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Top Relationship Problem Solving Quotes

Relationship Problem Solving Quotes By Jeff Duffey

The ideal partner will be passionate, permanent, partner-ready, problem-solving, parent-material, productive, personable, and protective. Yet partners are just human...The essential question(for the woman with an unplanned pregnancy): Does the biological father (have) enough of them for you to bring a child into the relationship? — Jeff Duffey

Relationship Problem Solving Quotes By Judith Lewis Herman

Learning how to do psychotherapy is a complex process, much of which is transacted in the relationship between the beginning therapists and experienced supervisors. When the beginning therapists encounter problems that are beyond their range of experience, the supervisors usually assist in several ways. First, the supervisors offer an intellectual
framework in which to understand the problem. References to the professional literature are often suggested. Second, the supervisors offer practical, problem-solving help with the strategies of therapy. Third and most important, the supervisors help the less experienced therapists to deal with feelings of their own that have been evoked by the patients. With the support of competent supervisors, the therapists are usually able to master their own troubled feelings and put them in perspective.
This done, the therapists are better able to attend to patients with empathy, and with a confidence in their ability to offer help. — Judith Lewis Herman

Relationship Problem Solving Quotes By Derek Bok

Economists who have studied the relationship between education and economic growth confirm what common sense suggests: The number of college degrees is not nearly as important as how well students develop cognitive skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving ability. — Derek Bok

Relationship Problem Solving Quotes By Richard G. Erskine

This chapter provides a comprehensive definition of life scripts as a complex set of unconscious relational patterns based on physiological survival reactions, implicit experiential conclusions, explicit decisions, and/or self-regulating introjections, made under stress, at any developmental age, that inhibit spontaneity and limit flexibility in problem-solving, health maintenance and in relationship with people. — Richard G. Erskine

Relationship Problem Solving Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

I am always trying to figure God out so that I can figure Him in. But after a while I figure that I should just let God be God, and figure that He'll figure it all out anyway. — Craig D. Lounsbrough