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Top Refracted Waves Quotes

Refracted Waves Quotes By John Maynard Keynes

Successful investing is anticipating the anticipations of others. — John Maynard Keynes

Refracted Waves Quotes By Jean Stein

In the center is Judge Theodore Sedgwick, the first of the Stockbridge Sedgwicks and a great-great-great-grandfather of Edie's and of mine, is buried under his tombstone, a high rising obelisk, and his wife Pamela is beside him. They are like the king and queen on a chessboard, and all around them like a pie are more modest stones, put in layers, back and round in a circle. The descendants of Judge Sedgwick, from generation unto generation, are all buried with their heads facing out and their feet pointing in toward their ancestor. The legend is that on Judgement Day when they arise and face the Judge, they will have to see no one but Sedgwicks. — Jean Stein

Refracted Waves Quotes By Auliq Ice

Life can be tough at times, but each time you fall, is another lesson to learn from. — Auliq Ice

Refracted Waves Quotes By Lori Foster

Does anyone swim in there?"
"Everyone does." Without thinking, he added, "I can bring you back sometime when we're not so pressed for - " Trace caught himself before finishing that awesome thought. Pressed for time or not, the odds of him ever returning here with Priss were slim to none.
Gaze cynical, Priss looked at him over her shoulder. "Yeah, right. Maybe we'll do that." She turned to face him. "Sometime when we're not at odds, when we're not dealing with a madman who enjoys selling women, when you haven't just drugged me earlier in the day?"
Trace rubbed the back of his neck. "All of the above. — Lori Foster

Refracted Waves Quotes By Ken Wilber

The integral approach is committed to the full spectrum of consciousness as it manifests in all its extraordinary diversity. This allows the integral approach to recognize and honor the Great Holarchy of Being first elucidated by the perennial philosophy and the great wisdom traditions in general ... The integral vision embodies an attempt to take the best of both worlds, ancient and modern. But that demands a critical stance willing to reject unflinchingly the worst of both as well. — Ken Wilber

Refracted Waves Quotes By Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

Don't mind what people say to you, find out what you have in yourself and do your best, that is the only hope in life — Henri Gaudier-Brzeska