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Quirky Love Quotes By Tova Dian Dean

The greatest stories are simple, but well told. — Tova Dian Dean

Quirky Love Quotes By Brendan Dooling

There are so many quirky characters, it's easy to fall in love with any number of the characters on 'The Carrie Diaries'. — Brendan Dooling

Quirky Love Quotes By Aria Kane

He was in search of a story, nothing more. He shouldn't be thinking about her bedroom at all. But, in a matter of minutes, the Greek aerialist had drawn him in with her shy smiles and quirky humor. — Aria Kane

Quirky Love Quotes By JoAnne Graham

I love every part of the book writing process from the excitement of the initial idea to weaving all the tiny elements of the story from the air. I draw my inspiration from the landscape around me, from quirky characters I meet and from the strange and convoluted thoughts that dance between my ears. — JoAnne Graham

Quirky Love Quotes By Chris Angus

I love a mysterious underground and have exploited this in many of my books: the ice tunnels of Greenland, the volcanic tubes of Iceland, the mysterious passageways beneath an ancient African hillside or a Buddhist monastery in central China. And of course, London's famous tube system, setting for my book LONDON UNDERGROUND. It's a funny sort of fixation, especially given my mother's claustrophobia, which I saw her deal with on many occasions. We once lined up to take a tour into the Lascaux Caverns in France to see the ancient cave paintings. My mother didn't make it past the first quirky turn into the depths, and she sent me on by myself. Given her interest in history and archaeology, which she used as the basis for a series of mysteries she published and which inspired my own writing, it always surprised me she still loved to write about places she could never visit. — Chris Angus

Quirky Love Quotes By Zack Love

Check my riddle, and I'll let you play my fiddle. — Zack Love

Quirky Love Quotes By Jane Hamilton

The magical descriptions of Italy and hilarious observations about love, travel, natives and foreigners in Love in Idleness are but a few of its many pleasures. Amanda Craig has created a hot shimmery climate in which a cast of old friends, quirky family members and naughty children who make love potions come to know themselves and their hearts. A delightful brew. — Jane Hamilton

Quirky Love Quotes By Trevor Rabin

While I'm quite happy and love doing the atmospheric and quirky stuff, the melodic stuff, I've done quite a lot of. It's also another reason why I try not to do two or three at the same time. — Trevor Rabin

Quirky Love Quotes By Antoine Fuqua

I don't think I've seen that sort of character in a long time in this genre because again, there was a time when you could have quirky, strange characters that you grew to love, you didn't quite understand, you know, and then all of a sudden they became almost cardboard cutouts for awhile. You kind of know the guy, what his deal is - this guy's hard to figure out. He has some strange habits, but, you learn to love him and you discover more about him, where it comes from. — Antoine Fuqua

Quirky Love Quotes By LZ Granderson

Of all the parts that make up my somewhat quirky life, there are few things that raise a stranger's eyebrows faster than discovering I love country music. — LZ Granderson

Quirky Love Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

You and I were never meant to be together, but we are. Our pairing is not unlike two electrons ignoring natural laws in order to orbit one another. Life now defies reason - quirky but beautiful. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Quirky Love Quotes By Phoebe Tonkin

I loved Gwyneth Paltrow in 'The Royal Tenenbaums' and Reese Witherspoon in 'Election.' I love quirky films and characters like that. — Phoebe Tonkin

Quirky Love Quotes By Ariana Grande

I love nerdy, cute, quirky boys who don't take themselves too seriously. — Ariana Grande

Quirky Love Quotes By Aimee Bender

The people were all busy in their cars, listening to the radio, so there was no one to smile at, so I just sent my love to the traffic lights. No one ever appreciates them, all day long, working so hard to turn red and yellow and green, right in time with us to make sure we don't crash into each other. If there was any tiny chance, even the tiniest chance, that they happened to be alive, I bet I was the first person ever to tell them they were special. You are special, I said out loud in my car, but in case they couldn't hear, I cracked my window open. "You are special," I said, to the night air.
And just like that, a green light. — Aimee Bender

Quirky Love Quotes By Thomas Howes

There are a lot of dream roles that I couldn't do, like James Bond and Indiana Jones; I'd never get a look in there, but actually, Doctor Who is probably the only one that I could because he's quite quirky, and the fact that he regenerates he can actually be anyone. So one day, who knows, I might have a chance. I'd love to play that part. — Thomas Howes

Quirky Love Quotes By Nancy Gibbs

I live in a dumb house. Which is not to say that I don't love its quirky charm, its drafty windows and leaky fireplaces and an electrical system that protests when too many people are trying to vacuum and microwave at the same time. But charm is not always user-friendly. — Nancy Gibbs

Quirky Love Quotes By C.A. Harms

Nothing they say or do can ever change the man you are," Trinity continued. "A man I love with all my heart, and Nan does too. They don't matter; their words mean nothing."

I stared back at her as I allowed what she said to really sink in. She was right. I knew she was right. I just got so lost in the anger I had for them that I let their words eat away at me.
"Have I told you lately how amazing you are?"
I asked as she cocked her head in the cute quirky way she did when I gave her a compliment.
"Because you are, and the way you calm me, the way you give me a sense of clarity even in my weakest of times, just confirms how perfect you are."

"I'm not perfect, Chase," she whispered in return and it was my turn to take her face in my hands.

"You're perfect for me," I whispered as I tilted my head toward hers and pressed my lips against hers. "I love you, sweet girl, so damn much. — C.A. Harms

Quirky Love Quotes By Jessica Brown Findlay

I absolutely adore Alessandra Rich, I think her dresses are stunning and she really knows how to cut and dress the female shape. Her stuff is really beautiful, stylish and a little bit quirky. I love it all! — Jessica Brown Findlay

Quirky Love Quotes By Malin Akerman

I'm a tooth person ... I like quirky teeth. My husband has little teeth with spaces in between them. He hates them and I love them. I like people with buckteeth, and I like it when they crinkle a bit. It's very charming. — Malin Akerman

Quirky Love Quotes By Tinsel Korey

I also love doing comedy. I just moved to L.A. last July. Before that, Vancouver is all about sci-fi, so I didn't get any comedy, whatsoever. But in L.A., people are like, "You don't look quirky enough," and I'm like, "I'm quirky. I'm the definition of quirky. How do you want me to look quirky." They have these little boxes that they put everyone in, so now I have to try to break the mold and get them to see me as being quirky. — Tinsel Korey

Quirky Love Quotes By Natalie Dormer

Isn't it lovely to know that even the great Sherlock Holmes, the quirky and genius Sherlock Holmes, is vulnerable to love as we all are? — Natalie Dormer

Quirky Love Quotes By Terry Brooks

He had never been in love. He had not known what it would feel like. He understood what the term meant, but his life had not allowed for exploring its possibilities. There had been few he had really loved. His parents; Michael. That was it. And that was love of a different kind. Less intense, less hungry. What he felt for Simralin went so far beyond anything manageable that it shocked him. He could tell himself it was because he had found her beautiful in a way that transcended anything he had ever known. But his attraction to her was a response to so much more. To her self-confidence and way of speaking. To her smile and the quirky way she lifted one eyebrow when she was amused. To the way she carried herself. To the way she looked at him. — Terry Brooks

Quirky Love Quotes By Stephen Moyer

A film that I love is 'Raising Arizona' and that's funny but it's quite indie and weird and odd and quirky. I'd love to do something like that. Who knows? — Stephen Moyer

Quirky Love Quotes By Adib Khan

If manifestations of her love are overwhelming and sometimes seem imprudent, it's because the intensity of such caring doesn't exist in other areas of life. Ma does not love from behind a protective shield. I'm incapable of opening up to people in the way she does. Ma isn't afraid of being vulnerable and doesn't measure relationships in terms of what she can gain. If her feelings are hurt, she doesn't hide the pain or seek revenge. She stumbles over the setback as though it's one of life's quirky tests of fortitude and moves on without storing any resentment. — Adib Khan

Quirky Love Quotes By Shanaya B. Fastje

I know I have some quirky friends but I love them all the same, I love my life and that lets me soar! — Shanaya B. Fastje

Quirky Love Quotes By Jake Epstein

I really love young Tom Hanks. He's just one of my favorites. He's a great, quirky every-man. I also love Zach Braff. I really love actors that are quirky and interesting, that sort of try to portray 'normal' people. — Jake Epstein

Quirky Love Quotes By Rigoberto Gonzalez

Matt Mason must be declared the poet laureate of the Midwest! No other native son celebrates the overlooked America, its unsung citizens (from the anonymous poets to the part-time English teachers), and its expansive indigenous landscape, as well as he does. Mason's poetry is humorous when he wants to be quirky, heartbreaking when he wants to be eloquent, and though he moves effortlessly into other moods and geographies, he always returns to his first and most enduring love (and to what he knows best)-his homeland. — Rigoberto Gonzalez

Quirky Love Quotes By Ari Millen

It doesn't come easily to me, comedy. It's definitely not my strong suit. I'm probably more suited for drama and dramatic roles, but I certainly would love to be in quirky and fun movies. — Ari Millen

Quirky Love Quotes By Maureen Dowd

Who knows? If women all end up with the same face and body, men may gravitate toward the quirky. Then the chicks with the laugh lines and love handles will be the lucky ones. — Maureen Dowd

Quirky Love Quotes By Cath Crowley

Why do want to find him so bad?' I ask after a while, but she's not listening. I watch her a bit
longer. 'Why do you want to find him so bad?' I ask again.
She blinks and comes out of her dream. She flicks the band on her wrist. 'I just do.' - Ed Skye — Cath Crowley

Quirky Love Quotes By Sarah Snook

I like a bit quirky, a bit strange, but then at the same time, I love putting a dress on ... and a pair of high heels. It's like a costume. — Sarah Snook

Quirky Love Quotes By Tracy March

The soles of Cynthia Sawyer's shoes squeaked on the damp flagstone walkway that meandered through Hawthorne Manor's formal gardens. Hazy rays of sun kissed the sprint morning dew, glistening on the early-blooming flowers and foliage soon to blossom into a Southern Living-worthy wonderland. Perfect for tiny Maple Creek, Maryland's annual garden party - the most exciting event of the season, especially for the quirky retirees. Last year, crazy old Mrs. Osworth got lost in the winding boxwood maze and called 911 to get "one of those strong young firemen" to come rescue her. She'd said she felt faint, and claimed she'd need mouth-to-mouth resuscitation the moment they showed up. — Tracy March

Quirky Love Quotes By Malin Akerman

I always love the quirky stuff, which is why I love 'Childrens Hospital.' That really pushes the envelope of comedy. — Malin Akerman

Quirky Love Quotes By Rachel Nichols

I'd love to do a movie where I actually get to be kind of quirky and odd and dorky and all that stuff. My parents would like to see some movies where I'm not in peril. They'd appreciate it. — Rachel Nichols

Quirky Love Quotes By James Dashner

I really love middle-grade. Middle-grade books have a little more of a magical, light-hearted feel. You can be a little bit more quirky, you can have a little more humor. It doesn't get so dark and deep. — James Dashner