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Reunions Quotes By Alexander McCall Smith

She had barely talked to Jamie about his school days, and she wondered whether this was another area of experience that was for some reason out of bounds. Had he been happy? Who had his school friends been? She had no idea. There must be a reason why he had decided not to attend his ten-year class reunion; normally Jamie's instincts were social. If invited to a party, he went, and usually enjoyed himself; perhaps this did not apply to reunions. — Alexander McCall Smith

Reunions Quotes By Glennon Doyle Melton

My unforgiveness is just another easy button. We aren't different. We are exactly the same. We are individual pieces of a scattered puzzle and we are just a little lost down here. We are all desperate for reunion and we are trying to find it in all the wrong places. We use bodies and drugs and food to try to end our loneliness, because we don't understand that we're lonely down here because we are supposed to be lonely. Because we're in pieces. To be human is to be incomplete and constantly yearning for reunion. Some reunions just require a long, kind patience. — Glennon Doyle Melton

Reunions Quotes By Jacob Grimm

From "Grimm: Bad Teeth (#2.1)" (2012)
Monroe: Yeah, no, totally. I mean, family reunions can be brutal. Our last one, we lost two cousins and a sheep dog.
Rosalee Calvert: Okay.
Monroe: No one missed the cousins, you know. — Jacob Grimm

Reunions Quotes By Dick Cavett

It takes a certain amount of guts to go to your class reunions. — Dick Cavett

Reunions Quotes By C.S. Lewis

But then of course I know perfectly well that He can't be used as a road. If you're approaching Him not as the goal but as a road, not as the end but as a means, you're not really approaching Him at all. That's what was really wrong with all those popular pictures of happy reunions 'on the further shore'; not the simple-minded and very earthly images, but the fact that they make an End of what we can get only as a by-product of the true End.
Lord, are these your real terms? Can I meet H. again only if I learn to love you so much that I don't care whether I meet her or not? — C.S. Lewis

Reunions Quotes By Diane Setterfield

I read old novels. The reason is simple: I prefer proper endings. Marriages and deaths, noble sacrifices and miraculous restorations, tragic separations and unhoped-for reunions, great falls and dreams fulfilled; these, in my view, constitute an ending worth the wait. They should come after adventures, perils, dangers and dilemmas, and wind everything up nice and neatly. Endings like this are to be found more commonly in old novels than new ones, so I read old novels. — Diane Setterfield

Reunions Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

I blinked at my mate. Then grinned, not bothering to hide the savagery within it. "Hybern has no idea about the hell that's about to rain down upon them, do they." "Here's to family reunions," was all Rhys said. Then — Sarah J. Maas

Reunions Quotes By Paul Theroux

What strikes me about high-school reunions is the realization that these are people one has known one's whole life. — Paul Theroux

Reunions Quotes By Jennifer Richard Jacobson

Elephants love reunions. They recognize one another after years and years of separation and greet each other with wild, boisterous joy. There's bellowing and trumpeting, ear flapping and rubbing. Trunks entwine. — Jennifer Richard Jacobson

Reunions Quotes By Ginger Bensman

An airport is a potent place, a point of reunions and departures. For the traveler, it's a crossroads at the moment of decision, a flashpoint that separates intention from retreat. — Ginger Bensman

Reunions Quotes By Marcella Purnama

I hated reunions. It made myself felt so little afterwards. When I was there, I couldn't help not knowing. But after I knew things, I couldn't stop comparing. I was congratulating people when they told me the good news, but deep inside I was wondering whether their good news was better than mine. Life wasn't supposed to be a competition, but it really felt like one. — Marcella Purnama

Reunions Quotes By Dr Jenan Alatrakchi By Aleksandr Orlov A Simples Life

I do not go to the reunions though because it make me feel old — Dr Jenan Alatrakchi By Aleksandr Orlov A Simples Life

Reunions Quotes By Donna McKechnie

Whenever you do a show, there are happy reunions of people; it's very familial. — Donna McKechnie

Reunions Quotes By Edna Buchanan

You ought to try surviving one of my family reunions. It's like having a bowling alley in your brain. — Edna Buchanan

Reunions Quotes By Will Advise

Nothing brings home closer than going home... — Will Advise

Reunions Quotes By Tom Winton

I once believed soft, warm, beautiful things could never flourish in an environment of hard concrete and cold, dark bricks. — Tom Winton

Reunions Quotes By Sherri Shepherd

When I go back to family reunions everybody goes, 'Hey cousin! Hey Auntie!' And I'm like, 'Okay I don't know you, I have no idea who you are.' I am auntie and cousin for so many and even the ones in prison call me collect. And I'll be like, 'Which of my family members are giving you this phone number?' — Sherri Shepherd

Reunions Quotes By Elizabeth Wurtzel

At first, I was shocked that Diane could even suggest this family reunion [on television], and then I realized this is just the way of the world, or at least the way of fin de siecle America. Not only would the next revolution be televised, but so would every other little stupid thing. It was already happening: Television reunions between adopted children and their birth parents ... — Elizabeth Wurtzel

Reunions Quotes By Eric Avery

I have always considered reunions to be a way to make a quick buck, and it sells short my own experience of it the first time around. — Eric Avery

Reunions Quotes By Alexander McCall Smith

... reunions, she felt, were not much more than a scratching at the vague itch of memory. And like scratching, they rarely helped - indeed, scratching often made matters worse, as any dermatologist would tell you. — Alexander McCall Smith

Reunions Quotes By Donald E. Phillips

When Clark was asked about liberation from Moosburg he said, "It was a very emotional period, especially for a few of us who had been very old prisoners. We were closely bonded, so some of most wonderful friends I've ever had came out of those camps. We stayed together and helped each other. None of us feel it was a total dead loss, the experience I mean. A lot of us learned a lot about ourselves, about our limits, and we certainly learned how to get along with other people in difficult circumstances, which is a very important lesson. So I am sure that there are many people who don't share that view. But they've disappeared. They don't come to reunions. You never hear from them. I just hope they are happy too. But I doubt whether they're as happy as we are." What — Donald E. Phillips

Reunions Quotes By Rachel Hawkins

I think we've met our quota for tearful reunions," she chuckled against the top of my head.
"When this is done, I promise I'm never going to leave the house ever again. We'll just stay in and order pizza and watch bad television."
Mom pulled away and looked over my shoulder. "Oh, I think you might want to get out every now and then," she said.
I felt the warm weight of Archer's hand on my waist. "Hey, I like pizza and bad TV."
I turned to him, surprised. "Your chest-"
"Cal," he said by way of explanation. "I owe that guy, like, a mountain of burgers. It's getting embarrassing."
Mom flashed me a little smile before saying, "You know, this isn't how I imagined meeting Sophie's first real boyfriend."
Archer gave me a little squeeze. "You mean I'm the first guy your parents have rescued from an enchanted island via use of a magic mirror? I feel so special. — Rachel Hawkins

Reunions Quotes By Robert A. Caro

The enormous power held by each of the southern committee chairmen individually was multiplied by their unity, by what White called a "oneness found nowhere else in politics." The symbol was the legendary "Southern Caucus," the meetings of the twenty-two southern senators which were held in the office of their leader, Richard Brevard Russell of Georgia, whenever crisis threatened - meetings that were, White said, "for all the world like reunions of a large and highly individualistic family whose members are nevertheless bound by one bond." In those meetings, the southern position was agreed upon, its tactics mapped, its front made solid. — Robert A. Caro

Reunions Quotes By Doug Larson

The trouble with class reunions is that old flames have become even older. — Doug Larson

Reunions Quotes By Patricia Florin

I deeply understood that there is no such thing as an isolated act. This particular act had looped and wrapped and folded in on itself and other acts, pushed forward, pulled a hidden past into the present, and placed it in front of me as if to say: Isn't this a fine moment? Who knew? — Patricia Florin

Reunions Quotes By David Levithan

Is that all we need? Can the way we say each other's names encompass all our history, all our love, all our fear, all our fights, all our reunions, all of what we know about each other, all of what we don't know? — David Levithan

Reunions Quotes By Charles Baxter

You can not figure out love without figuring out death, too, but the effort it takes can knock the wind out of you. Love is the first cousin of death, they're acquainted with each other, they go to the same family reunions. — Charles Baxter

Reunions Quotes By James A. Garfield

We hold reunions, not for the dead, for there is nothing in all the earth that you and I can do for the dead. They are past our help and past our praise. We can add to them no glory, we can give to them no immortality. They do not need us, but forever and forever more we need them. — James A. Garfield

Reunions Quotes By Eddie Trunk

The only time people get pressured into doing reunions to make more money is when the current lineup is underperforming. And by bringing back the other guy, it increases their draw. — Eddie Trunk

Reunions Quotes By Paula Cole

I think of my shows as family reunions. I give 100% every time. I just do. It's a huge therapeutic release. Also I love my touring family. And I love my audiences very much. — Paula Cole

Reunions Quotes By John Lennon

I never went to high school reunions. My thing is, out of sight, out of mind. That's my attitude toward life. So I don't have any romanticism about any part of my past. — John Lennon

Reunions Quotes By Alexander McCall Smith

Class reunions were about curiosity; about satisfaction at the avoidance of the mistakes of one's contemporaries, now revealed in their emerging life histories; about reflecting on the ravages - and injustices - of time; and of realizing, perhaps, how strange and random are the twists and turns of fate. — Alexander McCall Smith

Reunions Quotes By Karen Russell

A food truce, the picnic suspension of oedipal feeling that permits the generations to love each other at family reunions. — Karen Russell

Reunions Quotes By Anita Shreve

Reunions are always fraught with awkward tensions - the necessity to account for oneself; the attempt to find, through memories, an ember of the old emotions ... — Anita Shreve

Reunions Quotes By Saroo Brierley

My mother described her reactions better than I ever could mine: she said she was "surprised with thunder" that her boy had come back, and that the happiness in her heart was "as deep as the sea". — Saroo Brierley

Reunions Quotes By Stan Tatkin

We take too much for granted when it comes to separations and reunions, and pay the price for not understanding the natural human imperative to make and continually remake secure connections with our most important others. Don't take my word for this. Check your own launchings and landings. Play with them. Perform them properly, and then improperly or not at all. Compare the difference. Experience for yourself. — Stan Tatkin

Reunions Quotes By Harry S. Truman

But Quantrill and his men were no more bandits than the men on the other side. I've been to reunions of Quantrill's men two or three times. All they were trying to do was protect the property on the Missouri side of the line ... — Harry S. Truman

Reunions Quotes By David Nicholls

Best to leave quietly, and no reunions. Move on, and look to the future. Plenty more faces out there. — David Nicholls

Reunions Quotes By Donna McKechnie

Any time I can come to L.A., because I live in New York ... when I go to L.A., it really is about the people, having reunions and seeing my friends I don't see enough. — Donna McKechnie

Reunions Quotes By Rider Strong

I think we'll make sure we have Boy Meets World reunions. — Rider Strong

Reunions Quotes By Will Rogers

I will never joke about old soldiers who try to get to reunions to talk over the war again. To talk of old times with old friends is the greatest thing in the world. — Will Rogers

Reunions Quotes By Michelle Hartman

A short poem from my new book, The Lost Journal of my Second Trip to Pergatory,
Thorny Crowns
Of course the gold one was for special occasions, weddings, etc,
silver for family reunions, office-casual type affairs.
Bronze was a everyday choice; during yard work its burnished surface shone in sunlight.
There were various colors and holiday appropriate ones.
I could never find the hatboxes they were stored in.
But the wooden one was reserved for the long suffering caused by family.
Stevie's funeral, my hospital trips and sister's rebellion rated real wood.
One tip filed extra sharp produced a fine and dramatic line of blood droplets on her brow. — Michelle Hartman

Reunions Quotes By Emna Mizouni

Life has few things you could be grateful for, such as Reunions. — Emna Mizouni

Reunions Quotes By Eric Burdon

I've got a great dislike of reunions. It's a little like trying to go back and relive the best parts of your life, but you can't do it. Nothing is ever the same. — Eric Burdon

Reunions Quotes By Doug Solter

I love family reunions. Maybe next year we could pass out samurai swords. — Doug Solter

Reunions Quotes By Terrance Hayes

Look, the world is everywhere: satellites, end tables, the pink and white poinsettias outside the church; reunions and degrees. All those radiant asterisks ... Soon it will all make sense. — Terrance Hayes

Reunions Quotes By Edward Hirsch

I wish I could believe in the otherworld I wish I could believe in a place Of reunions outside of memory — Edward Hirsch

Reunions Quotes By Ryan Stiles

I was into sports in high school, but I got kicked out of Richmond High at 17, so I never graduated. However, I still get invites to the class reunions ... I don't know that I want to see how everyone looks now. — Ryan Stiles

Reunions Quotes By William Jennings Bryan

Christ has made of death a narrow starlit strip between the companionships of yesterday and the reunions of tomorrow. — William Jennings Bryan

Reunions Quotes By Pepper D. Basham

The soft song from the past threatened to awaken feelings and memories she avoided like black-eyed peas and family reunions. — Pepper D. Basham

Reunions Quotes By Eric Avery

I just didn't like the idea of doing reunions, period. I could only see it as I'd just be going over the same old ground. I'm only years older and fatter and I'll just do an older, fatter version of me. — Eric Avery

Reunions Quotes By Tommy Bond

Bobby and I have been to various reunions of Our Gang. We've been to like three or four reunions over the past 15 years or so. We were at one in Palm Springs, California. — Tommy Bond

Reunions Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

Contradictions are the impossible chasms that create forever separations. God is the forever bridge that creates impossible reunions. — Craig D. Lounsbrough

Reunions Quotes By Margaret Deland

Age, with shamefaced relief, has learned the solvent quality of Time. It is this quality which makes possible the contemplation of certain embarrassing heavenly reunions ... — Margaret Deland

Reunions Quotes By Cecily Von Ziegesar

My high school wasn't a big public school; it was tiny. There were 36 girls in my graduating class. We were a big group of girls that by the time senior year came along couldn't wait to get away from school fast enough but we loved each other. It's really fun to see the girls at reunions now. — Cecily Von Ziegesar

Reunions Quotes By Sigourney Weaver

I still am in touch with several friends from high school. I don't go to reunions much. I'm afraid that if I go back to the school, they'll suddenly go, 'You know what? We've checked the records and you still have one more French class. Get back in here.' — Sigourney Weaver