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Really Upsetting Quotes By Nicholson Baker

The great thing about novels is that you can be as unshy as you want to be. I'm very polite in person. I don't want to talk about startling or upsetting things with people. — Nicholson Baker

Really Upsetting Quotes By Mario Cantone

Our black president can't say that he's for gay marriage. That is upsetting to me. — Mario Cantone

Really Upsetting Quotes By Jens Spahn

A number of individuals tried to make my homosexuality a topic of debate. I admittedly found that rather upsetting. — Jens Spahn

Really Upsetting Quotes By Liane Moriarty

She always forgot how pain was so upsetting. Cruel. It hurt your feelings. You just wanted it to stop, please, right now. — Liane Moriarty

Really Upsetting Quotes By Mae Whitman

When I was a teenager, for the most part, I had a really great, easy relationship with my mom, but there are those occasional mom/daughter things that are unavoidable. That's what makes it more upsetting and more true to life. We have great moments, and then we have terrible moments as well. — Mae Whitman

Really Upsetting Quotes By Lawrence Wright

When I went to Egypt right after 9/11 I was very upset. I used to live in Egypt. I had a lot of friends there. I spent two years teaching there. I had very fond feelings for that part of the world, and the fact that a culture I liked so much had attacked my own culture was really very upsetting to me. — Lawrence Wright

Really Upsetting Quotes By Bruce Eric Kaplan

I started doing a Twitter feed when my father was dying. I was very distracted, preoccupied. It was upsetting. — Bruce Eric Kaplan

Really Upsetting Quotes By Mira Grant

There was no warning before the outbreaks began. One day, things were normal; the next, people who were supposedly dead were getting up and attacking anything that came into range. This was upsetting for everyone involved, except for the infected, who were past being upset about that sort of thing. — Mira Grant

Really Upsetting Quotes By Edmund Phelps

Corporatist attitudes against capitalism came to the fore in the 1920s. Corporatists, with their conservative values, hated the invasion of towns and regions by new businesses, upsetting traditional ways, wealth and status. — Edmund Phelps

Really Upsetting Quotes By Gary Hines

About the Story

Not all the details in this story are true. The times some events occurred have been changed, and the conversations are made up. Most of the things Tad Lincoln did in this story reportedly happened, including saving Jack the turkey and bombarding the Cabinet Room door with his toy cannon. Tad really was determined to raise money to help wounded soldiers and did persuade his father to pardon a woman's husband so he wouldn't be shot. Although Tad's antics often annoyed his father's staff, most agreed he had a big heart and a special way with animals. Once he even hitched goats to a chair and ran them through the White House, upsetting a gathering of dignified ladies. Nothing was too surprising when it came to Tad.
Although several presidents had declared occasional days of thanksgiving, none had ever officially made it a national holiday. Abraham Lincoln finally did so with his Proclamation of Thanksgiving on October 3, 1863. — Gary Hines

Really Upsetting Quotes By John Green

And as paralyzing and upsetting as all the never agains were, the final leaving felt perfect. Pure. The most distilled possible form of liberation. — John Green

Really Upsetting Quotes By James W. Pennebaker

Over the next four days, I want you to write about your deepest emotions and thoughts about the most upsetting experience in your life. Really let go and explore your feelings and thoughts about it. In your writing, you might tie this experience to your childhood, your relationship with your parents, people you have loved or love now or even your career. How is this experience related to who you would like to become, who you have been in the past, or who you are now?. — James W. Pennebaker

Really Upsetting Quotes By Oswald Chambers

Don't plan without God. God seems to have a delightful way of upsetting the plans we have made, when we have not taken Him into account. We get ourselves into circumstances that were not chosen by God, and suddenly we realize that we have been making our plans without Him - that we have not even considered Him to be a vital, living factor in the planning of our lives. And yet the only thing that will keep us from even the possibility of worrying is to bring God in as the greatest factor in all of our planning. — Oswald Chambers

Really Upsetting Quotes By Harry Mathews

It's true, I had an extremely delicious life, but that was my life at home, and perhaps because I was only a child, or for whatever reasons, I found the company of others, especially other boys, quite terrifying and upsetting. — Harry Mathews

Really Upsetting Quotes By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Fear had absorbed her completely and remained there, fixed, tenacious, almost corporeal, as if it were some invisible person who had made up his mind not to leave the room. And the most upsetting part was that the fear had no justification at all, that it was a unique fear, without any reason, a fear just because. — Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Really Upsetting Quotes By Tamora Pierce

I wish he wouldn't do this when he's on me. It's really very upsetting. — Tamora Pierce

Really Upsetting Quotes By Simon R. Green

He's been going on about the End of All Things for as long as I've known him," she said carelessly. "And we're all still here. Hey, want to see a really upsetting party trick I can do with two flick-knives and an unwilling volunteer? — Simon R. Green

Really Upsetting Quotes By Fabio Bueno

She eyes me. 'What is this all about?'
It's my turn to shrug, upsetting the rocks on my back. 'I don't know. Girl talk. I mean, you can have any guy you want, so why don't you just pick one?'
Priscilla doesn't answer at first. I'm glad I chose this moment: she's actually pinned down and cannot run away. Finally, she says, 'If I can have any guy I want, I'd like to have every guy I want.'
'What do you mean?
She gives me an exasperated look. 'I'm only seventeen, Skye. I'm not looking to settle down just yet.' She probably misunderstands my shocked expression, because she adds, 'I mean, I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, but it's just not me, you know? — Fabio Bueno

Really Upsetting Quotes By Miroslav Vitous

That was really so upsetting when you are trying to pass on some very serious knowledge and be basically, treated worse than a student coming off the street because his father pays the tuition. Come on. Give me a break. This is no school. This is a joke. — Miroslav Vitous

Really Upsetting Quotes By Michael Ian Black

I think people hate me pretty much across the board, which is nice. I mean, it's a pretty evenhanded loathing among a certain amount of the critical population, which used to be about 80 percent. So now I've gotten to the point where I just don't worry about it that much. It used to be very upsetting, now it's only mildly upsetting. — Michael Ian Black

Really Upsetting Quotes By Milton Steinberg

ANTI-ZIONISTS, last of all, exhibit a distaste for certain words. It was Thomas Hobbes who, anticipating semantics, pointed out that words are counters, not coins; that the wise man looks through them to reality. This counsel many anti-Zionists seem to have neglected. They are especially disturbed by the two nouns nationalism and commonwealth, and by the adjective political. And yet these terms on examination are not at all upsetting. — Milton Steinberg

Really Upsetting Quotes By Marquis De Sade

Franval, who was now absolutely at ease, thought on,y of upsetting others; he behaved in his vindictive, unruly, impetuous way when he was disturbed; he desired his own tranquility again at any price, and in order to obtain it he clumsily adopted the only means most likely to make him lose it once again. If he obtained it he used all his moral and physical facilities only to do harm to others; he was therefore always in a state of agitation, he had either to anticipate the wiles which he forced others to employ against him, or else he had to use them against others. — Marquis De Sade

Really Upsetting Quotes By Robyn Schneider

No matter how screwed up your life is today, today is just a collection of moments that stop and start whenever you want them to. And nothing upsetting matters when you know that tomorrow is gonna be better than yesterday — Robyn Schneider

Really Upsetting Quotes By Lionel Shriver

The fact that my clothing has been visually available to other people I do not find upsetting. The body is another matter. It is mine; I have found it useful; but it is an avatar. — Lionel Shriver

Really Upsetting Quotes By Warren Spahn

Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing. — Warren Spahn

Really Upsetting Quotes By Kenny Rogers

Growing older is not upsetting; being perceived as old is. — Kenny Rogers

Really Upsetting Quotes By Studs Terkel

We thought of the poor, at that time, as quite divorced from us, who were not poor. By the exercise of one's charity, life could be made all right. You would always have the poor with you, they were the unfortunate, and you made donations. You could handle them. It was mildly unpleasant, but not fundamentally upsetting. Now, for the first time, we face the dreadful reality that we are not separated. They are us. They are something we have made. There is no conceivable way today to say: Fish, and you'll be all right. In hurt, in anguish, in shock, we are becoming aware that it is ourselves, who have to be found wanting, not the poor. — Studs Terkel

Really Upsetting Quotes By John Jeremiah Sullivan

Will "trigger warnings" simply be a way of establishing a new secular index, a cautionary list of books and other works dangerous not for religious reasons but because they may offend or upset certain groups or individuals or that contain material which can be viewed as insensitive or inappropriate? Would Grapes of Wrath be upsetting to someone with bad memories of rural poverty? Will the near future necessitate warning labels in front of all published material? Will future editions of The Best American Essays, for example, include a trigger warning in front of each selection so readers can avoid material that might upset them? And will trigger warnings in themselves eventually cause upsetting reactions, just the words and images sufficing to evoke unpleasant memories or anxious responses? — John Jeremiah Sullivan

Really Upsetting Quotes By Robyn Schneider

No matter how screwed up life is today, today is just a collection of moments that stop and start where you want them to. And nothing upsetting matters when you know tomorrow's gonna be better than yesterday — Robyn Schneider

Really Upsetting Quotes By Aldis Hodge

The time frame and how people treated each other was upsetting, but what's great about this story is that they really focus on the strengths of these people and the strengths of the culture, of who these Americans were. That, actually, is uplifting. — Aldis Hodge

Really Upsetting Quotes By Anne Roiphe

I don't really think it comes as a shock to every writer if somebody in their family is mad at them. Yes, it's very upsetting. But it's inherent in the process of trying to make sense of one's life, which is what I think is perhaps at the bottom of writing at all. — Anne Roiphe

Really Upsetting Quotes By Andrew Dominik

I like violence to be upsetting. The only reason to do it subtley is if doing it subtley makes it more effective somehow. — Andrew Dominik

Really Upsetting Quotes By Shay Mitchell

The craziest thing I've done getting over love is skydiving. I had a really upsetting breakup. When I broke up with my boyfriend I needed to like do something different and so I actually went skydiving to turn over a new page. — Shay Mitchell

Really Upsetting Quotes By Elizabeth Janeway

I admire people who are suited to the contemplative life. They can sit inside themselves like honey in a jar and just be. It's wonderful to have someone like that around, you always feel you can count on them. You can go away and come back, you can change your mind and your hairdo and your politics, and when you get through doing all these upsetting things, you look around and there they are, just the way they were, just being. — Elizabeth Janeway

Really Upsetting Quotes By Valerie Harper

When I was younger I'd berate myself: You're fat, you're not a good dancer, you'll never have a boyfriend. I don't sweat that kind of stuff anymore. Now every day is a miracle. I've also learned that if something is painful or upsetting, you shouldn't hide from it. You should make it part of your life instead. — Valerie Harper

Really Upsetting Quotes By Dave Barry

According to a poll by the Zogby organization, 67 percent of Americans agree either 'somewhat' or 'strongly' with the statement that 'Miami is plagued by crime.' This is very upsetting to those of us who live here and love our city. It makes us want to visit every single one of those 67 percent of Americans personally, so we can tell them what Miami is really like, and then kill them with machetes, — Dave Barry

Really Upsetting Quotes By Douglas Adams

I think it's even worse when you're in a situation where the object of your desire is being nice to you and liking you, but that's not enough, they've got to hate you or love you; anything in between is really upsetting and Arthur finds that very, very difficult. And — Douglas Adams

Really Upsetting Quotes By Gillian Jacobs

For me, I really love 'Tim and Eric' and 'Dr. Steve Brule' and a lot of the Adult Swim shows, so I like strange, weird, sometimes slightly upsetting humor. — Gillian Jacobs

Really Upsetting Quotes By Sarah Jessica Parker

You know, I feel like people in this country who feel really strongly about a man and a woman being the only
the sole sort of gatekeeper of marriage should also support people staying together. I mean, a lot of heterosexual couples don't stay together, and I think that's as upsetting as two people who are really committed and loving and have been monogamous for many years wanting to ... be married and have
share some of the same rights that this country is so uniquely qualified to give people. — Sarah Jessica Parker

Really Upsetting Quotes By Lorin Stein

When I was a book editor, I got used to being told that my tastes were dark or edgy. These are not words that would've occurred to me, but I was told that enough that I have to believe it's true - that I like things that some other people find off-putting or upsetting. My job is to publish stuff that I really, really care about. That might mean that it doesn't sit well with everybody. — Lorin Stein

Really Upsetting Quotes By Munia Khan

Anger can be defeated by controlling our emotions without upsetting the nerves. — Munia Khan

Really Upsetting Quotes By Abigail Roux

You shot me, Zane."
"Baby, if I'd shot you, you wouldn't be alive complaining about it," Zane said, then leaned sideways to check the backyard.
"Well, someone shot me. It's upsetting."
Zane glared at him before rolling his eyes. "Kelly had the beanbags, you can talk to him about it later."
"It's very upsetting," Ty repeated, pressing his hand to his chest. — Abigail Roux

Really Upsetting Quotes By Eric Greitens

We begin by accepting that we have problems, that we're miles away from perfect. But some people take this too far: they turn acceptance of the world into an excuse for passivity in the face of their own failings, and even in the face of evil. Yes, you have to accept some unpleasant, upsetting, tragic facts about life. But you also have to accept your responsibility to act in the world. — Eric Greitens

Really Upsetting Quotes By Fred Wilson

I use beauty as a way of helping people to receive difficult or upsetting ideas. The topical issues are merely a vehicle for making one aware of one's own perceptual shift-which is the real thrill. — Fred Wilson

Really Upsetting Quotes By Alain De Botton

I never wavered in my certainty that God did not exist. I was simply liberated by the thought that there might be a way to engage with religion without having to subscribe to its supernatural content - a way, to put it in more abstract terms, to think about Fathers without upsetting my respectful memory of my own father. I recognized that my continuing resistance to theories of an afterlife or of heavenly residents was no justification for giving up on the music, buildings, prayers, rituals, feasts, shrines, pilgrimages, communal meals and illustrated manuscripts of the faiths. — Alain De Botton

Really Upsetting Quotes By Julie Burchill

What I find most upsetting about this new all-consuming beauty culture is that the obsession with good looks, and how you can supposedly attain them, is almost entirely female-driven. — Julie Burchill

Really Upsetting Quotes By Margaret Atwood

Never mind. Point being that you don't have to get too worked up about us, dear educated minds. You don't have to think of us aas real girls, real flesh and blood, real pain, real injustice. That might be too upsetting. Just discard the sordid part. Consider us pure symbol. We're no more real than money. — Margaret Atwood

Really Upsetting Quotes By William, Saroyan

I have always been a Laugher, disturbing people who are not laughers, upsetting whole audiences at theatres ... I laugh, that's all. I love to laugh. Laugher to me is being alive. I have had rotten times, and I have laughed through them. Even in the midst of the very worst times I have laughed. — William, Saroyan

Really Upsetting Quotes By Clement Greenberg

It has become apparent that art can have a startling impact without really being or saying anything startling - or new. The character itself of being startling, spectacular, or upsetting has become conventionalized, part of safe good taste. — Clement Greenberg

Really Upsetting Quotes By Corbin Bleu

I love competition and really going for it and doing my best, but losing isn't really upsetting to me. I feel like if I do lose, the other person really deserved it. — Corbin Bleu

Really Upsetting Quotes By Antony Sher

As we're leaving the King's Arms Hotel after Sunday lunch, I watch a beautiful white dove walking down the wet road. A car approaches and the bird accidentally turns into the wheel rather than away from it. A gentle crunch. The car passes. A shape like a discarded napkin left in the road. Still perfectly white, no red stains, but bearing no relation anymore to the shape of a bird. A trail of white feathers flutter down the road after the car. The suddeness is very upsetting. That gentle crunch. — Antony Sher

Really Upsetting Quotes By Richard Engel

Every child is taught if you try to please everyone, you end up upsetting everyone. — Richard Engel

Really Upsetting Quotes By Jose Donoso

Why were you following me? Or were you after me? No, you weren't after me. It was just that someone, and the someone had to be you, was upsetting the balance of the emptiness of my nights, in which nothing could touch me - not even memories, not even desire - in which there was no other presence to threaten my vulnerability. — Jose Donoso

Really Upsetting Quotes By Doug Liman

I never want to repeat myself. I can't imagine anything else as upsetting as realizing I'm redoing something I did before. For some reason, when it comes to film, I'm very good at not repeating myself. Even though in the rest of my life, I'm constantly repeating my mistakes. — Doug Liman

Really Upsetting Quotes By Ken Keyes Jr.

You stop viewing yourself as being "pushed around" by the world when you realize that only you can "push" yourself. To quote Buddha: "Nothing is upsetting you. You get upset because you are upsettable." — Ken Keyes Jr.

Really Upsetting Quotes By Joyce Carol Oates

In our marriage it was our practice not to share anything that was upsetting, depressing, demoralizing, tedious - unless it was unavoidable. Because so much in a writer's life can be distressing - negative reviews, rejections by magazines, difficulties with editors, publishers, book designers - disappointment with one's own work, on a daily/hourly basis! - it seemed to me a very good idea to shield Ray from this side of my life as much as I could. For what is the purpose of sharing your misery with another person, except to make that person miserable, too? — Joyce Carol Oates

Really Upsetting Quotes By Ilona Andrews

How about you don't kill anybody for a little bit?"
"I can't make that promise."
Small talk with the dragon. How are you? Eaten any adventurers lately? Sure, just had one this morning. Look, I still got his femur stuck in my teeth. Is that upsetting to you? — Ilona Andrews

Really Upsetting Quotes By Kylie Scott

But what was truly upsetting was the way he separated my hands from his body. They wept silently. Either that or I was sweating. Most likely the latter. He had the weirdest effect on me. — Kylie Scott

Really Upsetting Quotes By Christopher Dines

Mental stories can literally spoil a human life. It took me a long time to become aware of my mental commentary, such as: "Everything always goes wrong", "I won't be accepted", "I'm a failure" or "What's the point?" Those fears were deep-rooted and triggered many upsetting addictive patterns of behaviour — Christopher Dines

Really Upsetting Quotes By Alfred Stieglitz

My photographs are a picture of the chaos in the world, and of my relationship to that chaos. My prints show the world's constant upsetting of man's equilibrium, and his eternal battle to reestablish it. — Alfred Stieglitz

Really Upsetting Quotes By Daniel Goleman

Helping people better manage their upsetting feelings - anger, anxiety, depression, pessimism, and loneliness - is a form of disease prevention. Since the data show that the toxicity of these emotions, when chronic, is on a par with smoking cigarettes, helping people handle them better could potentially have a medical payoff as great as getting heavy smokers to quit. — Daniel Goleman

Really Upsetting Quotes By Brian Tracy

In Re-framing, you interpret the event in a positive way. You change your language . Instead if defining it as a problem you re-frame it as a situation . A problem is something that is upsetting and stressful. A situation is something that you simply deal with . — Brian Tracy

Really Upsetting Quotes By Demi Lovato

I used to run and hide from my feelings especially when I felt something that was upsetting, painful, or uncomfortable. — Demi Lovato

Really Upsetting Quotes By A.T.W.

In order to get to know who is in your System, each individual alter needs to complete a piece of paper in the form of a circle (or triangle) which contains the following information: their name, their age (it might be an age range, like age 4-7), and their traits. strengths and skills. (All parts must have a name. If they do not have a name, they need to choose one. lf their name was given to them by a perpetrator and is too upsetting or if it has a negative association, they may wish to change their name - that is perfectly ok. Any name that is not negative or triggering is fine - it does not have to be a standard 'proper name' as they are commonly thought of.) On the back of the circle or triangle they need to write down what caused them to split off. — A.T.W.