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Prime Suspect 3 Quotes & Sayings

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Prime Suspect 3 Quotes By Kris Vallotton

Fear is the most socially accepted sin in the Church. Fear is a serial killer, the prime suspect in the death of more people on the planet than all other diseases combined. Fear in every form has been linked to heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders, mental illness and many other sicknesses. Fear is the welcome mat to demonic activity in our lives. — Kris Vallotton

Prime Suspect 3 Quotes By Michel Faber

A truly modern man, William Rackham is what might be called a superstitious atheist Christian; that is, he believes in a God who, while He may no longer be responsible for the sun rising, the saving of the Queen or the provision of daily bread, is still the prime suspect when anything goes wrong. — Michel Faber

Prime Suspect 3 Quotes By Hans Haacke

I have a particular interest in corporations that give themselves a cultural aura and are in other areas suspect. Philip Morris presents itself in New York as the lover of culture while it turns out that if you look behind the scenes, it is also a prime funder of Jesse Helms, someone who is very hostile to the arts. — Hans Haacke

Prime Suspect 3 Quotes By Beate Boeker

Carlina with her cat-like eyes who didn't fit into any category he knew. (Commissario Garini's difficulty with his prime suspect.) — Beate Boeker

Prime Suspect 3 Quotes By April Smith

If the husband is always the prime suspect, the lover must be second in line. — April Smith

Prime Suspect 3 Quotes By Andrew Bacevich

I began to appreciate that authentic truth is never simple and that any version of truth handed down from on high - whether by presidents, prime ministers, or archbishops - is inherently suspect. The powerful, I came to see, reveal truth only to the extent that it suits them. — Andrew Bacevich

Prime Suspect 3 Quotes By Ritch Duncan

If you do wake up next to a naked corpse, you're going to be getting a lot of attention from the police and possibly the media, since you're now the prime suspect in what they perceive to be a fantastic sex crime. On the bright side, you won't have to worry about anyone suspecting you're a werewolf, since the intense interest generated by sexual murders often distracts from any suspicion of a werewolf's involvement. — Ritch Duncan

Prime Suspect 3 Quotes By Julie Halston

I'm always interested in something that Helen Mirren is doing. I thought her series Prime Suspect was unbelievable. I think she might be my favorite actress. — Julie Halston

Prime Suspect 3 Quotes By Carl J. Lavie

But because of this, in many ways obesity is also the ultimate scapegoat - the villain we can easily blame when there's anything wrong going on in the body. And we often blame obesity as the prime suspect even when it's a mere consequence of other problems going on in the body. — Carl J. Lavie

Prime Suspect 3 Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

Looks like we're going to need a new prime suspect, Wax," Wayne said. "This one downright refuses to not be dead already. — Brandon Sanderson

Prime Suspect 3 Quotes By David Thewlis

After Cannes, my agent told me to get the next flight to LA. He was right. I had a part in 'Prime Suspect 3' by the end of the week. — David Thewlis

Prime Suspect 3 Quotes By Greg Egan

The campaign was also among the most heated in recent memory, or short -term anticipation. The soon-to-be Opposition Leader never tired of listing the promises the new Prime Minister would break; she in turn countered with statistics of the mess he'd create as Treasurer, in the mid-eighties. (The causes of that impending recession were still being debated by economists; most claimed it was an "essential precursor" of the prosperity of the nineties , and that The Market, in its infinite, time -spanning wisdom, would choose / had chosen the best of all possible futures. Personally, I suspect it simply proved that even foresight was no cure for incompetence. — Greg Egan

Prime Suspect 3 Quotes By Robert Breault

If Creation were a crime, would not God be the prime suspect? — Robert Breault