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Red Carpets Quotes By Andre Dubus III

I've had a lot of glamour come my way in the last 10 years - you know, movie stars and mansions and red carpets and trips to Europe and crazy stuff I never would have imagined - and I look at them as if I'm the bartender in the corner of the room. They've never gone into my psyche. I look at them with distance, and wonder. — Andre Dubus III

Red Carpets Quotes By Kiersey Clemons

I love taking advantage of red carpets. — Kiersey Clemons

Red Carpets Quotes By Maria Shriver

We need this city to actually live up to its name-The City of Angels. We need to spread our wings. We need to show that we are more than red carpets, we are more than Hollywood, that we are a city ourselves of open arms. We are a city of generosity and compassion. — Maria Shriver

Red Carpets Quotes By Carrie Underwood

I love having my hair and makeup done for red carpets, but to have that done every day would be exhausting. — Carrie Underwood

Red Carpets Quotes By Kirsten Dunst

It's weird doing red carpets; it's uncomfortable. But you can have a sense of humor about it. — Kirsten Dunst

Red Carpets Quotes By Avril Lavigne

I'm a chick, I love clothes, and I'm also in the entertainment industry, so I've done a lot of photo shoots, video shoots, red carpets. So I learned very quickly that fashion is going to be and will be a big part of what I do. — Avril Lavigne

Red Carpets Quotes By Jean Genet

Even there, intimacy evolved its alchemy. A solemn marble stairway led to corridors covered with red carpets, upon which one moved noiselessly. — Jean Genet

Red Carpets Quotes By Lenny Kravitz

I mean, look at the people we celebrate - a lot of people who really don't do anything. They just walk the red carpets and go to all the parties, and they're hooked up with the right people, so they're celebrities. But what for? — Lenny Kravitz

Red Carpets Quotes By George Clooney

I've walked with very famous people down red carpets over to the crowd of thousands of people, and you'll reach out to shake their hand and they've got a camera in their hand. And they don't even get their hand out, because they're recording the whole time. — George Clooney

Red Carpets Quotes By Kiersey Clemons

I think a lot of kids I've met in L.A. trying to act want to escape working long days and think acting is all photoshoots and red carpets. — Kiersey Clemons

Red Carpets Quotes By Keith Urban

Red carpets are pretty unpredictable. You can go from one person asking you what you're wearing to the next person asking you about the situation in Haiti. It's the extreme juxtaposition, and some of the questions can throw me! — Keith Urban

Red Carpets Quotes By Adam Driver

I feel like I'll never get over red carpets. They're so bizarre and awkward. — Adam Driver

Red Carpets Quotes By Dave Cullen

Prom was more about acting out some weird facsimile of adulthood: dress up like a tacky wedding party, hold hands and behave like a couple even if you've never dated, and observe the etiquette of Gilded Age debutantes thrust into modern celebrity: limos, red carpets and a constant stream of paparazzi, played by parents, teachers, and hired photo hacks. — Dave Cullen

Red Carpets Quotes By Deborah Mailman

I never get used to the red carpets and premieres, to be honest, but when you're walking down the red carpet promoting stories such as 'Mabo,' it means everything to me. — Deborah Mailman

Red Carpets Quotes By Jeff Bridges

Every time I walk down one of those red carpets, you think I'd be used to it after all these years, but it's like it's happening for the first time. — Jeff Bridges

Red Carpets Quotes By Ariana Grande

If I could, I would not do anything else. I'd just be in the studio for my whole life. I would never go to parties, events, and red carpets. I would rather just be in the studio for the whole time. I don't even care. Nobody has to know what I look like. I just want to make music. — Ariana Grande

Red Carpets Quotes By Khloe Kardashian

I have never felt 'fat;' I just didn't realise how unhealthy I was until I look back at pictures. In the moment, I felt so beautiful, and I remember walking down red carpets with my make-up done in a little sparkly dress, and I thought I was so cute. — Khloe Kardashian

Red Carpets Quotes By Selena Gomez

I do not give a damn what I look like, I don't. I wish I could pay attention because Gwen Stefani, say, looks flawless. Of course, when I'm on red carpets, I'm nervous, sweaty, and weird. — Selena Gomez

Red Carpets Quotes By Megan Alexander

I am sent on assignments just like guys. I have covered presidential campaigns, natural disasters, tragedies, red carpets, medical stories and more. — Megan Alexander

Red Carpets Quotes By Julie Burchill

I almost choke on my popcorn when I hear film stars, who walk on red carpets as much as the rest of us do on zebra crossings, criticising youngsters who crave fame. — Julie Burchill

Red Carpets Quotes By Serinda Swan

I love jeans and T-shirts, but for red carpets, I like Oscar de la Renta, who is timeless. Marchesa celebrates the female form in an ethereal way. Donna Karan does an Urban Zen collection, which is eco-friendly. I love socially conscious fashion. — Serinda Swan

Red Carpets Quotes By Sasha Pieterse

I was home-schooled and I graduated super-early. But I've always had older friends, so I got to go to all their dances. I got the best of both worlds. I had the choice to go to prom with a friend of mine and I decided not to because I was filming very close to that. But red carpets and the 'G.B.F' prom were so much better. — Sasha Pieterse

Red Carpets Quotes By Amber Riley

I always say as a celebrity you have two choices - you can be a celebrity, or you can be a role model. You can choose to just go to parties and do the red carpets and all that, or you can choose to be an example to these people. — Amber Riley

Red Carpets Quotes By Catherine Tate

If I hadn't had a baby, a part of me thinks I might have turned up on the red carpets all the time and gone, 'Hi, it's me!' Maybe other people do it because they haven't got kids and they've nowhere else to be. But because I have, I don't feel like that. — Catherine Tate

Red Carpets Quotes By Mary Lambert

One of the best parts about my job is that I get to dress for red carpets and appearances, and I often forgo working with a stylist because fashion is half the fun of any event! — Mary Lambert

Red Carpets Quotes By James McAvoy

I don't want to be all worthy about it, but I don't do red carpets, I don't do events and I don't accept freebies that much. — James McAvoy

Red Carpets Quotes By Lupita Nyong'o

To this day, I love eating steak tacos before going to the red carpets. — Lupita Nyong'o

Red Carpets Quotes By Chris Pine

On red carpets, as people throw questions at you, you try and answer as quickly as possible. — Chris Pine

Red Carpets Quotes By Gina Rodriguez

'Filly Brown' gave me the wings to fly, but red carpets are still very uncomfortable. — Gina Rodriguez

Red Carpets Quotes By Gerard Way

Rock 'n' roll is not red carpets and MySpace friends, rock'n'roll is dangerous and should piss people off — Gerard Way

Red Carpets Quotes By Shakira

If it was up to me, I would just wear jeans and t-shirts, even to red carpets, but then no one would photograph me, so that would make me very sad. So you know, I've gotta keep up with the rest of the female population and sometimes try a little harder. — Shakira

Red Carpets Quotes By Marissa Meyer

I expected palm trees and red carpets, said Iko, brow drawn in a show of severe disappointment. — Marissa Meyer

Red Carpets Quotes By Roger Federer

To handle that stardom, the red carpets, the photo shoots, people all of a sudden recognizing you and following you in everyday life, it's a bit weird. It's strange, and it can have funny effects on you in terms of do you like it or don't you like it. Some people run away from it, some people embrace it; I found a good middle ground. — Roger Federer

Red Carpets Quotes By Kylie Jenner

I feel like I'm way too young to wear such heavy makeup all the time. It's just bad for your skin, but I'm always doing photo shoots or red carpets and events, so I obviously want to look good. — Kylie Jenner

Red Carpets Quotes By Joseph Roth

An indescribable sadness emanated from the white splendour of the staircase and balustrade; the blood-red, now almost black splendour of the carpets. The huge palms in their huge pots looked like they had recently arrived from the cemetery. Their dark green leaves also looked blackish, like wizened, perished weapons from olden days. — Joseph Roth

Red Carpets Quotes By Giovanna Cau

I hated being photographed and never wanted to go on red carpets, even though they always asked me to. My place was behind the scenes. I wasn't a diva. I preferred to look at life from the outside. — Giovanna Cau

Red Carpets Quotes By Sandra Lee

I can certainly be part of the socialite group and walk those carpets every day, but I choose not to because I prefer to be grounded. You can't be at home and on the red carpet. — Sandra Lee

Red Carpets Quotes By Morgan Saylor

Red carpets seem so glamorous, but you're really just standing there sweating and worrying your hair is going to fall. And in the end, people are only going to see one picture of you. You just smile for one second and then you walk over to the side and check your phone. It's pretty weird. — Morgan Saylor

Red Carpets Quotes By James McAvoy

If my career isn't going that well, I'd rather it flounder than desperately trying to show up on red carpets: 'I'm for hire! Remember me!' — James McAvoy

Red Carpets Quotes By Courtney Eaton

Day-to-day, I don't wear make-up, my hair's not done, and I'm in ripped jeans and a Bonds tee. But doing red carpets is just part of work. — Courtney Eaton

Red Carpets Quotes By Eva Green

Oh, yeah, I like a high neck. And I like naked backs. It seems very sexy. Red carpets are about being a bit theatrical - having fun rather than being too safe. You have to be brave. Fashion is fun. — Eva Green

Red Carpets Quotes By Georgette Heyer

Ten or twelve couples? No, no, Dassett would not be talking of red carpets and awnings for such a paltry affair as that!' said his lordship. These ominous words struck a chill into his wife's soul. — Georgette Heyer

Red Carpets Quotes By Nick Mancuso

I'm not invited. I'm not on the A list, haven't been on it in 20 years and my feet have never trod its red fluffy carpets. — Nick Mancuso

Red Carpets Quotes By Kodi Smit-McPhee

Interviews are fun, but I get nervous at red carpets. — Kodi Smit-McPhee

Red Carpets Quotes By Sally Phillips

Red carpets and dressing up are a part of work that I enjoy less than some people. — Sally Phillips