appreciative purr
"an easy chair in front of a wood fire in a long low room lined with books
must be a long room
not a square one. Books all round one. A glass of port
and a book open in your hand. Time rolls back as you read. — Agatha Christie

Round Square Quotes By Chris Hadfield

And I was also proud of living up to NASA's belief that I was capable of commanding the world's spaceship. On my first day at JSC, I hadn't been an obvious candidate. I was a pilot. I didn't have much leadership experience to speak of at all. Worse: I was a Canadian pilot without much leadership experience. Square astronaut, round hole. But somehow, I'd managed to push myself through it, and here was the truly amazing part: along the way, I'd become a good fit. It had only taken 21 years. — Chris Hadfield

Round Square Quotes By Neil Leckman

Why is ground round sold in a square package? — Neil Leckman

Round Square Quotes By Sylvia Plath

I can change, whittle my square edges to fit in a round hole. God, I hope I'm never going to massacre myself that way. — Sylvia Plath

Round Square Quotes By Pete Rose

It's a round ball and a round bat, and you got to hit it square. — Pete Rose

Round Square Quotes By Daniel Gottlieb

It's a funny thing about life, I think we're born square and we die round — Daniel Gottlieb

Round Square Quotes By Thomas Hardy

The Dog-star and Aldebaran, pointing to the restless Pleiades, were half-way up the Southern sky, and between them hung Orion, which gorgeous constellation never burnt more vividly than now, as it soared forth above the rim of the landscape. Castor and Pollux with their quiet shine were almost on the meridian: the barren and gloomy Square of Pegasus was creeping round to the north-west; far away through the plantation Vega sparkled like a lamp suspended amid the leafless trees, and Cassiopeia's chair stood daintily poised on the uppermost boughs. "One o'clock," said Gabriel. — Thomas Hardy

Round Square Quotes By Keri Hulme

Sunflowers and seashells and logarithmic spirals (said Kerewin); sweep of galaxies and the singing curve of the universe (said Kerewin); the oscilating wave thrumming in the nothingness of every atom's heart (said Kerewin); did you think I could build a square house? So the round shell house holds them all in its spiralling embrace. Noise and riot, peace and quiet, all is music in this sphere. — Keri Hulme

Round Square Quotes By Polow Don

If you're born round, you don't come out square — Polow Don

Round Square Quotes By Steve Yegge

About half of all design patterns out there [ ... ] appear to be ways take perfectly natural design ideas and twist them to fit into someones static type system: recipes for pounding square pegs into round holes — Steve Yegge

Round Square Quotes By George Berkeley

The world is like a board with holes in it, and the square men have got into the round holes, and the round into the square. — George Berkeley

Round Square Quotes By Rhianna Pratchett

Ideally, writers and narrative designers should be included much earlier in the process, where they can be of most benefit. However, although the industry is slowly getting used to fitting narrative professionals into games development, we're still going through a bit of a 'square-peg in a round hole' phase. — Rhianna Pratchett

Round Square Quotes By Joe Schultz

Well, boys, it's a round ball and a round bat and you got to hit the ball square. — Joe Schultz

Round Square Quotes By Jodi Picoult

He's not your typical prince, more like a square peg in a round hole, kind of like me. He's the sort of guy who wouldn't mind reading side by side on a date. — Jodi Picoult

Round Square Quotes By Lynne Truss

Brackets come in various shapes, types and names:
1 round brackets (which we call brackets, and the Americans call parentheses)
2 square brackets [which we call square brackets, and the Americans call brackets] — Lynne Truss

Round Square Quotes By Pearl Zhu

A misfit is like the round peg that cannot fit into the square hole or the running river that just can't stay still. — Pearl Zhu

Round Square Quotes By Melanie Benjamin

Stuyvesants and Vanderbilts and Roosevelts and staid, respectable Washington Square. Trinity Church. Mrs. Astor's famous ballroom, the Four Hundred, snobby Ward McAllister, that traitor Edith Wharton, Delmonico's. Zany Zelda and Scott in the Plaza fountain, the Algonquin Round Table, Dottie Parker and her razor tongue and pen, the Follies. Cholly Knickerbocker, 21, Lucky Strike dances at the Stork, El Morocco. The incomparable Hildegarde playing the Persian Room at the Plaza, Cary Grant kneeling at her feet in awe. Fifth Avenue: Henri Bendel, Bergdorf's, Tiffany's. — Melanie Benjamin

Round Square Quotes By Alice Nutter

There are times when I wouldn't rule violence out. I personally don't like violence at all. But it wasn't until we had the Trafalgar Square riots that the Poll Tax went out in Britain. When people take to the streets and fight the police, it's the one thing the government can't control. You can march round in circles for the rest of your life and they can ignore it, but once you start damaging property and fighting with the police, they can't. Even though they tar you with a brush and say you're a set of bastards, they have to actually tone down what they are doing. — Alice Nutter

Round Square Quotes By Roald Dahl


Round Square Quotes By Kathryn Perez

For every round peg society forces into a square hole, another brick is laid, building the walls that will eventually close us off from the possibility of living with purpose and passion. — Kathryn Perez

Round Square Quotes By Sol Luckman

Over the years most of my peers had come to hate me - I never understood why. I guess I was just different and, like dogs, they could smell it. So I never had many friends. — Sol Luckman

Round Square Quotes By Jane Leavy

In Naples, Fla., I met a self-made man, a multimillionaire, whose round penthouse apartment is home to Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Henry Moore, and Mickey Mantle. He had purchased the most coveted items auctioned by the Mantle family at Madison Square Garden in December 2003. — Jane Leavy

Round Square Quotes By Mick Ralphs

That's me. I can be me a bit at home, but I'm kind of like a square peg in a round hole. — Mick Ralphs

Round Square Quotes By Aldous Huxley

Freedom to be a round peg in a square hole. — Aldous Huxley

Round Square Quotes By Alison Moyet

I was always an odd girl; I managed to alienate a lot of people. I felt like a square peg in a round hole in the music industry and created a lot of neurosis for myself. — Alison Moyet

Round Square Quotes By Stephen J. Costello

If your born square you don't die round! — Stephen J. Costello

Round Square Quotes By James Joyce

Going to a dark bed there was a square round Sinbad the Sailor roc's auk's egg in the night of the bed of all the auks of the rocs of Darkinbad the Brightdayler. — James Joyce

Round Square Quotes By Simon Armitage

I once stood in the middle of New York city watching my name go round the electronic zipper sign in Times Square and I felt pretty thrilled, but not quite as thrilled as I felt when I saw my name in the 'Examiner' for the first time. — Simon Armitage

Round Square Quotes By Manoj Arora

We are supposed to be different. Do not try to put round pegs in square holes. When people look at us, believe in yourself. — Manoj Arora

Round Square Quotes By Benny Bellamacina

Never go for a drink in London's square mile, nobody ever gets a round in. — Benny Bellamacina

Round Square Quotes By Benjamin Hoff

You'd be surprised how many people violate this simple principle every day of their lives and try to fit square pegs into round holes, ignoring the clear reality that Things Are As They Are. — Benjamin Hoff

Round Square Quotes By Roald Dahl

He should have burped," Charlie said. "Of course he should have burped," said Mr. Wonka. "I stood there shouting, 'Burp, you silly ass, burp, or you'll never come down again! But he didn't or couldn't or wouldn't, I don't know which. Maybe he was too polite. He must be on the moon by now." On the next door, it said, SQUARE CANDIES THAT LOOK ROUND. — Roald Dahl

Round Square Quotes By Pete Rose

Hitting. That's what I enjoy most. Realistically, it's probably the hardest thing to do in all of sport. Think about it. You've got a round ball, a round bat, and the object is to hit it square. — Pete Rose

Round Square Quotes By Anne Tyler

Each life is a kind of assignment, I believe," Eliza told her. "You're given this one assigned slot each time you come to earth, this little square of experience to work through. So even if your life has been troubled, I believe, it's what you're meant to deal with on this particular go-round. — Anne Tyler

Round Square Quotes By Christopher Poole

A journalist asked this to my father. He spent a day with me and interviewing my friends/colleagues and didn't understand how I could be the one that created 4chan and, as he put it, 'couldn't understand how to fit the square peg into a round hole.' The best way I have of describing it is, 'I didn't define it, and it doesn't define me.' — Christopher Poole

Round Square Quotes By Charles Dickens

I had a confident expectation that things would come round and be all square. — Charles Dickens

Round Square Quotes By Robert Breault

Corporations no longer try to fit square pegs into round holes; they just fit them into square cubicles. — Robert Breault