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Top Protective Girl Quotes

Protective Girl Quotes By Jenn McKinlay

As you know from our trips to Belmont Park in San Diego, I can scream like a girl when required." he said.
Angie laughed then she grabbed him by the face and planted a kiss on the lips so fierce, Mel wondered if it was Angie's way of putting a lip-lock protective spell on her man. She hoped it was and she hoped it worked. — Jenn McKinlay

Protective Girl Quotes By Morgan Rhodes

His fear vanished and was replaced with steely determination. He would not let the spirit hurt this girl. He would not let anyone hurt this girl. — Morgan Rhodes

Protective Girl Quotes By Sherry Argov

The nice girl loses an important protective mechanism when she assumes that life is fair, or that Prince Charming will always protect her. The smart fox is not governed by wishful thinking or the hope of a fantasy outcome, like Cinderella. Despite appearances, she trusts herself to watch her OWN back instead of giving a man the responsibility of doing it for her. — Sherry Argov

Protective Girl Quotes By Kathleen Glasgow

I room with Louisa. Louisa is older and her hair is like a red-and-gold noisy ocean down her back. There's so much of it, she can't even keep it in with braids or buns or scrunchies. Her hair smells like strawberries; she smells better than any girl I've ever known. I could breathe her in forever.

My first night here, when she lifted her blouse to change for bed, in the moment before that crazy hair fell over her body like a protective cape, I saw them, all of them, and I sucked my breath in hard.

She said, "Don't be scared, little one."

I wasn't scared. I'd just never seen a girl with skin like mine. — Kathleen Glasgow

Protective Girl Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Oh, Tatiana wouldn't even consider staying here for a moment," Gideon said. "She has fled to the Blackthorns', her in-laws, and good riddance. She is not a stupid girl-in fact, she considers her intelligence to be quite superior-but she is a self-important and vain one, and there is no love lost between her and my brother. And he had been awake for days, mind you. Waiting in that great blasted house, locked out of the library, pounding on the door when no answer came from my father ... "
"You feel protective of him," Sophie observed.
"Of course I do; he is my little brother." He moved forward and brushed a hand over Gabriel's tousled brown hair; the other boy moved and made a restless sound but did not wake. — Cassandra Clare

Protective Girl Quotes By Christine Grey

Dearra felt a blush on her cheeks as she responded. "It's not something I wish to repeat. Let's just say that all men seem to have one thing in common - they are all remarkably protective of their... swords. " Neither girl spoke further, but each wore a wicked grin on her face that would have sent Tebreh running in horror. — Christine Grey

Protective Girl Quotes By Kristen Stewart

I was so sensitive and touchy in a way that my character would never be. I was so protective and defensive of young girls, and sex in general. — Kristen Stewart

Protective Girl Quotes By Zayn Malik

I prefer to date younger girls to be more protective. — Zayn Malik