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Top Red High Heels Quotes

Red High Heels Quotes By Alexander Chee

I took in her shoes, the dark leather and bright red laces, the toes of the shoes like smirks and the high heels like stems or talons. They were cancan shoes. I'd never seen them before and so I stared at them. I'd — Alexander Chee

Red High Heels Quotes By Annette J. Dunlea

Katie was forced to do the midnight walk of shame in the pitch dark in all her finery with her high heels in her hands bare footed and man less to the taxi base to get a taxi home. She looked like Cinderella having a nervous breakdown with her face and nose red and swollen and with mascara and tears running down her face, looking like a red pumpkin. She vowed she will never be hurt again and if she loves again it will be under her conditions. — Annette J. Dunlea

Red High Heels Quotes By Krista Ritchie

I grazed her from head to toe: black high heels, dark red lipstick, sleek brown pony and those tyrannical yellow-green eyes, burning holes into the glass. I was sharing an elevator with a tempestuous, electric storm that I refused to calm. I always wished to be swept into madness, if only for a moment, to truncate the mundane, ordinary moments of my existence. — Krista Ritchie

Red High Heels Quotes By Mandy Moore

Whatever I feel comfortable in is usually what I'll wear. I go to different events and premieres and walk the red carpet ... those things are awkward enough on their own. You don't want to be pulling up a top all night. I will sacrifice foot comfort though. I love high heels. — Mandy Moore

Red High Heels Quotes By Mahmoud Darwish

They want time to move fast so they can paint their nails a provocative red and wear high heels that crack walnuts and make people jump. He wants time to slow down so he can prolong the enjoyment of walking among them, of being next to this self-contained beauty. — Mahmoud Darwish

Red High Heels Quotes By Katey Sagal

I would literally have to go meet people so they could see I didn't have big red hair and wear high heels constantly. It was just really ingrained in people. — Katey Sagal

Red High Heels Quotes By J.M. Darhower

Got a job for you, Seven."
"I need you to find someone."
"A woman," I say. "About five and a half feet tall. Brown hair. Brown eyes."
"That describes half the women in New York."
"Yeah, well, the one I'm looking for is twenty-one or so," I say. "She's good-looking, kind of curvy for being so petite... got a red 'S' tattooed on her wrist..."
He stares at me, like he expects more information. "What else?"
I shrug, glancing at the high heels, flipping them over to look at the red soles. "She wears a size thirty-nine shoe."
"That's it?"
"That's it."
"Shouldn't be too hard," he says, blinking a few times as he looks at the ground. "Only a couple million people in the city."
"That's the spirit," I say, slapping him on the back. — J.M. Darhower

Red High Heels Quotes By John Grisham

Her shoes were short heels, open toe, no straps, red leather, high-class-tart stuff. — John Grisham

Red High Heels Quotes By Lana Del Rey

I got my red dress on tonight
Dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight
Done my hair up real big beauty queen style
High heels off, I'm feeling alive — Lana Del Rey

Red High Heels Quotes By Nina Dobrev

Cole Haan is like high fashion Nike, so you feel like you're wearing Nike shoes, but you're wearing heels. Every time I'm on a red carpet, I always either wear Cole Haan or Stuart Weitzman. You end up having to walk around all night in these heels and you want to be comfortable and not look like you're in pain. It definitely shows in pictures. — Nina Dobrev

Red High Heels Quotes By Ash Gray

Some of them are mech," said Zita, nimbly picking her high heels through the steaming pools of red goo and severed, wriggling limbs. She was splattered with blood and grinning as she came to them, but she frowned to see the utter bafflement on Rose's face. "Hey, snap out of it. Haven't you seen mech before?" She kicked a man's severed head, and Rose gasped when his face slid off, revealing a skull of gleaming silver metal.

Rose shook her head. "Mech are illegal. The government s-said they feared a robot war!" she insisted, turning to follow as Zita limped past her.

Zita laughed dryly, folding up her rifle and tucking it under her skirt. "Is it so hard to imagine your government lied? Governments tend to do that. — Ash Gray

Red High Heels Quotes By Tim Gunn

Speaking of high-end shoe designers, in 2011 it was fascinating to see the design company of Christian Louboutin try to stop the company Yves Saint Laurent from producing high heels with red soles, claiming that Louboutin was the originator of the red sole. Louboutin lost, and I was glad. He was not the first person to paint a sole, and I am wary of patenting a color, like Tiffany blue. Why should we grant that entire history to Louboutin and say there are no predecessors and should be no successors? — Tim Gunn

Red High Heels Quotes By Laura Anderson Kurk

Let's go to town," Jo said. "Take me to eat dinner at the hotel."
I sucked in a breath and stared at her for a minute. Here she sat, her hair still wet although neatly braided, wearing an old Kiss sweatshirt, the one with the red mouth and tongue, red sweatpants, and ridiculous red pumps with black scuffs on the toes and heels.
And she wanted me to take her to the Hotel Wyoming, where the rich tourists hung out. I smiled. Because it was possibly the greatest thing I'd ever heard.
"Yeah, let's go to the hotel. Grab your purse and I'll find your coat. — Laura Anderson Kurk