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Quote From Novel Quotes By Yoleen Valai

There are many of us who live alongside others, less fortunate, watching them go through everyday suffering for one reason or another, and we're not moving even our little finger to help them. It's in human nature, unfortunately: for the most part, the only people we genuinely care about are ourselves. However, once in a while we encounter different species, different kind of human beings among us: full of compassion, willing and wanting to help, and doing so with joy and happiness. Those are a rarity. But you know what, my dear? Being one of them is not a special calling- it's a choice. So what will you choose, huh? — Yoleen Valai

Quote From Novel Quotes By Vivek Pereira

Please don't be upset. The last thing in the world I want is to see you upset and that too with me. It's terrifying to see your beautiful eyes turn red with anger. — Vivek Pereira

Quote From Novel Quotes By Gaelen Foley

Mind you, after your silly debutantes have finished their proper posture and walking lessons, tell them it never killed any young lady to remove the book from off the top of her head and open it for a change. Just like I taught you. — Gaelen Foley

Quote From Novel Quotes By Keisha Keenleyside

I have no use for your body, for within its youth lies a rotten wench already deceased. — Keisha Keenleyside

Quote From Novel Quotes By Vivek Pereira

I never thought that I would be saying these words. I would rather have died than utter these words a few months ago. But my whole mindset had undergone a drastic change since then. The Amir's speech was the straw that broke the back of my jihadi resolve. In fact, I now secretly resolved that my personal jihad would be against the evil Pakistan-sponsored jihadi movement that focused on slaughtering innocent civilians. — Vivek Pereira

Quote From Novel Quotes By Alexandar Tomov

Quote from "A la bulgaro":
"So long time has passed since those days, and since that story, which is still vivid in my memory, and even more vivid than all the rest. Some times I stay alone in my work - room here, in my father's old mansion in Pasadena, and I look through the old, yellow pages again and again. Then I go back to the north part which is furnished in my style, with many colored Bulgarian carpets and blankets (special kind of Bulgarian blankets with long fur), I make my coffee in a cooper coffee - pot, which has been brought from there, and my thoughts wonder to those absurd memories of mine ...
Very often some friends ask me - what is that unusual memories of yours? I can't explain to them, better say I don't want to, and I always avoid the answer by saying - a la Bulgaro - in a Bulgarian way ... "Oh, yes, yes" ... — Alexandar Tomov

Quote From Novel Quotes By Milan Kundera

The novel was born with the Modern Era, which made man, to quote Heidegger, the "only real subject," the ground for everything. It is largely through the novel that man as an individual was established on the European scene. Away from the novel, in our real lives, we know very little about our parents as they were before our birth; we have only fragmentary knowledge of the people close to us: we see them come and go and scarcely have they vanished than their place is taken over by others: they form a long line of replaceable beings. Only the novel separates out an individual, trains a light on his biography, his ideas, his feelings, makes him irreplaceable: makes him the center of everything. — Milan Kundera

Quote From Novel Quotes By Irin Sintriana

Love is a struggle, hard to get and hard to leave. — Irin Sintriana

Quote From Novel Quotes By J.L. Sheppard

I refuse to live in a constant fighting match, Landon. It will not do!'
'And I've tried living without you, and it just won't do! — J.L. Sheppard

Quote From Novel Quotes By Harry Olsen

Oh, readers. If only you knew what we've gone through for you. — Harry Olsen

Quote From Novel Quotes By Neha Daraad

Love is the connection between souls synchronized through heart beats.
Quote from my upcoming book 'Always Be MINE — Neha Daraad

Quote From Novel Quotes By P.T. Macias

She rages through my blood, is etched in my alma, and fused to my corazon. quote Ricardo Emmanuel De La Cruz.
Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga — P.T. Macias

Quote From Novel Quotes By Simi Sunny

We're both in a rut. And when two people have the different open wounds, they can relate and try to heal each other. Maybe it'll be the same for Kayla and me. It'll be a long a run, but we might as well try. — Simi Sunny

Quote From Novel Quotes By Jami Gold

The kiss wove between gentle and frenzied, liquid and greedy, silken and primal, and he sucked every second of bliss he could from the forbidden pleasure. — Jami Gold

Quote From Novel Quotes By Natalie Ansard

- What's there to talk about? I love you, you love me. Nothing else matters, love is the most important thing. The rest will come by itself.
- No, Elida. You're mistaken. Everything is important while sharing a life together. Love, honesty, habits, affinities. Everything. One is fulfilling the other and one can't exist without the other. — Natalie Ansard

Quote From Novel Quotes By Michio Kaku

Physicists often quote from T. H. White's epic novel The Once and Future King , where a society of ants declares, 'Everything not forbidden is compulsory.' In other words, if there isn't a basic principle of physics forbidding time travel, then time travel is necessarily a physical possibility. (The reason for this is the uncertainty principle. Unless something is forbidden, quantum effects and fluctuations will eventually make it possible if we wait long enough. Thus, unless there is a law forbidding it, it will eventually occur.) — Michio Kaku

Quote From Novel Quotes By Carol Kenny

Tethered to the universe by tendrils of history, with threads of continuity descending to God knows where, I see that I'm more than the dust I'll become."
This quote is from my novel, "Whispers from St. Mary's Well." Many readers have said that, like the fictional narrator of the story, Carrie Rose Stillwell, they felt a deep connection to the universe through past, present, and future experiences, after reading the story of a child who communicates with future generations. — Carol Kenny

Quote From Novel Quotes By Doina Moulin

Ironically, in life, you sacrifice everything you love in the name of love"~ the motto of the romance novel Cupcakes and Cologne. — Doina Moulin

Quote From Novel Quotes By Viraj J. Mahajan

Describing colors to a blind is what writing is all about. — Viraj J. Mahajan

Quote From Novel Quotes By Andrea N. Carr

Author, Family Tree The Novel quote- "Total understanding, is sharing the same feeling. — Andrea N. Carr

Quote From Novel Quotes By LEVega

Many of us can't go home again, whether home is Seville, Cabo Sur, Nastas, Havana, or Kansas City. Thus, we must recognize that home really lies in the eternal peace, dormant or conscious, that dwells in each human heart ... Quote from "Ms. Quixote Goes Country", a truthful novel. — LEVega

Quote From Novel Quotes By Sahara Sanders

Twenty seven years ago, during my first romantic relationship with a boy, I started keeping a diary about my thoughts and experiences. That diary formed the basis of my novel "A Dream of Two Moons," the title of which comes from some paranormal occurrences from real life. — Sahara Sanders

Quote From Novel Quotes By Simi Sunny

Chief Johnson has full faith on us. Which means if I can complete this task and hunt down the murderer, not only does the chief won't feel any uncertainty on Anthony and I, but the spirits of the victims can move on. It sounds silly to believe that the undead is still around, but it is the truth. And since I have a good heart, I must use it. — Simi Sunny

Quote From Novel Quotes By Elizabeth Scott

The heart is a place with worm holes made by feelings you aren't supposed to have but do. — Elizabeth Scott

Quote From Novel Quotes By R. Rose

In life, if a door closes, all you need to do is move to the window; as long as your whiskers can clear the space you will move through effortlessly. quote by T.G. the Feline Goddess of Everything and Everyone — R. Rose

Quote From Novel Quotes By Betty Dravis

If valleys are the dimples on the face of the earth, as Steven King once said, then Silicon Valley is the deepest, most sparkling dimple of them all. — Betty Dravis

Quote From Novel Quotes By Natalie Ansard

Whatever you do, you'll never kill my love. I love you! It's only now that I realize I can't imagine my life without you — Natalie Ansard

Quote From Novel Quotes By Michelle M. Pillow

I wish life were a fiction novel. Then everyone would have to do what I say. — Michelle M. Pillow

Quote From Novel Quotes By Vivek Pereira

The miraculous power of love has often been underestimated just like we underestimate the power of sleep. Most of the herculean tasks performed by men were possible because they had been deeply in love and had slept well the night before. — Vivek Pereira

Quote From Novel Quotes By Maria La Serra

She was magic, a direct light - the kind that seeps through in places that didn't exist inside him anymore. The light he thought he lost forever, but Nick realized we don't lose the light, we absorb it, and with Olivia he wanted to absorb every small speck of it. — Maria La Serra

Quote From Novel Quotes By S.K. Logsdon

Escaping Reality One Erotic Romance Novel At a Time. — S.K. Logsdon

Quote From Novel Quotes By T.D. Mulhern

She had an ability to love that went beyond my ability to grasp the slightest concept of what love was. — T.D. Mulhern

Quote From Novel Quotes By Vladimir Nabokov

By God, I could make myself bring her that economically halved grapefruit, that sugarless breakfast. — Vladimir Nabokov

Quote From Novel Quotes By Nicholson Baker

Writing has to do with truth-telling. When you're writing, let's say, an essay for a magazine, you try to tell the truth at every moment. You do your best to quote people accurately and get everything right. Writing a novel is a break from that: freedom. When you're writing a novel, you are in charge; you can beef things up. — Nicholson Baker

Quote From Novel Quotes By Pope Francis

DON Luigi Giussani used to quote this example from Bruce Marshall's novel To Every Man a Penny. The protagonist of the novel, the abbot Father Gaston, needs to hear the confession of a young German soldier whom the French partisans are about to sentence to death. The soldier confesses his love of women and the numerous amorous adventures he has had. The young priest explains that he has to repent to obtain forgiveness and absolution. The soldier answers, "How can I repent? It was something that I enjoyed, and if I had the chance I would do it again, even now. How can I repent?" Father Gaston, who wants to absolve the man who has been marked by destiny and who's about to die, has a stroke of inspiration and asks, "But are you sorry that you are not sorry?" The young man answers impulsively, "Yes, I am sorry that I am not sorry." In other words, he apologizes for not repenting. The door was opened just a crack, allowing absolution to come in ... . — Pope Francis

Quote From Novel Quotes By Charles Bukowski

Sometimes things are just what they seem to be and that's all there is to it. — Charles Bukowski

Quote From Novel Quotes By Roman Payne

I was angry at myself for my inclination to vice. I longed for the day when a state of frenzy would lead my mind to sober pasture, just as it had for Saint Augustine. I longed for the day when the love of one woman would be sacred enough to forget all the rest. — Roman Payne

Quote From Novel Quotes By Vivek Pereira

Was it possible that the emotion of love had somehow made me more susceptible to fear? Does the noble emotion of love make us start valuing our own lives and the lives of our loved ones more so that the feeling of fear creeps into our mindset? — Vivek Pereira

Quote From Novel Quotes By Roman Payne

Cities were always like people, showing their varying personalities to the traveler. Depending on the city and on the traveler, there might begin a mutual love, or dislike, friendship, or enmity. Where one city will rise a certain individual to glory, it will destroy another who is not suited to its personality. Only through travel can we know where we belong or not, where we are loved and where we are rejected. — Roman Payne

Quote From Novel Quotes By Ed Lynskey

Quote taken from Chapter 1:
That's the idea. Listen, Frank, this one is different. She's a keeper." He let that part gel in me. "Get your head screwed on straight and move to Richmond. You hate it living in Pelham. — Ed Lynskey

Quote From Novel Quotes By Tom Vater

Mee and Ow sat in the shade of a mango tree and were doing their make-up. Both of them wore gloves that reached all the way up to their elbows, to keep the tropical sun off their skins. They looked briefly at Maier, with the curiosity usually reserved for a passing dog. It was too early for professional enthusiasm. — Tom Vater

Quote From Novel Quotes By Melodie Ramone

No, I heard some of the staff talking. She's all bad, that one. They kicked her out of the Lollipop Guild for theft, yeah? And she did community service for bitch-slapping the Mayor of Munchkinland.
Alexander — Melodie Ramone

Quote From Novel Quotes By Eric Arvin

The longest piece of literature I've read lately was a tattoo on this biker I picked up last night. It said, If you're this close, you've gotta suck it. — Eric Arvin

Quote From Novel Quotes By Andrew Barger

Bea broke up the band. — Andrew Barger

Quote From Novel Quotes By Kirstin Van Dyke

Isn't breaking a supervillian out of jail a little ... much? — Kirstin Van Dyke

Quote From Novel Quotes By Gaelen Foley

No man that good-looking could be a bachelor. Life wasn't that kind. — Gaelen Foley

Quote From Novel Quotes By Nina Jean Slack

Always write exactly what you're feeling at the exact moment when writing something like poetry or an emotional novel. Put yourself, pour all emotions into your work ... make yourself cry, feel joy if you are writing joyful things, feel lovey if it calls for it ... just put your heart and soul into all that you do ... then you will be a good writer when you can make whoever reads your work, feel. -Nina Jean Slack — Nina Jean Slack

Quote From Novel Quotes By Natalie Ansard

A real, true love that makes a human being believe in the power of destiny happens only once in a lifetime. — Natalie Ansard

Quote From Novel Quotes By Melodie Ramone

I love you, Silvia. I have always loved you. I loved you before forever began and I'll love you still after forever ends.
Oliver — Melodie Ramone

Quote From Novel Quotes By Ashley Beale

I just want you, to be mine, forever. I want a piece of you no one else has ever had, and I want you to own my heart forever. — Ashley Beale

Quote From Novel Quotes By Emma Hart

I glare at him and sigh. "Don't you understand what a book is?"
"Then how can it be boring? It's not just twenty-six little letters all mushed together to make words that link together to tell a story. It's the creation of another world where anything can happen and anyone can be whoever they want to be. It's a crazy, special kind of magic that can transport you out of the real world, to anywhere you want to go. It doesn't matter if it's a made-up universe or it's written in a city you can drive to within an hour. It's what happens within the pages that makes reading so...not boring."

-Emma Hart "Dirty Little Rendezvous (The Burke Brothers Spin-Off #1). — Emma Hart

Quote From Novel Quotes By Chris Dee

It was a part of me that I was taking, this magical part of me that he somehow sparked into being. I wasn't waiting for Santa; I wasn't waiting like some heroine in a romance novel for the tall, dark stranger to make a gift of these feelings he evoked in me, I was taking it, I was claiming this for my own. — Chris Dee

Quote From Novel Quotes By Andrew Puckett

A writer is a person who writes.

Actually, it was John Braine's quote in his book HOW TO WRITE A NOVEL. But I use it all the time — Andrew Puckett

Quote From Novel Quotes By Gaelen Foley

Our souls need music, Robert, as our bodies need touch. — Gaelen Foley

Quote From Novel Quotes By Veronica Purcell

Sexual harassment cases are piling up. The whole school's going love crazy! — Veronica Purcell

Quote From Novel Quotes By Gabrielle Dubois

My own heart is in my characters. My novels are my memories; they are the best part of me. — Gabrielle Dubois

Quote From Novel Quotes By Vivek Pereira

Let's face it. There are good people and bad people everywhere. Illiteracy, poor education, wars, greed , corruption and similar factors were responsible for the problems in both India and Pakistan. Religious fanatics benefited from these factors and developed formidable socio-political strongholds in both countries. — Vivek Pereira

Quote From Novel Quotes By Lenora Henson

She was not the still quiet type. Aphrodites never are. — Lenora Henson

Quote From Novel Quotes By T. Hammond

Writing is not about how well you can write the next "Great American Novel," using flawless grammar and snooty punctuation; sometimes, it's only about making someone smile, or laugh out loud. Sometimes, its sharing a fun thought, or putting a vivid life experience on paper so others' can share a great moment that had an impact on you, the author. — T. Hammond

Quote From Novel Quotes By Roman Payne

Sexual frenzy is our compensation for the tedious moments we must suffer in the passage of life. 'Nothing in excess,' professed the ancient Greeks. Why if I spend half the month in healthy scholarship and pleasant sleep, shouldn't I be allowed the other half to howl at the moon and pillage the groins of Europe's great beauties? — Roman Payne