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Top Roads And Friends Quotes

Roads And Friends Quotes By Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

The years rolled slowly by and I found myself alone, surrounded by strangers I thought were my friends, found myslef further and further from my home I guess I lost my way - There were og so many roads. — Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

Roads And Friends Quotes By Wayne Wonder

My grandmother always told me you must keep to your old roads and stick to your original friends and just go through smooth, be careful and stay positive. — Wayne Wonder

Roads And Friends Quotes By William Trevor

He was an old hand at the Camp now, his hollow countenance and the intensity of his averted gaze familiar to all who came and went around him. Some had carried to other camps a description of his lanky, quiet presence, had spoken of his strangeness, his regular, lone attendance before the chapel statue. He had made no friends, but in his duties was conscientious and persevering and reliable, known for such qualities to the officers who commanded him. He had dug latrines, metalled roads, adequately performed cookhouse duties, followed instructions as to the upkeep of equipment, and was the first to volunteer when volunteers were called for. That he bore his torment with fortitude was known to no one. — William Trevor

Roads And Friends Quotes By Kiana Tom

I'm still a little girl in Hawaii, I have the same friends I had when I was a kid who love me for who I am - not what I do. I never got caught up in the club scene or took wrong roads. — Kiana Tom

Roads And Friends Quotes By Kat Lahr

We are always people that are in the making, constantly adapting to accommodate the roads we walk. As we learn, it changes us. As we go about our course, we grow, and prune everything around us; friends, beliefs, desires. Our past experiences plant the seeds needed for our future roads, with all its turns, speed, and treachery. — Kat Lahr

Roads And Friends Quotes By Valentina Tereshkova

I am deeply grieved by the loss of the crew of Columbia. I express my sincere condolences to the families and friends of the astronauts. I believe that their names will remain as the bright sparkling stars in the universe and will light the way for those who will follow them on the difficult roads of space exploration. — Valentina Tereshkova

Roads And Friends Quotes By C.J. Milbrandt

Face it, friends. For this journey, roads are optional. — C.J. Milbrandt

Roads And Friends Quotes By Michelle Moran

We can help pave the roads of those around us, but we can't choose their direction. — Michelle Moran

Roads And Friends Quotes By Barbara Delinsky

Remember the first time you ever came? Tell the truth. You were dreading it."
His brown eyes laughed warmly. "What wasn't to dread? A godforsaken island in the middle of the Atlantic-"
"It's only eleven miles out."
"Same difference. If it didn't have a hospital, it wasn't on my radar screen."
"You thought there'd be dirt roads and nothing to do."
He gave a wry chuckle. Between lobstering, clamming, and sailing, then movie nights at the church and mornings at the cafe, not to mention dinners at home, in town, or at the homes of friends, Nicole had kept him busy.
"You loved it," she dared.
"I did," he admitted. "It was perfect. A world away. — Barbara Delinsky

Roads And Friends Quotes By Edward Shils

There is no straight and easy road to the city of modernity. Whatever the main road chosen, there will be many tempting and ruinous side roads; there will be many marshes and wastes on either side, and many wrecked aspirations will lie there, rusting and gathering dust. Those who arrive at the city will discover it to be quite different from the destination which they and their ancestors originally sought. Yet, some roads are better than others; some destinations are better than others.

Even if none is perfect and none corresponds to the voyagers' hope on starting, some of the destinations will turn out to have been worth the travail, worth the effort of the voyagers and of their friends who helped them on their way. — Edward Shils

Roads And Friends Quotes By Xue Tao

Both busy streets and country roads are empty without good friends... — Xue Tao

Roads And Friends Quotes By Frederick Lenz

You're looking through the kaleidoscope of God and seeing God's face in so many ways, as friends, as strangers, passersby, country roads, jammed freeways, the cancer ward, the maternity ward - all the faces of God surround you at all times. — Frederick Lenz

Roads And Friends Quotes By T.E. Lawrence

Learn all you can.... Get to know their families, clans and tribes, friends and enemies, wells, hills and roads. Do all this by listening and by indirect inquiry. ... Get to speak their dialect ... not yours. Until you can understand their allusions, avoid getting deep into conversation or you will drop bricks. ~ T.E. Lawrence, from "The Arab Bulletin," 20 August 1917 — T.E. Lawrence

Roads And Friends Quotes By Hanshan

As for me, I delight in the every day Way Among mist-wrapped vines and rocky caves Here in the wilderness I am completely free With my friends, the white clouds, idling forever There are roads, but they do not reach the world Since I am mindless, who can rouse my thoughts On a bed of stone I sit, alone in the night While a round moon climbs up Cold Mountain — Hanshan

Roads And Friends Quotes By Toni Sorenson

I know personally that when a child is abused the trajectory of that child's life is changed forever. That doesn't mean the path to happiness is impossible, but it does mean there will be detours and side roads that were never intended. Come back from those places, my friends, with lessons and compassion those on the straight road might never have the chance to learn. You are now equipped to help hurting children because you've navigated down those dark courses and made it back. Cudos to you, but also let your shoulders feel the weight of the responsibility to help others who are still lost and struggling to find their way to safety. — Toni Sorenson

Roads And Friends Quotes By Emraan Hashmi

When in college, I would hardly attend classes. In fact, we would go to other colleges and hang out there. Every six months, my friends and I would hit the roads and go to Goa. We weren't rich kids, and our trips were on shoestring budgets. But, we hardly cut down on the fun. — Emraan Hashmi

Roads And Friends Quotes By Anonymous

KARACHI: The Karachi traffic police will be distributing free helmets for women as part of their 'Friends of Traffic' campaign, which hits the roads on June 8. — Anonymous

Roads And Friends Quotes By Steven Erikson

Some roads were easier to leave than others. Many walked to seek the future, but found only the past. Others sought the past, to make it new once more, and discovered that the past was nothing like the one they'd imagined. One could walk in search of friends, and find naught but strangers. One could yearn for company but find little but cruel solitude. — Steven Erikson

Roads And Friends Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Love of God and people will pave roads where there once were none. — Shannon L. Alder