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Top Putting God First In Your Life Quotes

Putting God First In Your Life Quotes By Leland Ryken

The Puritans' sense of priorities in life was one of their greatest strengths. Putting God first and valuing everything else in relation to God was a recurrent Puritan theme. — Leland Ryken

Putting God First In Your Life Quotes By Jake Byrne

Truth and the breastplate of righteousness - being right with God - strengthen us in all our endeavors. We need the shoes of preparation on any of life's fields, along with the shield of faith - like football pads - to protect against the enemy's attacks. The helmet of salvation, like a football helmet, also keeps us safe.
Praying each day and putting on the full armor of God will help us gain an automatic first down - a deeper connection in God's zone - and a sure win on any playing field. — Jake Byrne

Putting God First In Your Life Quotes By Nancy Mehl

A lot of people never find the person God created them to be. They're too busy trying to live up to other people's expectations, or they try to create themselves in the image of a person they admire or envy. Just because we respect someone or think their life might be more exciting than ours doesn't mean God created us to be just like them. Sometimes we have to ignore the people in our lives so we can hear the voice of God ... But making a decision to put someone else first out of love isn't the same thing as putting them first out of fear. Because you're afraid they won't love you if you don't act the way they might want you to. — Nancy Mehl

Putting God First In Your Life Quotes By John Piper

When something drops into your life that seems to threaten your future, remember this: the first shockwaves of the bomb are not sin. The real danger is yielding to them. Giving in. Putting up no spiritual fight. And the root of that surrender is unbelief - a failure to fight for faith in future grace. A failure to cherish all that God promises to be for us in Jesus. — John Piper

Putting God First In Your Life Quotes By Elizabeth George

I want God to be first in my life, so I'm putting Him first in my life today. — Elizabeth George