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Top Reference Librarians Quotes

Reference Librarians Quotes By Mark Helprin

The eighth and ninth floors housed the library. It had several million volumes in open stacks, all the major newspapers and periodicals either bound or on computer, and a map section. Expert librarians maneuvered a seemingly limitless budget to keep it well maintained and up-to-date. The reference collections were wonders of the world. — Mark Helprin

Reference Librarians Quotes By Will Manley

In fact a few simple mathematical calculations reveal that if reference librarians were paid at market rates for all the roles they play, they would have salaries well over $200,000. — Will Manley

Reference Librarians Quotes By John Palfrey

The most successful students are those who know that they can do better than grasp at the closest source of information. Reference librarians, who spend their days learning what is available in a broad range of fields and how to search for it, provide a great service for students and other library patrons. — John Palfrey

Reference Librarians Quotes By Robert Dawson

Librarians are trained to be polite, patient, and helpful, no matter who stands across the reference desk.The most important thing is that we look them in the eye and take them seriously. Our work demands that we become dreamers, holding onto hope that our society can be better, that we affirm for our patrons that they are still part of this society, no matter how marginalized they have become. I was raised on the notion that the public library is a civilizing institution. And if our work calms someone's demons or teaches someone else how to treat the mentally ill with respect, then I am proud to be part of the process. — Robert Dawson

Reference Librarians Quotes By Kate Messner

[I]n spite of her work as a reference librarian, she discovered that life isn't about knowing all the answers. The best we can do is make peace with our questions, learn who we are, know our strengths, and do the best we can with the gifts we've been given while we're here. — Kate Messner

Reference Librarians Quotes By JoAnna Carl

If you want to look at a Detroit Free Press published since 2000," the reference librarian said, "you can use a database."
"I'll be right over."
"Come ahead. Unless you want to access it from your own computer."
"I can do that?"
"Certainly." The librarian explained how, and she didn't even sound condescending. Librarians are wonderful people. — JoAnna Carl

Reference Librarians Quotes By Karen Joy Fowler

In general, librarians enjoyed special requests. A reference librarian is someone who likes the chase. When librarians read for pleasure, they often pick a good mystery. — Karen Joy Fowler

Reference Librarians Quotes By James Lee Burke

God bless the Reference Librarians — James Lee Burke