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Top Prototypal Quotes

Prototypal Quotes By Betty Friedan

There needs to be bolder thinking, ... on how to measure the quality of life of men and women in the work force. Currently, success is measured by material advancements. We need to readjust the definition of success to account for time outside of work and satisfaction of life, not just the dollars-and-cents bottom line. — Betty Friedan

Prototypal Quotes By Lori Greiner

In business it is most often all about getting your foot in the door and once you do, everything opens up and things start to naturally progress into bigger and more opportunities. — Lori Greiner

Prototypal Quotes By Sarah Jakes

consider trying to forgive him yet again. He did his part, so I returned to our home in Virginia that summer of 2010. I wasn't hopeful, but I didn't have the strength to end our marriage - or to save it. We attended counseling together for a while, but the conversations reached dead ends. Nonetheless, Robert attempted to rebuild our connection. He wasn't staying out all night. He helped with the kids and seemed committed to fixing the broken bond between us. Before we knew it, training camp was starting again and he would once again be competing for a spot on the roster. The coaching staff had experienced some changes, — Sarah Jakes

Prototypal Quotes By L. Frank Baum

I believe that dreams - day dreams, you know, with your eyes wide open and your brain machinery whizzing - are likely to lead to the betterment of the world. — L. Frank Baum

Prototypal Quotes By Erin Bowman

The human brain can only be stretched so far before it breaks. — Erin Bowman

Prototypal Quotes By Keith Haring

I have been enlightened. I have fallen into poetry and it has swallowed me up. — Keith Haring

Prototypal Quotes By Douglas Crockford

I have been writing JavaScript for 8 years now, and I have never once found need to use an uber function. The super idea is fairly important in the classical pattern, but it appears to be unnecessary in the prototypal and functional patterns. I now see my early attempts to support the classical model in JavaScript as a mistake. — Douglas Crockford

Prototypal Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

Breakfast, it seems, is the only meal any of us are decent at. And this one" - she jabbed a thumb in Rowan's direction - "only knows how to cook meat on a stick over a fire." Lysandra — Sarah J. Maas

Prototypal Quotes By Martin Jacques

Google will be obliged either to accept Chinese regulations or exit the world's largest Internet market, with serious consequences for its long-term global ambitions. This is a metaphor for our times: America's most dynamic company cannot take on the Chinese government - even on an issue like free and open information - and win. — Martin Jacques

Prototypal Quotes By Simone De Beauvoir

Whether you think of it as heavenly or as earthly, if you love life immortality is no consultation for death. — Simone De Beauvoir

Prototypal Quotes By Mahesh Babu

Comforting Wealth comes by good work, by wisdom it increases, cleverness stabilizes it and by patience it is preserved. — Mahesh Babu

Prototypal Quotes By Scott Sigler

I am the wind...I am death. — Scott Sigler

Prototypal Quotes By Anne Graham Lotz

As burned as I've been by local churches and by people who call themselves in God's name, Jesus gave us the church. It's supposed to be a community of like-minded people who encourage and strengthen each other. But that's not how it always works. — Anne Graham Lotz

Prototypal Quotes By Jeffrey Jones

I've gotten to go wonderful places, meet interesting and intelligent people, and I started of course in the theatre and continue to work in the theatre where there is some intelligence involved in it. — Jeffrey Jones