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Top Referendums Quotes

Referendums Quotes By Theodor Herzl

I also hold a settling of questions by the referendum to be an unsatisfactory procedure, because there are no simple political questions which can be answered merely by Yes and No. The masses are also more prone even than Parliaments to be led away by heterodox opinions, and to be swayed by vigorous ranting. It is impossible to formulate a wise internal or external policy in a popular assembly. — Theodor Herzl

Referendums Quotes By Arun Jaitley

Should National Security Issues be decided by a Local Referendum? — Arun Jaitley

Referendums Quotes By Roger Stone

I do a lot of referendums. They can't talk back. They don't have wives. They don't have friends who tell you how to run the campaign. They are supported by special interests, so there's a lot of money in them. — Roger Stone

Referendums Quotes By Theresa May

There's much more we can be doing in Parliament, we could be giving more power back to people at local government level, through local referendums. — Theresa May

Referendums Quotes By A.E. Samaan

Democratic Socialism is simply Totalitarianism that allows you the illusion of a voice in the matter. — A.E. Samaan

Referendums Quotes By Evelyn Waugh

You know," he added reflectively, "we've got a much easier job now than we should have had fifty years ago. If we'd had to modernise a country then it would have meant constitutional monarchy, bicameral legislature, proportional representation, women's suffrage, independent judicature, freedom of the press, referendums ... "
"What is all that?" asked the Emperor.
"Just a few ideas that have ceased to be modern. — Evelyn Waugh

Referendums Quotes By Cate Blanchett

I think referendums are fantastic as long as the question is phrased in a way which is not meant to deliberately confuse or confound people. — Cate Blanchett

Referendums Quotes By Martin Schulz

I find it surprising, however, that many German politicians generally oppose referendums, but then when it's an EU matter, they immediately scream for a plebiscite. — Martin Schulz

Referendums Quotes By David Cross

There were a number of referendums in '98 that most of the things I voted for passed. That's very satisfying when you feel that most of the country is in step with your views. — David Cross

Referendums Quotes By Martin Schulz

Referendums have always posed a threat when it comes to EU policy, because EU policy is complicated. They're an opportunity for those from all political camps who like to oversimplify things. — Martin Schulz

Referendums Quotes By Ken Livingstone

Boris [ Johnson]and Dave [Cameron] gnawed each other's testicles [during the Tory civil war which blighted the EU referendum]. — Ken Livingstone

Referendums Quotes By Geoff Hoon

The Government have made it clear that the constitutional treaty will be ratified in the UK only after a referendum. — Geoff Hoon

Referendums Quotes By A.E. Samaan

LENIN = "Revolutionary Social Democracy"
American Socialists = "Democratic Socialism". What is the difference? The USSR held democratic referendums too; all of which increased the power of the central planners and reduced the individual to nothingness. — A.E. Samaan

Referendums Quotes By Joss Stone

The recession is everywhere. We need to be heard. Wouldn't it be great if there could be more referendums so we could have regular voting on specific points? — Joss Stone

Referendums Quotes By Martin Schulz

Referendums are a democratic instrument, but so are decisions reached in a parliamentary democracy. I advise extreme caution when it comes to referendums. In Germany too. — Martin Schulz