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Rolling Stones Song Quotes By Dennis Miller

I've grown fonder for Hillary Clinton since she ran for the presidency. I think that it's emblematic of the Rolling Stones song, you can't always get what you want, i.e., the grail. Sometimes you get what you need. And whatever she's gotten over the last couple of years, being humbled or be it being humbled and see the proletariat come to bat for her, getting outside of the bubble, getting out of this man's shadow, not quite getting the job she wants but a great wonk job. — Dennis Miller

Rolling Stones Song Quotes By Peter Hook

I don't find imitating other people's music easy at all. I remember being fifth in line for a Rolling Stones tour, early '90s, when Bill Wyman left, and I was hoping against hope that I wouldn't get the call to audition. I wouldn't be able to play a Stones song if you put a gun to my head. — Peter Hook

Rolling Stones Song Quotes By Rolling Stones

Lose your dream, you lose your mind. — Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones Song Quotes By Ragnar Kjartansson

I think my favorite Rolling Stones song is "No Expectations." I always think and talk through songs. — Ragnar Kjartansson

Rolling Stones Song Quotes By William S. Burroughs

What originally established the band was cover songs like Not Fade Away. Then, later on, we got more well-known ones like Satisfaction, which you might say echoed the thinking of, well, any generation you care to name, including the present one. But we didn't set out on bits of paper that we were going to be the voice of a generation. The original aim of the Rolling Stones was to play blues. It wasn't even to play rock music. — William S. Burroughs

Rolling Stones Song Quotes By Charles Spurgeon

The best thing is to go from nature's God dawn to nature; and if you once get to nature's God, and believe Him, and love Him, it is surprising how easy it is to hear music in the waves, and songs in the wild whisperings of the winds; to see God everywhere in the stones, in the rocks, in the rippling brooks, and hear Him everywhere, in the lowing of cattle, in the rolling of thunder, and in the fury of tempests. Get Christ first, put Him in the right place, and you will find Him to be the wisdom of God in your own experience. — Charles Spurgeon

Rolling Stones Song Quotes By Andrew Bird

It's not set in stone. I like to keep it rolling and changing, and so I am like, "Great, I get to remake my song." — Andrew Bird

Rolling Stones Song Quotes By Pete Hamill

There is something elegantly sinister about the Rolling Stones. They sit before you at a press conference like five unfolding switchblades; their faces set in rehearsed snarls; their hair studiously unkempt and matted; their clothes part of some private conceit; and the way they walk and talk and the songs they sing all become part of some long mean reach for the jugular. — Pete Hamill

Rolling Stones Song Quotes By Marianne Faithfull

I've made a contribution to my time and my generation through being myself, not through what I shared with the Rolling Stones. It's very bad for me and very dangerous to see myself as someone who had an influence on this song or that song. It immediately puts me in the position where my worth is dependent on how much of my soul I shared with Mick Jagger, and it's just not valid. You can use the gossip you've heard. You're not getting it from me. — Marianne Faithfull

Rolling Stones Song Quotes By Keith Richards

We do what we want to do. We write songs. We try not to repeat ourselves too much. We have our own sound and our own way of doing things. Up until now it has always been enjoyable. None of the members have ever got to the point where they don't want to be involved in it ... It's not entirely possible for me to stand back and look at the Rolling Stones because being a part of it you can't. I wish that I could just sit in the audience for one night and see the show. Everyone in the band has said that at some point. But then you wouldn't be seeing the whole band. And that's the problem with that. — Keith Richards

Rolling Stones Song Quotes By Tim Cahill

In 1952, Muddy cut the song 'Rollin' Stone.' It was a nationwide success, and the song echoes down through rock n' roll history. Bob Dylan cut a tribute by the same name, an English band decided to call themselves the Rolling Stones, and the magazine that first embraced music as a serious cultural phenomenon was itself called 'Rolling Stone.' — Tim Cahill

Rolling Stones Song Quotes By Rob Zombie

A big mistake a lot of filmmakers do is they like, "We cut our whole ending to a Rolling Stones song." You better find a new ending then, because unless you have $2 million for that song. — Rob Zombie