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Top Ready To Soar Quotes

Ready To Soar Quotes By Nancy Rue

My hair is not the shiniest of bobs
My eyes are not the brightest in the room
My figure will not get me modeling jobs
My smile will not bring young boys to their doom.
But do I cry and mourn my average face?
Or wish that I had boyfriends at the ready?
Do I not sleep because I lose the race,
Or spurn my food because I don't go steady?
My mind is on a more important thing
That lifts my heart and makes my spirit soar
I want to make the souls of people sing
And quiet down the mean and bullying roar.
To help the wounded girls replace the scar
With the right to be exactly who they are. — Nancy Rue

Ready To Soar Quotes By Elizabeth Berg

Reading Claire Cooks novel is like eating some exotic dish about which you say, Wow, this is great! Whats in it? The ingredients here are: intelligence, humor, poignancy, revelation and, perhaps best of all, true originality. Ready to Fall seems to me to be ready to soar. — Elizabeth Berg

Ready To Soar Quotes By Sarah Ban Breathnach

A nap is not to be confused with sleeping. We sleep to recharge our bodies. We nap to care for our souls. When we nap, we are resting our eyes while our imaginations soar. Getting ready for the next round. Sorting, sifting, separating the profound from the profane, the possible from the improbable. Rehearsing our acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize, our surprise on receiving the MacArthur genius award. This requires a prone position. If we're lucky, we might drift off, but we won't drift far. Just far enough to ransom our creativity from chaos. — Sarah Ban Breathnach

Ready To Soar Quotes By Debasish Mridha

A baby is born like a bird ready to soar from the mother's lap. The nets of societal rules and regulations puts him in a cage from which he can never escape to create his own new world. — Debasish Mridha

Ready To Soar Quotes By Marianne Williamson

Love will push every button, try every faith, challenge every strength, trigger every weakness, mock every value, and then leave you there to die. And then you will be ready to be born at last, to become a soul who is strong enough to take love on. You'll be a romantic mystic who has achieved the elements: you endured the flames of love, you were baptized in the waters of love, and now you can soar like only a mystic can through the skies and skin of a lover's heart. — Marianne Williamson

Ready To Soar Quotes By Ronald Reagan

America is still an eagle, and she's ready to soar again. — Ronald Reagan

Ready To Soar Quotes By Timothy Pina

Deep down inside all of us, there's an eagle ready to take off to new adventurous heights. Always let your soul soar as high as it will. — Timothy Pina

Ready To Soar Quotes By Bernard Kelvin Clive

Many people are not ready to pay for advice they can use, so the few that do, break boundaries and soar higher. — Bernard Kelvin Clive

Ready To Soar Quotes By David Levithan

He is much stronger than I think I am. He is mischievous, outgoing, ready to soar
through the clouds, while I often feel
like the cloud itself. — David Levithan

Ready To Soar Quotes By Tamara Geraeds

All these bumps in the road are just there to make you fly. So let's do this, I'm ready to soar! — Tamara Geraeds