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Remorse And Regret Quotes By Jean-Dominique Bauby

The memory of that event has only just come back to me, now doubly painful: regret for a vanished past and, above all, remorse for lost opportunities. Mithra-Grandchamp is the women we were unable to love, the chances we failed to seize, the moments of happiness we allowed to drift away. Today it seems to me that my whole life was nothing but a string of those small near misses: a race whose result we know beforehand but in which we fail to bet on the winner. — Jean-Dominique Bauby

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Alexis De Tocqueville

Another tendency, which is extremely natural to democratic nations and extremely dangerous, is that which leads them to despise and undervalue the rights of private persons. The attachment which men feel to a right, and the respect which they display for it, is generally proportioned to its importance, or to the length of time during which they have enjoyed it. The rights of private persons amongst democratic nations are commonly of small importance, of recent growth, and extremely precarious; the consequence is that they are often sacrificed without regret, and almost always violated without remorse. — Alexis De Tocqueville

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Sam Harris

We often behave in ways that are guaranteed to make us unhappy. Many of us spend our lives marching with open eyes toward remorse, regret, guilt, and disappointment.And nowhere do our injuries seem more casually self-inflicted, or the suffering we create more disproportionate to the needs of the moment, than in the lies we tell to other human beings. Lying is the royal road to chaos. — Sam Harris

Remorse And Regret Quotes By John Shea

The more deeply one enters into the experience of the sacred the more one is aware of one's own personal evil and the destructive forces in society. The fact that one is alive to what is possible for humankind sharpens one's sense that we are fallen people. The awareness of sin is the inevitable consequence of having met grace... This grace-judgment dynamic reveals that the center of Christian life is repentance. This does not mean that the distinguishing mark of the Christian is breast-beating. Feeling sorry, acknowledging guilt, and prolonging regret may be components of the human condition, but they are not what Jesus means by repentance. Repentance is the response to grace that overcomes the past and opens out to a new future. Repentance distinguishes Christian life as one of struggle and conversion and pervades it, not with remorse, but with hope. The message of Jesus is not "Repent," but "Repent for the Kingdom of God is near. — John Shea

Remorse And Regret Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

But the southwest wind of Spring brings also remorse. We catch the vague spirit of unrest in the air and we regret our misspent youth. — P.G. Wodehouse

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Ken Bruen

It's always the same. When you come out of it and take a look around, the sight of wounds that you have left on the people who care for you makes you wince more than those you have inflicted on yourself. Though I am devoid of regret or remorse for almost anything I have done, if there is a corner for these feelings then it lies with that awareness. It should be enough to stop you from ever going back down there, but it seldom is. Anthony Loyd, My War Gone By, I Miss It So. — Ken Bruen

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Gordon B. Hinckley

We pledge our loyalty; we affirm our determination to be of good courage; we declare, sometimes even publicly, that come what may we will do the right thing, that we will stand for the right cause, that we will be true to ourselves and to others. Then the pressures begin to build. Sometimes these are social pressures. Sometimes they are personal appetites. Sometimes they are false ambitions. There is a weakening of the will. There is a softening of discipline. There is capitulation. And then there is remorse, self-accusation, and bitter tears of regret. — Gordon B. Hinckley

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Men become cannibals of their own hearts; remorse, regret, and restless impatience usurp the place of more wholesome feeling: every thing seems better than that which is. — Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Bailey Vincent

Looking back, my greatest regret is not that I didn't love them enough (to the brink of insanity and back again), but that I couldn't save them from themselves. — Bailey Vincent

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

A life premised upon honest effort and questing for love is bound to generate regret and remorse. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

We derive insightful perception by observing and studying, comparing and contrasting. Without investigating why we prefer the veil of life to the cloak of death and without considering how to create dangerously, live honorably, and die gloriously without remorse and regret, we risk dissipating what precious little shelf life our brittle humanity grants us. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Natalia Ginzburg

My tidiness, and my untidiness, are full of regret and remorse and complex feelings. — Natalia Ginzburg

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Evelyn Underhill

A wise man has said: 'Only a Christian can live wholly in the present, for to him the past is pardoned and the future is safe in God.' ... the Christian life must be a life without regrets, without remorse. — Evelyn Underhill

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Oriana Fallaci

But to deny fate is arrogance, to declare that we are the sole shapers of our existence is madness;if you deny fate life becomes the series of missed opportunities, a regret for what never was and could have been, a remorse of what was not done and could have been done, and the present is wasted, twisted into another missed oppurtunity. — Oriana Fallaci

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

All people share doubts. The lingering question that eventually worms it way into all thinking people's brain is how to live splendidly and how to die without remorse and regret. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Lucia Berlin

The only reason I have lived so long is that I let go of my past. Shut the door on grief on regret on remorse. If I let them in, just one self-indulgent crack, whap, the door will fling open gales of pain ripping through my heart blinding my eyes with shame breaking cups and bottles knocking down jars shattering windows stumbling bloody on spilled sugar and broken glass terrified gagging until with a final shudder and sob I shut the heavy door. Pick up the pieces one more time. — Lucia Berlin

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Monica Johnson

Regret is not a proactive feeling. It is situated in disappointment, sorrow, even remorse. It merely wishes things were different without an act to cause a difference. However, repentance is different. Repentance is an admission of, hatred of, and turning away from sin before God. — Monica Johnson

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Amishi Jha

If your decision-making is improved on the ground, certainly you'll be less likely to make the kind of errors that will linger with you the rest of your life and lead to regret, remorse, and a whole cascade of psychological dysfunction. — Amishi Jha

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Robin Bielman

Walking with our heads down trying to pull the weight of our mistakes doesn't make them go away. Choice it the only thing that conquers regret. Choosing to learn from our past and waking up with hope on the pillowcase beside us rather than remorse. — Robin Bielman

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Emil Cioran

If we consider closely our so-called generous actions, there is none which, from some aspect, is not blameworthy an even harmful, so that we come to regret having performed it - so that we must choose, finally, between abstention and remorse. — Emil Cioran

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Edwin Louis Cole

Temptation can be tormenting, but remember: The torment of temptation to sin is nothing to compare with the torment of the consequences of sin. Remorse and regret cannot compensate for sin ... though sins can be forgiven immediately - the consequences can last a lifetime — Edwin Louis Cole

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Alexander The Great

Holy shadows of the dead, I am not to blame for your cruel and bitter fate, but the accursed rivalry which brought sister nations and brother people to fight one another. I do not feel happy for this victory of mine. On the contrary, I would be glad, brothers, if I had all of you standing here next to me, since we are united by the same language, the same blood and the same visions.
[Addressing the dead Hellenes of the Battle of Chaeronea] — Alexander The Great

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Mehreen Ahmed

Nothing moved him. No sense of remorse could knock him back into reaction; no tears of regret flowed from those weary eyes.This seemingly innocuous episode, transpired into greater tragedy and it left him vaguely disengaged. — Mehreen Ahmed

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Anna Banks

This, the guilt, will be the hardest part for Galen. He already takes responsibility for so much that isn't his fault. He will somehow blame himself for Rachel's death. He will fall into a spiral of remorse, into a self-made pit of regret.
And I silently promise him to catch him when he does. — Anna Banks

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Henry Miller

I was alive. But I was alive without a memory, without a name; I was cut off from hope as well as from remorse or regret. I had no past and would probably have no future; I was buried alive in a void which was the wound that had been dealt me. I was like the wound itself. — Henry Miller

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Donna Lynn Hope

There is the love that I love but don't want to love and try to bleed out so the love that I want but don't want, can die a tragic death. And as it lays dying, I'm touched with remorse, feel regret, and try to keep it beating. If it does, I panic, and go through the cycle all over again. What do you call that except pure madness? I'm a catastrophic tsunami on any man who tries to love me. And if I really care about a man, you would think I would be sweet and supportive, but instead I set fires and dare them to walk through them. — Donna Lynn Hope

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Lisi Harrison

After each dream, Frankie woke with a start, soaked in tears. But she found no relief in the peaceful silence of her room, because there everything was real. And the guilt was too immense to bear. Each time she opened her eyes, she'd quickly shut them. And wish that she had woken up for the very last time. — Lisi Harrison

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Emile Zola

His remorse was purely physical. Only his body, strained nerves, and cowering flesh were afraid of the drowned man. Conscience played no part in his terrors, and he had not the slightest regret about killing Camille; in his moments of calm, when the spectre was not present, he would have committed the murder over again had he thought his interests required it. — Emile Zola

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Rhiannon Frater

How did I become this monster ... this creature that feasts on the blood of innocents? I stare at my bloodstained dress and feel nothing but hatred for what I have done. To know how callously I killed before and felt no regret, now pains me. I killed before with no remorse. But tonight ... tonight, what I have done is unbearable. — Rhiannon Frater

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Mary Catherine Bateson

The critical question about regret is whether experience led to growth and new learning. Some people seem to keep on making the same mistakes, while others at least make new ones. Regret and remorse can be either paralyzing or inspiring. [p. 199] — Mary Catherine Bateson

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Barry Hannah

She had shared his sheets, and, in nightmares of remorse, he had shared her body, waking with drastic regret, feeling as soiled and soilsome as the city itself. — Barry Hannah

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Jaime Allison Parker

He was a stranger here. The people who might remember him would certainly not welcome him. His old gang had cast him out, along with all of the former friends and parents. The suburban landscape of hypocrisy, so hated in his youth, beheld again and with it, old feelings that motivated him through life more than he would ever admit. Every turning point in life, already decided by all the events here — Jaime Allison Parker

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Yann Martel

...I am a person who believes in form, in the harmony of order. Where we can, we must give things a meaningful shape. [...] It is important in life to conclude things properly. Only then you can let go. Otherwise you are left with words you should have said but never did, and your heart is heavy with remorse..."
~Life of Pi, chapter 94 — Yann Martel

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Charles Darwin

Conscience looks backwards and judges past actions, inducing that kind of dissatisfaction, which if weak we call regret, and if severe remorse. — Charles Darwin

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Matthew J. Hefti

Oh God, what do we do?"
"Do?" Levi said, looking oddly triumphant, like his plans for the night had finally materialized, Like he had been hoping for some disaster like this to happen so he didn't have to be bored anymore. Like even a dying girl in his bathtub was better than calling his mother to confirm that his grandfather actually was dead, and that what he had heard on the answering machine wasn't a mere auditory hallucination. "We save her, of course. — Matthew J. Hefti

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Francoise Sagan

A Strange melancholy pervades me to which I hesitate to give the grave and beautiful name of sorrow. The idea of sorrow has always appealed to me but now I am almost ashamed of its complete egoism. I have known boredom, regret, and occasionally remorse, but never sorrow. Today it envelops me like a silken web, enervating and soft, and sets me apart from everybody else. — Francoise Sagan

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Marianne Williamson

If you did something in 1975 that you deeply regret and that you now can recognize as having been profoundly irresponsible, for example, the only way to be lifted out of deep regret and the pain over it is through atonement - through the kind of remorse that leads to genuine atonement, the making of amends, and forgiveness of self and others. — Marianne Williamson

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Henry Miller

I want to flee toward a perpetual dawn with a swiftness and relentlessness that leaves no room for remorse, regret, or repentance. I want to outstrip the inventive man who is a curse to the earth in order to stand once again before an impassable deep which not even the strongest wings will enable me to traverse. — Henry Miller

Remorse And Regret Quotes By George Santayana

There is (as I now find) no remorse for time long past, even for what may have mortified us or made us ashamed of ourselves when it was happening: there is a pleasant panoramic sense of what it all was and how it all had to be. Why, if we are not vain or snobbish, need we desire that it should have been different? The better things we missed may yet be enjoyed or attained by someone else somewhere: why isn't that just as good? And there is no regret, either, in the sense of wishing the past to return, or missing it: it is quite real enough as it is, there at its own date and place — George Santayana

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Max Anders

Rejoicing is the essence of genuine worship. A sad face (apart from remorse for sin or regret concerning the pain of others) is an affront to a gracious and generous God. — Max Anders

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Matthew J. Hefti

We carry the world. They did. All those young men did. They carried the world, and it was heavy, and they didn't know what to do with it. Was this the rest? Was this the war? Things had already spun out of control and they weren't always as black and white or as right or wrong as Nick liked to think. — Matthew J. Hefti

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Truly there are different kinds of pain. But the most agonizing is the pain of regret, for which there is no lasting relief and no remedy. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Janette Oke

Strange, Ezra thought, he felt no satisfaction. Only disturbance. The glow on the young man's face as he breathed his last haunted him. Almost as though, instead of inflicting intended pain, they had done him a kindness. Strange. Strange and most unsettling. The young man in his black robes walked over and stood staring down at what could be seen of the body. Ezra hoped the man would not voice regret, for the black wings of remorse hovered just beyond his own scarred vision. But the young man only muttered, "And so it begins. — Janette Oke

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Jim Rohn

Until we have finally accepted the fact that there is nothing we can do to change the past, our feelings of regret and remorse and bitterness will prevent us from designing a better future with the opportunity that is before us today. — Jim Rohn

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Craig Wright

Everything since the beginning of time was working together to make my happiness possible: and then you. You walked into the audiovisual lab in your flannel shirt ... and you fucked it up! You fucked everything up! Do you understand that? Because of you, the entire universe is ruined ... forever!
Kari, The Pavilion — Craig Wright

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Luc Ferry

..the irreversibility of things is a kind of death at the heart of life and threatens constantly to steer us into time past- the home of
nostalgia, guilt, regret and remorse, the great spoilers of happiness. — Luc Ferry

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Oscar Wilde

The worst of it is that I am perpetually being punished for nothing; this governor loves to punish, and he punishes by taking my books away from me. It's perfectly awful to let the mind grind itself away between the upper and nether millstones of regret and remorse without respite; with books my life would be livable
any life. — Oscar Wilde

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Marianne Williamson

Sometimes when we're feeling sad, it's important just to feel the sadness. Like a snake shedding its skin, old feelings of remorse and regret and hurt and anger often have to come up in order to be released. On the other side we're a better person, capable of a happier life ... who we are when we're no longer burdened by the buried feelings that weighed us down, or the self - defeating patterns that the pain produced. — Marianne Williamson

Remorse And Regret Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

In my dream, people apologized for things that were about to happen, and lit candles by inhaling. — Jonathan Safran Foer