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Top Prioritizing Time Quotes

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Kimora Lee Simmons

It's about prioritizing. Just take it one step at a time. Do the best that you can. I'm a mom and I have two husbands - an ex husband and a next husband. It's a blended family and it's very hard to keep things together, but we're happy and we live in love. Djimon and I are so happy. — Kimora Lee Simmons

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Amanda Laneley

Everyone I know has a dream they hope to fulfill: traveling, starting a business, buying a house, whatever. And every time they spend money on unnecessary luxuries, they're stealing money and life from their dreams. They're prioritizing something that really has no value compared to what really matters. — Amanda Laneley

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Jeet Banerjee

I manage my time by prioritizing tasks, working smarter not harder, and by avoiding procrastination. — Jeet Banerjee

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Emily Nagoski

We also know that the brain can handle only a limited amount of information at a time; at its simplest, we can think of stress as information overload, so when there's too much happening, the brain starts to triage, prioritizing, simplifying, and even plain old ignoring some things. — Emily Nagoski

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Jessica N. Turner

You are never too busy to make time for what you love. It's just a matter of prioritizing - evaluating how you spend your days and dedicating time for what you value. If something is really important to you, you will find a way to fit it into your life. — Jessica N. Turner

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Jen Wilkin

Here is a remarkable truth: God is able to bring eternal results from our time-bound efforts. This is what Jesus intimates when he tells us to store up treasure in heaven rather than on earth. When we invest our time in what has eternal significance, we store up treasure in heaven. This side of heaven, the only investments with eternal significance are people. "Living this day well" means prioritizing relationships over material gain. We cannot take our stuff with us when we die, but, Lord willing, we may feed the hungry and clothe the needy in such a way that an eternal result is rendered. We may speak words that, by the favor of the Lord, transform into the very words of life. This is the calling of the missionary, the magnate, and the mother of small children: spend your time to impact people for eternity. — Jen Wilkin

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Jeanne Bliss

Over time, one of this engine's most potent impacts is in prioritizing investments for customer-driven growth by shifting the annual planning process. Instead of starting with the silos, leaders start with the customers' lives, identify priorities, and then determine collectively the investments to improve them to earn the right to growth. Without alignment among your executive team to regularly review the customer journey that this engine affords, investments are not fully optimized. Tactical actions are budgeted and implemented by silo, but complete customer experiences that drive growth are not improved. Rinse and repeat. — Jeanne Bliss

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Susan Stovall

Managing time is an essential part of making life simpler. Time should be valued and treated as the limited resource it is. Through prioritizing and planning, time management becomes an integral part of day to day activities. — Susan Stovall

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Mick Garris

The only features I've done have been on the lower-budget end, for what they were. It's really all about getting the best people aboard and committing to doing the best work possible and prioritizing where your time is going to be spent. — Mick Garris

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Some people exert more energy on less important things; some people exert less energy on less important things. — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Prioritizing Time Quotes By John C. Maxwell

The key to becoming a more efficient leader isn't checking off all the items on your to-do list each day. It's in forming the habit of prioritizing your time so that you are accomplishing your most important goals in an efficient manner. — John C. Maxwell

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

What I object to is the hyper-fetishized wedding day, the prioritizing of wedding over marriage. I have a real problem with couples spending far more time discussing the seating arrangement or the color of the bridesmaid's gowns than hashing out, for instance, their feelings about how they intend to handle questions of housework, child-rearing, finances and fidelity for the next four or five decades. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Jared Diamond

The underlying reason why this transition was piecemeal is that food production systems evolved as a result of the accumulation of many separate decisions about allocating time and effort. Foraging humans, like foraging animals, have only finite time and energy, which they can spend in various ways. We can picture an incipient farmer waking up and asking: Shall I spend today hoeing my garden (predictably yielding a lot of vegetables several months from now), gathering shellfish (predictably yielding a little meat today), or hunting deer (yielding possibly a lot of meat today, but more likely nothing)? Human and animal foragers are constantly prioritizing and making effort-allocation decisions, even if only unconsciously. They concentrate first on favorite foods, or ones that yield the highest payoff. If these are unavailable, they shift to less and less preferred foods. — Jared Diamond

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Charles Clover

Increasingly, we will be faced with a choice: whether to keep the oceans for wild fish or farmed fish. Farming domesticated species in close proximity with wild fish will mean that domesticated fish always win. Nobody in the world of policy appears to be asking what is best for society, wild fish or farmed fish. And what sort of farmed fish, anyway? Were this question to be asked, and answered honestly, we might find that our interests lay in prioritizing wild fish and making their ecosystems more productive by leaving them alone enough of the time. — Charles Clover

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Robert Cheeke

We all have 1,440 minutes each day to accomplish everything on our schedule. We are accountable for prioritizing the decisions we make with our time. — Robert Cheeke

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Time kills essence! Don't give people reasons to say you wasted your time! Use your time well now! — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Prioritizing Time Quotes By Kenneth Eade

He shuffled through the list of messages, prioritizing them into three piles: now, later, and some other time. — Kenneth Eade