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Reliant Quotes By Wilfred Thesiger

As I listened I thought once again how precarious was the existence of the Bedu. Their way of life naturally made them fatalists; so much was beyond their control. It was impossible for them to provide for a morrow when everything depended on a chance fall of rain or when raiders, sickness, or any one of a hundred chance happenings might at any time leave them destitute, or end their lives. They did what they could, and no people were more self-reliant, but if things went wrong they accepted their fate without bitterness, and with dignity as the will of God. — Wilfred Thesiger

Reliant Quotes By Robert Higgs

Recipients of transfers set a bad example for others, including their children, other relatives, and friends, who see that one can receive goods, services, or money from the government without earning them. The onlookers easily adopt an attitude that they, too, are entitled to such transfers. They have fewer examples of hardworking, self-reliant people in their families or neighborhoods. — Robert Higgs

Reliant Quotes By Chris Prentiss

The totally alive, totally conscious, and totally aware Universe takes care of itself completely. It is totally self-reliant and totally self- sufficient. it is perfect. — Chris Prentiss

Reliant Quotes By Joseph Conrad

I believe in children praying
well, women, too, but I rather think God expects men to be more self-reliant. I don't hold with a man everlastingly bothering the Almighty with his silly troubles. — Joseph Conrad

Reliant Quotes By Yasmin Mogahed

Deprived is the one who has never witnessed his own desperate need for God. Reliant on his own means, he forgets that the means, his own soul, and everything else in existence are His creation. — Yasmin Mogahed

Reliant Quotes By Lou Jiwei

Everyone knows the U.S. economy shouldn't be so reliant on consumption. More investments should be made. — Lou Jiwei

Reliant Quotes By Wayne W. Dyer

My children to enjoy life, to value themselves, to be risk takers, to become self-reliant, to be free from stress and anxiety, to have peaceful lives, to celebrate their present moments, to experience a lifetime of wellness, to — Wayne W. Dyer

Reliant Quotes By Charles Dickens

I am self-contained and self-reliant; your opinion is nothing to me; I have no interest in you, care nothing for you, and see and hear you with indifference. — Charles Dickens

Reliant Quotes By Mark Steyn

Americans face a choice: you can rediscover the animating principles of the American idea
of limited government, a self-reliant citizenry, and the opportunities to exploit your talents to the fullest
or you can join most of the rest of the western world in terminal decline. To rekindle the spark of liberty once it dies is very difficult. — Mark Steyn

Reliant Quotes By Amy Harmon

If God made all our faces, did he laugh when he made me?
Does he make the legs that cannot walk and eyes that cannot see?
Does he curl the hair upon my head 'til it rebels in wild defiance?
Does he close the ears of a deaf man to make him more reliant?
Is the way I look a coincidence or just a twist of fate?
If he made me this way, is it okay, to blame him for the things I hate?
For the flaws that seem to worsen every time I see a mirror,For the ugliness I see in me, for the loathing and the fear.
Does he sculpt us for his pleasure, for a reason I can't see?
If God makes all our faces, did he laugh when he made me? — Amy Harmon

Reliant Quotes By Sunjeev Sahota

I don't see what's so good about helping others, though. If they only become reliant on you. Then you're just part of the problem. — Sunjeev Sahota

Reliant Quotes By J.D. Vance

Not all of the white working class struggles. I knew even as a child that there were two separate sets of mores and social pressures. My grandparents embodied one type: old-fashioned, quietly faithful, self-reliant, hardworking. My mother and, increasingly, the entire neighborhood embodied another: consumerist, isolated, angry, distrustful. There — J.D. Vance

Reliant Quotes By Jack Canfield

Almost by force of habit, successful people simply do more. As a result, they experience not only greater financial rewards for their extra efforts but also a personal transformation, becoming more self-confident, more self-reliant, and more influential with those around them. — Jack Canfield

Reliant Quotes By Heather Donahue

If we had been less reliant on technology and the security that we enjoy in being divorced from what we used to know, maybe things would have turned out differently. — Heather Donahue

Reliant Quotes By Scott Cook

Well, today people have to be self-reliant if they want a secure retirement income. — Scott Cook

Reliant Quotes By Michael Bennet

As we all become increasingly reliant on social networking websites and new technologies to stay connected, it's important to remain cognizant of how private personal information and data is handled. — Michael Bennet

Reliant Quotes By Sylvia Earle

Ironically the very energy, the very basis of how we know what we know, has been reliant on having an energy source [necessary] to build rockets to go to the moon and Mars, to support airplanes that fly, and satellites to give us our communication. — Sylvia Earle

Reliant Quotes By Jerry Brown

Where there is a sufficient social movement of self-reliant communities, there can be political change. There must be political change. — Jerry Brown

Reliant Quotes By Sukarno

We feel free ... Now we are really self-reliant. This is the great advantage of teaching ourselves to become a free people, no longer one that always asks, 'Aid, aid, please.' — Sukarno

Reliant Quotes By Joan Crawford

You have to be self-reliant and strong to survive in this town. Otherwise you will be destroyed. — Joan Crawford

Reliant Quotes By Colin Blakemore

We remain of the view that in many areas of research we are still reliant on primates to achieve our goals for improving human health — Colin Blakemore

Reliant Quotes By Daniel Radcliffe

You have to find out who you are aside from what the media say you are. If you've become reliant on them for kind of a sense of self, then you're really screwed. — Daniel Radcliffe

Reliant Quotes By Margaret Thatcher

I came to office with one deliberate intent: to change Britain from a dependent to a self-reliant society
from a give-it-to-me, to a do-it-yourself nation. A get-up-and-go, instead of a sit-back-and-wait-for-it Britain. — Margaret Thatcher

Reliant Quotes By Chris Offutt

MY FATHER was a brilliant man, a true iconoclast, fiercely self-reliant, a dark genius, cruel, selfish, and eternally optimistic. Early in his sales career, a boss called him an "independent son of a bitch," which Dad took as the highest compliment he'd ever received. He wanted me to be the same way. Dad had no hobbies, no distractive activities. He didn't do household chores, wash the car, — Chris Offutt

Reliant Quotes By Chinelo Okparanta

PAPA'S NAME, UZO, meant "door," or "the way." It was a solid kind of name, strong-like and self-reliant, unlike mine, Ijeoma (which was just a wish: "safe journey"), or Mama's, Adaora (which was just saying that she was the daughter of all, daughter of the community, which was really what all daughters were, when you thought about it). — Chinelo Okparanta

Reliant Quotes By Matt Shea

Is the economy going to collapse if we continue down this road? Yes. Should Americans be self-reliant? Yes. Absolutely ... I think loving our neighbors is being prepared to give them food. Loving our neighbors is being prepared to protect them. — Matt Shea

Reliant Quotes By Kerry Washington

I'll be honest with you. I'm a little bit of a loner. It's been a big part of my maturing process to learn to allow people to support me. I tend to be very self-reliant and private. And I have this history of wanting to work things out on my own and protect people from what's going on with me. — Kerry Washington

Reliant Quotes By Christopher Bollen

No, it's cool," Mills replied. "I don't have a boyfriend. I'm single." It was the first time he had ever defined himself as single, which felt like defining himself as American in a foreign country. It sounded advanced and self-reliant and lonely. — Christopher Bollen

Reliant Quotes By Bella Forrest

Better to remain always self-reliant. Self-reliance means you're in control. Don't ever think you need a man for happiness. — Bella Forrest

Reliant Quotes By Quincy Jones

Music was the one thing I could control. It was the one world that offered me freedom. When I played music, my nightmares ended. My family problems disappeared. I didnt have to search for answers. The answers lay no further than the bell of my trumpet and my scrawled, pencilled scores. Music made me full, strong, popular, self-reliant and cool. — Quincy Jones

Reliant Quotes By David Cameron

I think it true that, you know, sometimes things start to change even before a government changes and, actually, I think you can begin to see even the Labour machine beginning to understand that it has become over-reliant on targets and processes, that local governments have been over-bossed and bullied. — David Cameron

Reliant Quotes By George Lakoff

The rich are thus not just more powerful than the poor, they also have moral authority over the poor and with it the moral responsibility to tell the poor how to live: build self-discipline, work hard, climb the economic ladder, and so become self-reliant. M — George Lakoff

Reliant Quotes By Bill McKibben

Where people aren't as deeply reliant on fossil fuel as in the United States, it's far easier for them to imagine change on this scale. When you go to Europe, they're much more ready. They use half the amount of energy per capita that we use. They can imagine using less than that. They see the benefits. They're ready to go. — Bill McKibben

Reliant Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

We must learn to be self-reliant and independent of schools, courts, protection and patronage of a Government we seek to end, if it will not mend. — Mahatma Gandhi

Reliant Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

He's quite a bit of a snob, you know, and when he hears I'm going to marry the daughter of an earl - "
"I say, old man," I couldn't help saying, "aren't you looking ahead rather far?"
"Oh, that's all right. It's true nothing's actually settled yet, but she practically told me the other day she was fond of me."
"Well, she said that the sort of man she liked was the self-reliant, manly man with strength, good looks, character, ambition, and initiative."
"Leave me, laddie," I said. "Leave me to my fried egg. — P.G. Wodehouse

Reliant Quotes By Matt Smith

Sometimes when you lose your mobile phone, even though it's frustrating, it's sort of rewarding in many ways because, though we do rely on them a lot, we are not reliant on them. The world continues without. — Matt Smith

Reliant Quotes By John C. Maxwell

Ive them your faith, and they become confident, energized, and self-reliant. — John C. Maxwell

Reliant Quotes By Hope Edelman

I truly believe that the death of my mother has made me the way I am today. I am a survivor, mentally strong, determined, stronwilled, self-reliant, and independent. I also keep most of my pain, anger and feelings inside. I refuse to be vulnerable to anyone, especially my husband. The only people who see that more emotional or softer side are my children. That too because of my mother. — Hope Edelman

Reliant Quotes By John Dewey

Independent self-reliant people would be a counterproductive anachronism in the collective society of the future where people will be defined by their associations. — John Dewey

Reliant Quotes By Louise Hart

Healthy parenting is nothing if not a process of empowerment. As we help to raise our children's self-esteem, we also increase their personal power. When we encourage them to be confident, self-reliant, self-directed, and responsible individuals, we are giving them power. — Louise Hart

Reliant Quotes By Elliott Abrams

The Assad regime is quite reliant on oil exports. — Elliott Abrams

Reliant Quotes By Hector Hugh Munro

The cat of the slums and alleys, starved, outcast, harried, still keeps amid the prowlings of its adversity the bold, free, panther-tread with which it paced of yore the temple courts of Thebes, still displays the self-reliant watchfulness which man has never taught it to lay aside. — Hector Hugh Munro

Reliant Quotes By Jean M. Auel

You are strong, self-reliant, entirely able to take care of yourself and of me ... You are fearless, courageous; you saved my life, nursed me back to health, hunted for my food, provided for my comfort. You don't need me. Yet you make me want to protect you, watch over you, make sure no harm comes to you. I could live with you all my life and never really know you; you have depths it would take many lifetimes to explore. You are wise and ancient ... and as fresh and young as a woman as ... And you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I love you more than life itself. — Jean M. Auel

Reliant Quotes By Alan Greenspan

When you go back and look at American history, it's not terribly different from Canadian history. If you weren't self-reliant on the prairie, you wouldn't survive. — Alan Greenspan

Reliant Quotes By John Grisham

You've been hurt by every person you ever cared for, except Abby. You raised yourself, and in doing so became self-reliant and independent. You don't need the firm. You can leave it. You're hardened and calloused beyond your years. And you're smart enough to pull it off, Mitch. You won't get caught. That's why we picked you. — John Grisham

Reliant Quotes By Jason L. Riley

So in addition to being overly reliant on politicians, blacks typically have poor political representation. "Pollsters have long known of the remarkable gap between the leaders and the led in black America," wrote Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. A 1985 survey found that most blacks favored the death penalty and prayer in public schools while most black leaders opposed these things. Most blacks opposed school busing, while most black leaders favored it. Three times as many blacks opposed abortion rights as their leaders did. Indeed, on many key social issues, blacks are more conservative than whites.31 — Jason L. Riley

Reliant Quotes By Patrick Ferriday

In an area so reliant on opinion there is also the matter of received opinion to consider. The old turkey of the innate beauty of left handers is probably a result of the rarer days for 'cack-handers' when Frank Woolley bestrode the shires on both sides of World War I. After a long gap, his mantle was languidly accepted in England by David Gower. But for every Woolley there was a Mead and for every Gower a Trescothick as if to balance the equation and bury the turkey. — Patrick Ferriday

Reliant Quotes By Edward Abbey

If America could be, once again, a nation of self-reliant farmers, craftsmen, hunters, ranchers, and artists, then the rich would have little power to dominate others. Neither to serve nor to rule: That was the American dream. — Edward Abbey

Reliant Quotes By Barack Obama

I listened to a Republican colleague work himself into a lather over a proposed plan to provide school breakfasts to preschoolers. Such a plan, he insisted, would crush their spirit of self-reliance. I had to point out that not too many five-year-olds I knew were self-reliant, but children who spent their formative years to hungry to learn could very well end up being charges of the state. — Barack Obama

Reliant Quotes By Jack Williamson

Wendre had appealed to Horn as no woman ever had. She had a man's mind and a woman's heart. She was self-reliant, proud, courageous. She grasped the situation quickly, accepted the odds, and did what had to be done without complaining. This was no spoiled child of empire, no sheltered darling of an all-powerful father; this was a woman fit to stand and fight beside any barbarian from the restless marches, made for love and ready to battle for it. — Jack Williamson

Reliant Quotes By David Stern

I've never found NBA owners to be deferential. I never considered them to be reliant. All that I do is knock myself out to represent their interests the best way I can and sometimes tell them, as part of my job, what they don't like to hear. — David Stern

Reliant Quotes By Edward Snowden

Every time we walk on to the field of battle and the field of battle is the internet, it doesn't matter if we shoot our opponents a hundred times and hit every time. As long as they've hit us once, we've lost, because the U.S. is so much more reliant on those systems. — Edward Snowden

Reliant Quotes By Narendra Modi

We dream of a day when India is completely self-reliant in defence production & exports defence equipment worldwide. — Narendra Modi

Reliant Quotes By Joseph B. Wirthlin

Priesthood quorums teach and assist their members to attain good health, financial stability, and a year's supply of food and clothing. They also teach their members to be self-reliant and to give their time, talents, and means in behalf of the Church, community, and needy. — Joseph B. Wirthlin

Reliant Quotes By Omar Saif Ghobash

What you are beginning to understand is that these decisions are all directly connected to the way in which we picture how you will be equipped to deal with the world around you when you are finally free of us. I smile as I write these words. Believe me, we want you to be free and self-reliant. We — Omar Saif Ghobash

Reliant Quotes By Carly Pope

I do think we've become so reliant that the phones are never out of our reach. We're always trying to stay connected that way and the irony is that it's actually disconnecting us from everything else because we're not just focused on what's in front of us; we focus on what's in our hand or off to the side. — Carly Pope

Reliant Quotes By Margaret Thatcher

(I)t is highly questionable whether when 'Europe speaks with one voice', as we are so often told it is doing, anyone is really listening. Europe's reputation as a serious player in international affairs is unenviable. It is a feeble giant who desperate attempts to be taken seriously are largely risible. It has a weak currency and a sluggish inflexible economy, still much reliant on hidden protectionism. It has a shrinking, ageing, population and, with the exception of Britain, rather unimpressive armed forces and, not excepting Britain, muddled diplomacy. — Margaret Thatcher

Reliant Quotes By Stephen Colbert

I may be just an empty flesh terminal reliant on technology for all my ideas, memories and relationships, but I am confident that all of that everything that makes me a unique human being is still out there somewhere, safe in a theoretical storage space owned by giant, multinational corporations. — Stephen Colbert

Reliant Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

More time she'd spent with him, the more convinced she became that he was by far the sexiest guy she'd ever met. Who else did she know who could work with his hands the way he did? Who could make her laugh? Who was smart and charming, self-reliant and tender? — Nicholas Sparks

Reliant Quotes By Alfie Kohn

Far from helping students to develop into mature, self-reliant, self-motivated individuals, schools seem to do everything they can to keep youngsters in a state of chronic, almost infantile, dependency. The pervasive atmosphere of distrust, together with rules covering the most minute aspects of existence, teach students every day that they are not people of worth, and certainly not individuals capable of regulating their own behavior. — Alfie Kohn

Reliant Quotes By Amy Klobuchar

I don't think it should be a surprise when we're talking about energy and trying to have more home-grown energy, be less reliant on foreign oil when you look at our health care that we're trying to get more affordable health care, that these are going to create major debates in this country and be somewhat polarizing. — Amy Klobuchar

Reliant Quotes By John H. Reagan

But I can tell you what your folly and injustice will compel us to do. It will compel us to be free from your domination, and more self-reliant than we have been. — John H. Reagan

Reliant Quotes By Toni Sorenson

The world teaches us to be self-sufficient, self-reliant, self-motivating. But anytime we put self before Savior, we're in trouble — Toni Sorenson

Reliant Quotes By Brendon Burchard

we must believe that we can bend reality to our own preferences, crafting the lives we desire through disciplined learning and initiative. We mustn't wait for permission or perfect timing any longer. Instead we must be courageous and self-reliant, moving forward at a moment's notice. We must see struggle as positive and necessary for our growth and ability to innovate and serve. And we must know all that we need is accessible in the Now - there is abundance in this world to be had, and everything we need to begin the great quest toward a free and fulfilling life is already within us. Should we live from these beliefs, then we shall reach levels of motivation and happiness undreamed of by the timid masses. — Brendon Burchard

Reliant Quotes By Win Butler

Songwriting is reliant on inspiration, which ideally you don't have that much control over. Songs kind of half make themselves, and then you have to finish them. — Win Butler

Reliant Quotes By Ambrose Bierce

DEPENDENT, adj. Reliant upon another's generosity for the support which you are not in a position to exact from his fears. — Ambrose Bierce

Reliant Quotes By Thomas Hughes

He had acquired all the composed and self-reliant look which is so remarkable in a good non-commissioned officer. — Thomas Hughes

Reliant Quotes By Ricky Carmichael

I'm looking forward to getting in Reliant and trying to get a win there. That's a great venue and a wonderful race. — Ricky Carmichael

Reliant Quotes By Chris Van Hollen

The confusing thing, I thought, was that most of America already knew that we were overly reliant on oil, especially on foreign oil. But it was news that this administration had begun to at least acknowledge that problem. — Chris Van Hollen

Reliant Quotes By Pratheepan Gulasekaram

NumbersUSA's work was critical to derailing the 2007 comprehensive federal immigration bill, which had, at that point, received the support of President Buch, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the high-tech industry, the Catholic Church, immigrant-advocacy organizations, and several industries reliant on immigration labor, including farming, food services, and construction. During the weeks leading up to the floor vote on the bill, NumbersUSA coordinated weekly phone calls with the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, mobilized its members to engage key senators, and provided those senators with information and arguments necessary to oppose the bill. Several actors, including pro-immigrant advocates, restrictionists, and members of Congress, have credited NumbersUSA with causing the collapse of the bill in the Senate. — Pratheepan Gulasekaram

Reliant Quotes By Rajiv Gandhi

India is an Old country but a young nation ... I am young and I too have a dream, I dream of India Strong, Independent, Self-Reliant and in the front rank of the nations of the world, in the service of mankind. — Rajiv Gandhi

Reliant Quotes By Dinesh D'Souza

America is a new kind of society that produces a new kind of human being. That human being - confident, self-reliant, tolerant, generous, future-oriented - is a vast improvement over the wretched, servile, fatalistic and intolerant human being that traditional societies have always produced. — Dinesh D'Souza

Reliant Quotes By Andrew Wyatt

There are other tracks that are more reliant upon the beat. Like nobody's going to sit there and play "Harlem Shake" on the guitar! — Andrew Wyatt

Reliant Quotes By Michael Pollan

To join the makers of the world is always to feel at least a little more self reliant, a little more omnicompetent. For everyone to bake his own bread or brew his own beer is, we're told, inefficient, and by the usual measures it probably is ... But though it is certainly cheaper and easier to rely on untold, unseen others to provide for our everyday needs, to live that way comes at a price, not least to our sense of competence and independence. We prize these virtues, and yet they have absolutely nothing to do with the efficiencies of modern consumer capitalism. Except perhaps to suggest that there might be some problems with modern consumer capitalism. — Michael Pollan

Reliant Quotes By Scott Cook

People don't place their trust in government or company pension plans; they have to be self-reliant. — Scott Cook

Reliant Quotes By Keith B. McMullin

Faith, spirituality, and obedience produce a prepared and self-reliant people. — Keith B. McMullin

Reliant Quotes By Shoghi Effendi

We must be like the fountain or spring that is continually emptying itself of all that it has and is continually being refilled from an invisible source. To be continually giving out for the good of our fellows undeterred by fear of poverty and reliant on the unfailing bounty of the Source of all wealth and all good
this is the secret of right living. — Shoghi Effendi

Reliant Quotes By Gordon B. Hinckley

We feel the need to emphasize with greater clarity the obligation for members of the Church to become more independent and self reliant. — Gordon B. Hinckley

Reliant Quotes By Germaine Greer

In the struggle to remain a complete person and to love from her fullness instead of her inadequacy a woman may appear hard. She may feel her early conditioning tugging her in the direction of surrender, but she ought to remember that she was originally loved for herself; she ought to hang on to herself and not find herself nagging, helpless, irritable and trapped. Perhaps I am not old enough yet to promise that the self-reliant woman is always loved, but she cannot be lonely as long as there are people in the world who need her joy and her strength, but certainly in my experience it has always been so. Lovers who are free to go when they are restless always come back; lovers who are free to change remain interesting. The bitter animosity and obscenity of divorce is unknown where individuals have not become Siamese twins. A lover who comes to your bed of his own accord is more likely to sleep with his arms around you all night than a lover who has nowhere else to sleep. — Germaine Greer

Reliant Quotes By Douglas A. Blackmon

That was a version of history reliant on a narrow range of official summaries and gubernatorial archives created and archived by the most dubious sources - southern whites who engineered and most directly profited from the system. It overlooked many of the most significant dimensions of the new forced labor, including the centrality of its role in the web of restrictions put in place to suppress black citizenship, its concomitant relationship to debt peonage and the worst forms of sharecropping, and an exponentially larger number of African Americans compelled into servitude through the most informal - and tainted - local courts. — Douglas A. Blackmon

Reliant Quotes By Helen Slater

With acting I am being led by the script, other actors, the director, etc. But with songwriting I feel it is much more self reliant and allows me to be in the creative experience without being as dependent on others. — Helen Slater

Reliant Quotes By S.A. Tawks

The imagination gland doesn't die. It just becomes reliant on manufactured spirit. — S.A. Tawks

Reliant Quotes By Tim Jackson

Big companies are reliant on institutional investors on a punishing schedule which leads to ruthless behaviour. This form of capitalism with this structure and incentives will never deliver sustainability. — Tim Jackson

Reliant Quotes By Nell Zink

Peggy had not forgotten the intellectual and social ambitions she had started life with only a decade before. Years so weary and routine laden, they seemed like a single year that had repeated itself. She wanted to be creative and self-reliant. — Nell Zink

Reliant Quotes By Leigh Newman

Most kids who grow up in Alaska and spend a fair degree of time in the wilderness, grow up being pretty self-reliant. You have to be, in order to survive all the animals and cliffs and crevasses and rapids - at some point, your brain has to kick [out of] that childish daydream world and start making I-want-to-live decisions. — Leigh Newman

Reliant Quotes By George W. Bush

It is clear our nation is reliant upon big foreign oil. More and more of our imports come from overseas. — George W. Bush

Reliant Quotes By Jeremy Jackson

But the problem was that I had retreated so far into myself - shielding myself from the ghosts and memories of this place - that I had become reliant upon the comfort and rituals and plans. — Jeremy Jackson

Reliant Quotes By Robert Cormier

You bring up your children to be self-reliant and independent and they double-cross you and become self-reliant and independent. — Robert Cormier

Reliant Quotes By William Morley Punshon

Let it be ours to be self-reliant amidst hosts of the vacillating - real in a generation of triflers - true amongst a multitude of shams; when tempted to swerve from principle, sturdy as an oak in its maintenance; when solicited by the enticement of sinners, firm as a rock in our denial. — William Morley Punshon

Reliant Quotes By Len McCluskey

Conservative Party membership has almost halved since David Cameron become leader. The truth is the Tories are financially reliant on, and as a result are governing on behalf of, an ever-shrinking class of people. The more they attack working peoples' attempts to have some influence on the political landscape, the more they reveal that they govern for the millionaires, not the millions. — Len McCluskey

Reliant Quotes By Frank Sonnenberg

The more reliant you are on others, the less reliant you are on yourself. — Frank Sonnenberg

Reliant Quotes By Sheila M. Reindl

As she continually disregards and overrides her body's signals of hunger, fullness, and fatigue, a bulimic woman becomes increasingly disconnected from her subjective experience. Because she does not heed her own needs, desires, preferences, and limits, she grows ever more reliant upon external gauges to guide her life. — Sheila M. Reindl

Reliant Quotes By Narendra Modi

Education makes life self-reliant. It inspires man to live with dignity in the society. It is the foremost requisite of a teacher to identify his own virtues. He needs to live supported by his inherent virtues-and must continue to uphold them. — Narendra Modi

Reliant Quotes By Tracey Lindberg

Having seen all of their fathers and husbands walk out the door[...], each woman understood most completely the nature of women's interconnectedness. Being reliant upon only women also had meant that the particulars of problem solving were addressed in ways known to women and using women's methods. — Tracey Lindberg

Reliant Quotes By Hazel Blackthorn

I set out to write a series of grand stories starring queer people. My vision has always been to let that "queerness" exist organically without it being the focus of the story. Growing up, I got sick of "tragedy porn" slice of life novels being the only LGBT literature in existence. Here I hope that I captured the idea that queer people can own a high fantasy adventure without the story being reliant solely on the characters' "queerness" alone. — Hazel Blackthorn

Reliant Quotes By Gudjon Bergmann

Is our rational and self-reliant generation really supposed to accept the idea that God the Almighty not only created the universe but, interestingly enough, also has a stake in our lives? — Gudjon Bergmann

Reliant Quotes By Chipper Jones

I know guys that are going to struggle. I know guys that don't play and 'bean' up. To me, that's becoming pretty reliant on something. It's going to have an effect. I don't think there's any doubt. — Chipper Jones

Reliant Quotes By Sarah Palin

Up here in Alaska we're sitting on billions of barrels of oil. We're sitting on hundreds of trillions of cubic feet of natural gas onshore and offshore. And it seems to be only the Republicans who understand that companies should be competing for the right to tap those resources, and get that energy source flowing into these hungry markets so that we will be less reliant on foreign sources of energy. In a volatile world, relying on foreign regimes that are not friendly to Americans, asking them to ramp up resource production for our benefit, that's nonsensical. — Sarah Palin

Reliant Quotes By Ezra Taft Benson

For over forty years, in a spirit of love, members of the Church have been counseled to be thrifty and self-reliant; to avoid debt; pay tithes and a generous fast offering; be industrious; and have sufficient food, clothing, and fuel on hand to last at least one year. Today there are compelling reasons to reemphasize this counsel. — Ezra Taft Benson

Reliant Quotes By Trevor Greenfield

We are in a world that has forgotten how interconnected we are with each other; how reliant we are on her mother, Gaia, for everything we need to exist, and that we are, in fact, made of the same materials as the stars. We can become as the Gods, but only if we remember that we are already divine beings. — Trevor Greenfield