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Previous Generations Quotes By Magnus Vinding

[...] It is essentially this you can do with a human that you cannot do with a chimpanzee: train them to contribute modestly to society. To become a well-connected neuron in the collective human brain. Without the knowledge and tools of previous generations, humans are largely indistinguishable from chimpanzees. — Magnus Vinding

Previous Generations Quotes By Michael Skolnik

Stop the bullsh*t. Stop drawing lines in the sand like previous generations [have done]. — Michael Skolnik

Previous Generations Quotes By Margot Wallstrom

The EU lacks a story. For previous generations, the peace argument was a sufficient. But what story do I tell my 20-year-old son? How do I explain to him that we need the EU for the future? — Margot Wallstrom

Previous Generations Quotes By Fred Van Lente

Myths, legends and stories are the signposts previous generations have left us so we don't have to figure out our own personal journey in solitude!
They have to be metaphorical, because their interpretation will be different for each individual life! — Fred Van Lente

Previous Generations Quotes By Sidin Vadukut

Why should each generation be brought up on the selective prejudices of the one before it? I believe that this is exactly the point of history. And not just reading or studying history but also approaching it with a sceptical bent of mind. When each generation approaches received wisdom with scepticism, perhaps it will reassess established notions of right and wrong, love and hate. Perhaps it will finally see mistaken priorities for what they really are. Perhaps it will do something that previous generations steadfastly refused to do. — Sidin Vadukut

Previous Generations Quotes By Glenn Branca

It's a mysterious thing that a whole generation of young people can come up and see and understand things that previous generations weren't able to see or understand. — Glenn Branca

Previous Generations Quotes By Michael Hubbard MacKay

In an anxious attempt to justify Joseph Smith's use of seer stones, apologists have typically described them as mundane objects that only hold cultural significance. They have generally disregarded them as if they were unrelated to the Nephite interpreters and the seer stones described in the Book of Mormon by generations of prophets who valued them. This chapter will tie the threads of the previous chapters together in order to demonstrate that Joseph Smith's seer stones were sacred objects, connected to a broader Mormon understanding of the nature of God, ultimately making the argument that Joseph could not transcend the use of his seer stones. — Michael Hubbard MacKay

Previous Generations Quotes By Chris Dietzel

You can't appreciate the world you live in and know if it's better or worse than previous generations unless you know your history. — Chris Dietzel

Previous Generations Quotes By Tiffany Madison

It should surprise no one that modern soldiers return home just as conflicted and detached as previous generations. The difference is that in the age of vapid American decadence, their simpler fundamental values are largely irrelevant to we civilians. — Tiffany Madison

Previous Generations Quotes By Miles Franklin

It is a wise provision that youth cannot see what it owes the previous generation. This is a chicken that comes back to roost in heavier years. — Miles Franklin

Previous Generations Quotes By Marianne Williamson

I do believe 50 is the new 40 and 60 is the new 50. Hell, maybe 60 can be the new 40, I don't know. I believe that when we give ourselves permission, we can live with an excitement and heat and passion that most women in previous generations were unable to attain. — Marianne Williamson

Previous Generations Quotes By James C. Dobson

Girls are under enormous pressures rarely experienced by their mothers, grandmothers, and other women in previous generations. Today's little girls are being enticed to grow up too fast and are encountering challenges for which they are totally unprepared. — James C. Dobson

Previous Generations Quotes By Mark Bowden

Historians say that revolutions come in a country not when things are at their worst but when they begin to improve, when an entire generation has been well fed, sheltered, and educated so that it feels its strength in a way previous generations, ignorant, ill fed, and unhealthy, did not. — Mark Bowden

Previous Generations Quotes By Hayao Miyazaki

Well, yes. I believe that children's souls are the inheritors of historical memory from previous generations. It's just that as they grow older and experience the everyday world that memory sinks lower and lower. I feel I need to make a film that reaches down to that level. If I could do that I would die happy. — Hayao Miyazaki

Previous Generations Quotes By Ragnar Redbeard

The natural world is a world of war; the natural man is a warrior; the natural law is tooth and claw. All else is error. A condition of combat everywhere exists. We are born into perpetual conflict. It is our inheritance, even as it was the heritage of previous generations. — Ragnar Redbeard

Previous Generations Quotes By Andrew Strauss

The previous generation, such as Alec Stewart and Nasser Hussain, lost to Australia on many occasions. — Andrew Strauss

Previous Generations Quotes By Raimond Gaita

The drop in living standards most people would have to accept to reduce climate change significantly would still leave us far better off than previous generations, so it's inexcusable that we find it so hard to renounce material goods. — Raimond Gaita

Previous Generations Quotes By Terry Pratchett

Previous generations understood about death, and undoubtedly would have seen a reasonable amount of death. Once you get into the Victorian era, you might well have seen the funerals of many of your siblings before you were very old. — Terry Pratchett

Previous Generations Quotes By Fiona Dimas-Herd

Many parents have experienced the fact that kids don't seem to honor their parents the way that previous generations of children did. The question we need to ask is, how did we get to this position? How did this lack of respect infiltrate even the closest family relationships? Most importantly, how can we make sure that it doesn't ruin our bond with our own teens? — Fiona Dimas-Herd

Previous Generations Quotes By Billy Graham

Though we have less to worry about than previous generations, we have more worry. Though we have it easier than our forefathers, we have more uneasiness. Though we have less real cause for anxiety than our predecessors, we are inwardly more anxious. — Billy Graham

Previous Generations Quotes By Graham M. Johnston

We can no longer assume that our preaching takes place within a more or less 'Christian culture,' " Craig Loscalzo says. "The great narratives of Judeo-Christian belief, the pivotal stories of the Bible's characters, the epoch of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, either are not known or do not carry the meaning-making significance they did to previous generations. — Graham M. Johnston

Previous Generations Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

I do so love my witches and wicked queens. I find myself drawn to feminine archetypes that previous generations have found threatening or dangerous: crones, oracles, madwomen, Amazons, virgins who aren't helpless, bad mothers. I love to give the vagina dentata voice. It so rarely gets to speak for itself. — Catherynne M Valente

Previous Generations Quotes By Sadegh Hedayat

A story is only an outlet for frustrated aspirations, for aspirations which the story-teller conceives in accordance with a limited stock of spiritual resources inherited from previous generations. — Sadegh Hedayat

Previous Generations Quotes By Noreena Hertz

It's possible that Generation Facebook, accustomed as it is to a whole range of experiences that it only imbibes online, doesn't have the same need for physical interaction in order to be creative as previous generations still do. It's possible that Generation Facebook can co-create and collaborate quite happily from afar. — Noreena Hertz

Previous Generations Quotes By Miles Anthony Smith

Whereas previous generations had to face some unpredictability, current generations are facing unprecedented levels of instability. — Miles Anthony Smith

Previous Generations Quotes By Hermann Weyl

Without the concepts, methods and results found and developed by previous generations right down to Greek antiquity one cannot understand either the aims or achievements of mathematics in the last 50 years. [Said in 1950] — Hermann Weyl

Previous Generations Quotes By Brian Greene

Science is a self-correcting discipline that can, in subsequent generations, show that previous ideas were not correct. — Brian Greene

Previous Generations Quotes By Jim Talent

If we hold true to our ideals and our commitment to freedom, this generation of servicemen and women will have extended liberty to the Iraqi people, just as previous generations of Americans have all across the globe. — Jim Talent

Previous Generations Quotes By St. Jerome

The best advice that I can give you is this: Church-traditions- especially when they do not run counter to the faith- are to be observed in the form in which previous generations have handed them down ... The traditions which have been handed down should be regarded as apostolic laws. — St. Jerome

Previous Generations Quotes By Colin Powell

All children need a laptop. Not a computer, but a human laptop. Moms, Dads, Grannies and Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles - someone to hold them, read to them, teach them. Loved ones who will embrace them and pass on the experience, rituals and knowledge of a hundred previous generations. Loved ones who will pass to the next generation their expectations of them, their hopes, and their dreams. — Colin Powell

Previous Generations Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Each movement during combat honors the movements that the previous generations tried to transmit through the Tradition. — Paulo Coelho

Previous Generations Quotes By David Brion Davis

< ... > many national leaders including Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, John Adams, John Jay, Gouverneur Morris, and Rufus King saw American slavery as an immense problem, a curse, a blight, or a national disease. If the degree of their revulsion varied, they agreed that the nation would be much safer, purer, happier, and better off without the racial slavery that they had inherited from previous generations and, some of them would emphasize, from England. Most of them also believed that America would be an infinitely better and less complicated place without the African American population, which most white leaders associated with all the defects, mistakes, sins, shortcomings, and animality of an otherwise almost perfect nation. — David Brion Davis

Previous Generations Quotes By Criss Jami

Those who stand for different causes during different generations often experience the same oppositions and the same difficulties as those of the previous and the next generations. That is the basis of history repeating itself. — Criss Jami

Previous Generations Quotes By Erica Jong

Isn't it our job to be appalled by our parents? Isn't it every generation's duty to be dismayed by the previous generation? And to assert that we are different - only to discover later that we are distressingly the same? — Erica Jong

Previous Generations Quotes By Al Ries

The next generation product almost never comes from the previous generation. — Al Ries

Previous Generations Quotes By Paul Stanley

Our audience is young and vibrant; we retain our previous following; we are three generations into it. Unlike other bands that are very demographically specific, who they appeal to and who their fans are, we're the antithesis of that. If you see your younger brother or a parent of yours or a neighbor at most rock concerts, that's not cool but with us and kids, it's a tribal gathering. Whether it's kids or neighbors - they're all part of a secret society. — Paul Stanley

Previous Generations Quotes By Emily Matchar

But she realized that modern homemaking could be creatively fulfilling in a way she'd never imagined. Unlike previous generations of housewives, who Erika imagines were bored and dissatisfied, Erika says women her age treat the duties of the home as outlets for their creativity. — Emily Matchar

Previous Generations Quotes By Stephen Hawking

If human life were long enough to find the ultimate theory, everything would have been solved by previous generations. Nothing would be left to be discovered. — Stephen Hawking

Previous Generations Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

I think it will be found that he who speaks with most authority on a given subject is not ignorant of what has been said by his predecessors. He will take his place in a regular order, and substantially add his own knowledge to the knowledge of previous generations. — Henry David Thoreau

Previous Generations Quotes By Ross King

Such artistic forays into the countryside had been made easier by the invention, in 1824, of metal tubes for oil paints, which replaced the messy and awkward pig bladders in which artists of previous generations had kept their paints; and by the introduction of collapsible three-legged stools and portable easels, both of which could be carried into the countryside by the artist.18 — Ross King

Previous Generations Quotes By Peter Schjeldahl

Art teachers are always the doormats of the previous generation. — Peter Schjeldahl

Previous Generations Quotes By Neal Boortz

You CAN NOT judge previous generations by today's standards. Today Mark Twain is called by many, a racist. By the standards of his time, he was a social liberal. Even Teddy Roosevelt was a social liberal at the time, but he accepted as fact that idea that Caucasians were inherently superior to all other races. That makes him a racist in the CORRECT definition of the term. — Neal Boortz

Previous Generations Quotes By Shirley Chisholm

Lincoln didn't just end slavery. King didn't just dream segregation away. Parks didn't just get tired one day. It is often the unrecognized actions of previous generations that push a society to eventually embrace mantras such as hope, equality, change, and other ideals, which transform the political landscape. Chisholm's actions remind us that there are hundreds of forgotten foot soldiers in history that helped to bring these watershed moments to fruition. For — Shirley Chisholm

Previous Generations Quotes By Greg Gutfeld

I have a rule: Anything that can be done privately does not need to be performed publicly. It's why I love the gays but I hate their parades. Actually, I hate all parades. Marching to celebrate something you're born as seems silly. (As I write this, St. Patrick's Day is in full bore in Midtown. It's delightful how celebrating a heritage requires you to pick fights with strangers and then pee in a parking garage. The upside - the sea of clover-painted drunks moving in unison - might be the only green energy I've ever seen work.) And what's the point of a parade anyway? A bunch of yahoos who share some affinity, walking in one direction? Who decided this was entertainment? For previous generations, this was called a migration, or more often, refugees fleeing for their lives — Greg Gutfeld

Previous Generations Quotes By Ishmael Reed

I'm sure that a previous generation of Jews who published radical newspapers and journals would be critical of [David] Simon's projects. These were left wingers who suffered casualties in some of bloodiest strikes in American history. — Ishmael Reed

Previous Generations Quotes By Ludwig Von Mises

The unprecedented success of Keynesianism is due to the fact that it provides an apparent justification for the 'deficit spending' policies of contemporary governments. It is the pseudo-philosophy of those who can think of nothing else than to dissipate the capital accumulated by previous generations. — Ludwig Von Mises

Previous Generations Quotes By Erik Erikson

These same experiences make of the sequence of life cycles a generational cycle, irrevocably binding each generation to those that gave it life and to those for whose life it is responsible. Thus, reconciling lifelong generativity and stagnation involves the elder in a review of his or her own years of active responsibility for nurturing the next generations, and also in an integration of earlier-life experiences of caring and of self-concern in relation to previous generations. — Erik Erikson

Previous Generations Quotes By Costanza Miriano

But more than anything else, my female friends and I need each other because we do not have, unlike women of previous generations, a clear life path laid out for us. — Costanza Miriano

Previous Generations Quotes By Brian Michael Bendis

Jeph [Loeb] will call me with updates, and I'll go, "Are you f - king with me?" I never saw this coming, and certainly never saw it coming while I was still coherent and in the game. That's the difference between me and the previous generations. (Legendary X-Men writer) Chris Claremont had to wait decades before his s - t was on the screen. — Brian Michael Bendis

Previous Generations Quotes By Paula Polk Lillard

Parents in the early half of the twentieth century were primarily concerned with the development of character in their children. They wanted to be certain that their children were ready to cope with adversity, for it was surely coming to them one day whether in personal or national life. The development of character involves self-discipline and often sacrifice of one's own desires for the good of self and others. Montessori education, developed in this historical period, reflects this emphasis on the formation of the child's character. However, parents today are more likely to say their primary wish for their children is that they be happy. In pursuit of this goal they indulge their children, often unconsciously, to a degree that is startling to previous generations. All parents need to remember that true happiness comes through having character and discipline, and living a life of meaningful contribution -- not by having and doing whatever you wish. — Paula Polk Lillard

Previous Generations Quotes By Paul Weyrich

We are different from previous generations of conservatives ... We are no longer working to preserve the status quo. We are radicals, working to overturn the present power structure of this country. — Paul Weyrich

Previous Generations Quotes By Evan Daugherty

I loved 'Star Wars' as a kid, but I missed out on the experiences of seeing them for the first time. It was before my time, and 'Lord of the Rings,' that trilogy felt like something similar to what 'Star Wars' was for previous generations. — Evan Daugherty

Previous Generations Quotes By Dale A. Ostlie

It can be said that we are all "star dust," the product of heavy element generation within previous generations of stars. — Dale A. Ostlie

Previous Generations Quotes By Aziz Ansari

Finding someone today is probably more complicated and stressful than it was for previous generations - but you're also more likely to end up with someone you are really excited about. Our — Aziz Ansari

Previous Generations Quotes By Eric Liu

Our commitment should be to leave our environment in better shape than when we found it, our nation's fiscal house in better order, our public infrastructure in better repair, and our people better educated and healthier. To indulge in immediate gratification and exploitation is an insult to previous generations, who sacrificed for us, and thievery from the next generation, who depend on our virtue. — Eric Liu

Previous Generations Quotes By Ian Whates

Perhaps life is rare, either because the precise conditions necessary for it to occur are uncommon or because the chances of it arising are so vanishingly improbable that the Universe just hasn't been around for long enough. Some scientists argue that the Earth may be a rather exceptional planet after all, with its large, stabilising moon and uncommonly well-behaved sun. We may even lie in a peculiarly habitable part of the galaxy, central enough to benefit from the chemical enrichment of previous generations of stars but safely distant from the harsh radiation of the galactic core. In this case we might not be the only life forms in the Universe, but we could be among the first. — Ian Whates

Previous Generations Quotes By Paul Merton

When I was nine I spent a lot of my time reading books about the history of comedy, or listening to the Goons or Hancock, humour from previous generations. — Paul Merton

Previous Generations Quotes By Ludwig Von Mises

What counts is not the data, but the mind that deals with
them. The data that Galileo, Newton, Ricardo, Menger, and
Freud made use of for their great discoveries lay at the disposal
of every one of their contemporaries and of untold previous
generations. Galileo was certainly not the first to observe the
swinging motion of the chandelier in the cathedral at Pisa. — Ludwig Von Mises

Previous Generations Quotes By Diana Nyad

For previous generations, swimming the English Channel was the feat to accomplish. And that's been done. — Diana Nyad

Previous Generations Quotes By Charlie Caruso

Whether or not it has fully dawned on society, the reality is that Gen Y will soon have to assume the responsibility for a world crafted by previous generations. — Charlie Caruso

Previous Generations Quotes By Allen West

The message for the American youth is that this is a great country and we need to make sure that we pass on a heritage, a lineage and a legacy of American exceptionalism to each and everyone of you so that you can enjoy all the great liberties and freedoms that all the previous generations have had. — Allen West

Previous Generations Quotes By Nancy Pearcey

Christian adults need to think about talking to our own children as a form of cross-cultural missions. Cultural change happens so quickly that teens are exposed to ideas and worldviews very different from those of previous generations. — Nancy Pearcey

Previous Generations Quotes By John James Cowperthwaite

The fact that previous generations have handed down to us a substantial public heritage by way of roads, port, etc. almost completely free of debt, seems to me to impose some limitation on the validity of the theory that by borrowing we should, or could, pass on the burden of development to the next generation. — John James Cowperthwaite

Previous Generations Quotes By Homaro Cantu

Previous generations used to eat locally out of necessity. Without options like flash-freezing and worldwide export services, communities had to rely on local farms for all of their meals. In many ways, this was beneficial. People ate fresh, seasonal foods that were naturally flavorful and nutritious, and farmers and communities prospered. — Homaro Cantu

Previous Generations Quotes By Ken Ilgunas

I am a member of the "career-less generation." Or the "screwed generation." Unlike previous generations, the members of my generation won't get jobs and respectable wages straight out of high school, let alone college. We don't have the means to buy homes and start families in our twenties. We're the first generation in a while who will be less well off and less secure than their parents'. Strangely, I seemed more okay with this than my parents. Not being able to afford an above-ground swimming pool and a kid wasn't some heartbreaking tragedy to me. — Ken Ilgunas

Previous Generations Quotes By Richard Dawkins

Darwinism is not a theory of random chance. It is a theory of random mutation plus non-random cumulative natural selection ... Natural selection ... is a non-random force, pushing towards improvement ... Every generation has its Darwinian failures but every individual is descended only from previous generations' successful minorities ... [T]here can be no going downhill - species can't get worse as a prelude to getting better ... There may be more than one peak. — Richard Dawkins

Previous Generations Quotes By Luis Valdez

A lot of the public responses are based on the prejudices and ignorance, they've been inherited from previous generations. California has always been a multicultural state, but the thing is, you've got to open your eyes and people in general need to get over their own prejudices. — Luis Valdez

Previous Generations Quotes By Soren Kierkegaard

That which is truly human no generation learns from the one before it. No generation learns from another how to love. No generation has a shorter task assigned to it except insofar as the previous generation shirked its task and deluded itself. — Soren Kierkegaard

Previous Generations Quotes By Doug Larson

The reason people blame things on previous generations is that there's only one other choice. — Doug Larson

Previous Generations Quotes By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Will you ever be anything more than a vessel transmitting the genes and memes of previous generations on to the next? — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Previous Generations Quotes By Ray Comfort

This society in which we live is radically changing. What previous generations saw as evil is now embraced as being good. It is a dangerous and slippery slope upon which we stand when we reject what Solomon called the beginning of wisdom - the fear of God. — Ray Comfort

Previous Generations Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

As if it were the task of every time to be just to everything before it! Ages and generations have never the right to be the judges of all previous ages and generations: only to the rarest men in them can that difficult mission fall. Who compels you to judge? If it is your wish - you must prove first that you are capable of justice. As judges, you must stand higher than that which is to be judged: as it is, you have only come later. The guests that come last to the table should rightly take the last places: and will you take the first? Then do some great and mighty deed: the place may be prepared for you then, even though you do come last. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Previous Generations Quotes By Neil Cole

When we start putting together systems to make sure that future generations obey, what we end up doing is building an institution that conforms people to a pattern. They don't have their own faith, they're living off the residue of faith of a previous generation. — Neil Cole

Previous Generations Quotes By Steve Jobs

What had been the focus of my entire adult life was gone, and it was devastating. I didn't really know what to do for a few months. I felt that I had let the previous generation of entrepreneurs down ... I was a very public failure. — Steve Jobs

Previous Generations Quotes By Robert Caro

The New York City Ballet is obviously speaking to a whole new generation and bringing it the same wonder and beauty that it brought previous generations. — Robert Caro

Previous Generations Quotes By Michael Porter

Millennials are more aware of society's many challenges than previous generations and less willing to accept maximizing shareholder value as a sufficient goal for their work. They are looking for a broader social purpose and want to work somewhere that has such a purpose. — Michael Porter

Previous Generations Quotes By Lisa Kessler

The Order of the Titans had agreed with his assessment. This generation, the Order would be successful where previous generations had failed, because this time they would steal mankind's inspiration. They would kill the muses for the greater good ...
For the good of mankind. — Lisa Kessler

Previous Generations Quotes By Billy Graham

This is a high-strung, neurotic, impatient age. We hurry when there is no reason to hurry, just to be hurrying. This fast-paced age has produced more problems and less morality than previous generations, and it has given us jangled nerves. Impatience as produced a crop of broken homes, ulcers, and has set the stage for more world wars. — Billy Graham