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Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Nancy Friday

Our feelings about menstruation are the image of what it is to be a woman in this culture. While menstruation and the fear of revealing evidence of loss of body control bear possibilities of humiliation for women of which men are not aware, it is humiliating too to be that sex whose voice and presence carry less significance. It is humiliating to speak the same words as a man and have his heard, and not yours. It is humiliating to feel invisible when God gave you a body as solid as his. It is humiliating that women are accorded little dignity unless they are married. We twist these humiliations around, of course, and say it is glorious to have a man fight our battles for us, put us on a pedestal, take care of us. It is, if you enjoy being dependent on someone else. — Nancy Friday

Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Martin Buber

Marriage, for instance, will never be given new life except by that out of which true marriage always arises, the revealing by two people of the Thou to one another. Out of this a marriage is built up by the Thou that is neither of the I's. This is the metaphysical and metapsychical factor of love to which feelings of love are mere accompaniments. — Martin Buber

Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Frank O'Hara

When I am feeling
depressed and anxious
all you have to do is
take off your clothes
and all is wiped away
revealing life's
tenderness. — Frank O'Hara

Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Deborah Sandella

My feelings are intelligent, directive, and revealing
From the inside out they rise, flow, reveal
Uncovering, releasing, freeing
Reshaping my experience
Lifting my mood — Deborah Sandella

Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Lucy Liu

Making a request without revealing the feeling/need takes all the joy out of other's service. — Lucy Liu

Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Haruki Murakami

They sat back down again, across from each other at the table, and took turns opening up about what was in their hearts. Things they had not put into words for ages, things they'd been holding back deep in their souls. Removing the lids on their hearts, pulling open the doors of memory, revealing honest feelings, as the other, all the while, listened quietly. — Haruki Murakami

Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Ann Marie Aguilar

Writing fiction is a way of expressing feelings and revealing a certain truth about life, goals, dreams and desires. — Ann Marie Aguilar

Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Stella Blum

Fashion is so close in revealing a person's inner feelings and everybody seems to hate to lay claim to vanity so people tend to push it away. It's really too close to the quick of the soul. — Stella Blum

Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Julie Kagawa

I found myself hating him, wanting to hurt him, to drive him away from the red-haired girl who was supposed to be mine.
Breathless, I slumped to the wall, numb with the realization. This anger, these illogical feelings of rage and possessiveness ... I was jealous. I was jealous of a girl I was supposed to be stalking, seducing, for the sole purpose of revealing her true nature. This had become more than an objective, more than a mission.
I was falling for her. — Julie Kagawa

Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Cathy Burnham Martin

When we resort to screaming at someone, we are revealing weakness and a sense of helplessness. If we can't seem to get our message or feelings across any other way, then we get angry, and we get loud! — Cathy Burnham Martin

Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Glen Wilson

Where body language conflicts with the words that are being said, the body language will usually be the more 'truthful' in the sense of revealing true feelings. — Glen Wilson

Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Elena Ferrante

I would always be afraid: afraid of saying the wrong thing, of using an exaggerated tone, of dressing unsuitably, of revealing petty feelings, of not having interesting thoughts. — Elena Ferrante

Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Charles L. Whitfield

Simos said, "Grief work must be shared. In sharing, however, there must be no impatience, censure or boredom with the repetition, because repetition is necessary for catharsis and internalization and eventual unconscious acceptance of the reality of the loss. The bereaved are sensitive to the feelings of others and will not only refrain from revealing feelings to those they consider unequal to the burden of sharing the grief but may even try to comfort the helpers." (97) — Charles L. Whitfield

Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Adam Johnson

For an entire populace, change, growth, and spontaneity were dangerous. Acting upon a personal desire, whispering a hidden longing, revealing your true feelings - all the human actions we think of as essential to a character - had be censored by the self lest they be punished by the state. — Adam Johnson

Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Rachel Cusk

Even if they knew the truth of their own feelings, most mothers would be socially and emotionally incapable of revealing it. — Rachel Cusk

Revealing Your Feelings Quotes By Percy Bysshe Shelley

Sing again, with your dear voice revealing. A tone Of some world far from ours, where music and moonlight and feeling are one. — Percy Bysshe Shelley