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Racquet Quotes By Guy Forget

If you lived the doubles, as I did, which was very stressful, you are sitting down in a chair experiencing a match without being able to hold a racquet in your hands. — Guy Forget

Racquet Quotes By Nora Sakavic

Andrew was smiling, but Neil knew his cheer didn't mean he was going to play nice. He'd been smiling when he smashed a racquet into Neil's stomach, too. Nicholas — Nora Sakavic

Racquet Quotes By Andre Agassi

Hitting the ball has never been my issue, so I can literally not pick up a racquet for two months and hit the ball, really, really nicely. I mean movement's always an issue. — Andre Agassi

Racquet Quotes By Sara Gruen

Violet was nothing if not sensible. She didn't even approve when we pulled entirely harmless pranks, like hiding someone's yacht in the wrong slip, or turning the racquet club's pool water purple. — Sara Gruen

Racquet Quotes By Saina Nehwal

When I was a kid, my parents would play badminton, but I hardly joined them. I'd just pick up their racquets and fiddle around. Check out how the racquet was made ... toss it around to see how light it was! At the time, I didn't even know I'd play badminton. — Saina Nehwal

Racquet Quotes By Julie James

J.D. scoffed at this. "Please - as if I'm worried about anything Payton has to say. What's she going to do, give me another one of her little pissed-off hair flips?" He flung imaginary long hair off his shoulders, exaggerating. "I'll tell you, one of these days I'm going to grab her by that hair and ... " He gestured as if throttling someone.
Without breaking stride, he returned Tyler's serve. The two smashed a few back and forth, concentrating on the game when
Is violence always part of your sexual fantasies?" Tyler interjected.
J.D. whipped around
Sexual - ?"
- and got hit smack in the face with the squash ball. He toppled back and sprawled ungracefully across the court.
Tyler stepped over and twirled his racquet. "This is nice. We should talk like this more often. — Julie James

Racquet Quotes By Bob Thurber

Over the years our mother has beaten us with belts, shoes, rulers, extension cords, hair brushes, a wooden spoon, a fly swatter, a toilet brush, wire coat hangers, wooden coat hangers and sometimes one of our own toys. When you get whacked by your own paddleball paddle or you have to watch your sister getting spanked with a badminton racquet that she asked Santa Claus (AKA Grandma) to bring, you don't feel much like playing with those things ever again. — Bob Thurber

Racquet Quotes By Serena Williams

I just could never have imagined that I would be mentioned with Chris Evert or with Martina Navratilova, because I was just a kid with a dream and a racquet. Living in Compton, this never happened before. — Serena Williams

Racquet Quotes By Samantha Stosur

It is never too late to get into tennis! While I started playing at the age of 8 when my parents gave me a tennis racquet for Christmas, tennis is a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed by people of almost any age. It's also something you never forget once you learn. — Samantha Stosur

Racquet Quotes By Jimmy Connors

It was okay for Wayne Gretzky's dad, for instance, to give him a hockey stick, or Joe Montana's dad to give him a football, or Larry Bird's dad to give him a basketball, but it wasn't okay for Gloria Connors to give her son a tennis racquet. — Jimmy Connors

Racquet Quotes By J.R. Ward

So I want to share a little news."
"You getting married?" Butch tossed back half the new Lag. "Where you registered? Crate and Bury 'Em?"
"Try Heckler and Koch." The Reverend opened his jacket and flashed the butt of a forty.
"Nice little poodle shooter you got there, vampire."
"Put a hell of a-"
V cut in. "You two are like playing tennis, and racquet sports bore me. What's the news?"
Revh looked at Butch. "He has such phenomenal people skills, doesn't he."
"Try living with him. — J.R. Ward

Racquet Quotes By Arthur Ashe

There were times when I asked myself whether I was being principled or simply a coward ... I was wrapped in the cocoon of tennis early in life, mainly by blacks like my most powerful mentor, Dr. Robert Walter Johnson of Lynchburg, Virginia. They insisted that I be unfailingly polite on the court, unfalteringly calm and detached, so that whites could never accuse me of meanness. I learned well. I look at photographs of the skinny, frail, little black boy that I was in the early 1950s, and I see that I was my tennis racquet and my tennis racquet was me. It was my rod and my staff. — Arthur Ashe

Racquet Quotes By Nat Hentoff

Why has slamming a ball with a racquet become so obsessive a pleasure for so many of us? It seems clear to me that a primary attraction of the sport is the opportunity it gives to release aggression physically without being arrested for felonious assault. — Nat Hentoff

Racquet Quotes By Tom Wright

When God looks at sin, what he sees is what a violin maker would see if the player were to use his lovely creation as a tennis racquet. — Tom Wright

Racquet Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

He returned with the tissue-restorer. I loosed it down the hatch, and after undergoing the passing discomfort, unavoidable when you drink Jeeves's patent morning revivers, of having the top of the skull fly up to the ceiling and the eyes shoot out of their sockets and rebound from the opposite wall like racquet balls, felt better. It — P.G. Wodehouse