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Resort To Name Calling Quotes By K.M. Shea

Britt Said "I'm glad."
Merlin nodded "If you're so glad then you should work to win over more of your men."
"Yes, Merlin."
"Don't you 'yes, Merlin' me!"
"Of course, Merlin."
"That's hardly any better."
"You don't think I know that?" "Harridan."
"I find it amusing that you resort to name calling when you can't think of anything better to say."
"Only to those who deserve it."
"Yes, Merlin. — K.M. Shea

Resort To Name Calling Quotes By Criss Jami

There is a difference between criticizing people and criticizing a people's uninformed ideals. That is, unless one defines himself or others by their ideals, then he is offended, and usually offended secretly. Because oddly enough, this person is the same person quickest to resort to dismissive name-calling, such as 'bigot' or 'zealot'. And oddly enough, he is always the one, the 'open-minded' one, who adamantly protests for, not only himself, but others not to listen to any type of scholarly theological truth inherently for the sake of his own personal, moral beliefs. — Criss Jami

Resort To Name Calling Quotes By Alan W. Watts

Your body does not eliminate poisons by knowing their names. To try to control fear or depression or boredom by calling them names is to resort to superstition of trust in curses and invocations. It is so easy to see why this does not work. Obviously, we try to know, name, and define fear in order to make it "objective," that is, separate from "I. — Alan W. Watts