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Top Purebred Dog Quotes

Purebred Dog Quotes By Bill Nye

Put another way, I love all of you dog lovers, but I have to spoil your fun a little with a fundamental truth. There is, in an important evolutionary sense, no such thing as a specific breed of dog. If a Great Dane has sex with a dachshund, you get a dog. If a Standard Poodle has sex with a Jack Russell terrier, you get a dog. If a mutt has sex with a so-called purebred, you get a dog. — Bill Nye

Purebred Dog Quotes By Jerry A. Coyne

Take the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris), a single species that comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and temperaments. Every single one, purebred or mutt, descends from a single ancestral species - most likely the Eurasian gray wolf - that humans began to select about ten thousand years ago. — Jerry A. Coyne

Purebred Dog Quotes By Bill Nye

The word purebred is something we can define by counting generations back in dog-sex land. But it is not an indication of species or anything special, really. — Bill Nye

Purebred Dog Quotes By Jean Hanff Korelitz

Most of all, I am struck by an irony central to the lot of a purebred dog: As it attains the hallmarks of its breed, it seems to simultaneously relinquish its basic dogginess, until it is less a dog than a Pomeranian, Collie or Bloodhound. — Jean Hanff Korelitz

Purebred Dog Quotes By Ingrid Newkirk

Having a purebred human baby is like having a purebred dog; it's nothing but vanity, human vanity. — Ingrid Newkirk

Purebred Dog Quotes By Georgette Heyer

Frederica tells the park-keepers that Lufra is a purebred "Barcelona collie".
Alverstoke catches on and says "No, Frederica! I TOLD you
it is a HOUND, from Baluchistan!"
She: "Oh, you might have mentioned it was from ASIA! Very remote; the dog had to be smuggled out because the natives were hostile. — Georgette Heyer

Purebred Dog Quotes By Patrick Richards

anyway? "You should feel lucky he isn't turning you into his pet dog," she said to me. "We have a guy who comes in here leading his 'purebred mutt', as he calls it, to have work done. First, Bob tattooed his nose black and put whiskers on him. But now he comes in and is having Rover's entire body tattooed and colored to look just like a dog. When he's done he'll be — Patrick Richards