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Preez Earz Quotes By Gunnar Ardelius

Tonight we're going to listen to this." She skips ahead to "Mute Witness" and hits repeat.
"What we do tonight will be stored in this song. Every time I put it on from now on I'll feel exactly like now. So if you die, I can still have you — Gunnar Ardelius

Preez Earz Quotes By Saroo Brierley

I'd had to learn some of these differences, too. Mum remembers taking me somewhere in the car once when I looked at her and said, "Lady no drive." She pulled over and said, "If lady no drive, then boy walk!" I quickly learned my lesson. — Saroo Brierley

Preez Earz Quotes By Karl Marx

For as soon as the distribution of labour comes into being, each man has a particular, exclusive sphere of activity, which is forced upon him and from which he cannot escape. He is a hunter, a fisherman, a herdsman, or a critical critic, and must remain so if he does not want to lose his means of livelihood; while in communist society, where nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity but each can become accomplished in any branch he wishes, society regulates the general production and thus makes it possible for me to do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticise after dinner, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, herdsman or critic. — Karl Marx

Preez Earz Quotes By Anna Howard Shaw

What is Americanism? Every one has a different answer. Some people say it is never to submit to the dictation of a King. Others say Americanism is the pride of liberty and the defence of an insult to the flag with their gore. When some half-developed person tramples on that flag, we should be ready to pour out the blood of the nation, they say. But do we not sit in silence when that flag waves over living conditions which should be an insult to all patriotism? — Anna Howard Shaw

Preez Earz Quotes By Charles J. Chaput

Religion is to democracy as a bridle is to a horse. Religion moderates democracy because it appeals to an authority higher than democracy itself.5 But — Charles J. Chaput

Preez Earz Quotes By Jeff Garlin

Comedians sometimes forget that there's an audience. You gotta be conscious that you're performing for other human beings. — Jeff Garlin

Preez Earz Quotes By Jubal Early

The Army of Northern Virginia was never defeated. It merely wore itself out whipping the enemy. — Jubal Early

Preez Earz Quotes By Mary Roach

Squatting upon the floor of the room, without any perceptible effort he passed into the hollow of his hand the contents of the rectum ... ," wrote the anonymous writer's physician in a letter printed in one of Fletcher's books. "The excreta were in the form of nearly round balls," and left no stain on the hand. "There was no more odour to it than there is to a hot biscuit." So impressive, so clean, was the man's residue that his physician was inspired to set it aside as a model to aspire to. Fletcher adds in a footnote that "similar [dried] specimens have been kept for five years without change," hopefully at a safe distance from the biscuits. — Mary Roach

Preez Earz Quotes By Kirk Cameron

If America is a ship, it looks a lot like it's sinking - financially, morally, spiritually. It's frightening. — Kirk Cameron

Preez Earz Quotes By Wayne Dyer

Meditation isn't just something we do to make ourselves more peaceful and to take some of the stress out of our lives. We do it because it's the only direct experience we can have of knowing God. Because God is that which is indivisible. Everything else in the universe, in the physical world, is divisible. Up and down, good and bad, right and wrong, male and female, and so on. But that which is indivisible in our physical experience is called silence. And when you get into silence, you're coming to know the indivisibleness of your life - and that's conscious contact. — Wayne Dyer

Preez Earz Quotes By Mary Lambert

I think no matter how you think about your music, you're ultimately in the music 'business.' I think you have to be business-minded in some sense. And for me, the real goal ... is positive intention and social change through music. It doesn't mean that can't turn a profit. — Mary Lambert

Preez Earz Quotes By Franklyn James

Love does not chose its victims discriminately. — Franklyn James

Preez Earz Quotes By Dorothy Day

If you are rushed for time, sow time and you will reap time. Go to church and spend a quiet hour in prayer. You will have more time than ever and your work will get done. Sow time with the poor. Sit and listen to them, give them your time lavishly. You will reap time a hundredfold. — Dorothy Day

Preez Earz Quotes By Bones The Doctor In The Photo

There is no such thing as objectivity. We are all just interpreting signals from the universe and trying to make sense of them. Dim, shaky, weak, static-y little signals that only hint at the complexity of a universe we cannot begin to understand. — Bones The Doctor In The Photo

Preez Earz Quotes By Mart Crowley

I had no agenda in writing this play except expressing myself ... It later occurred to me that I was not only announcing things to my family; I was announcing it to the world. Of course, if the play had been a flop, only my family would have known. — Mart Crowley