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Top Pre Kindergarten Quotes

Pre Kindergarten Quotes By Mortimer J. Adler

The first stage of elementary reading - reading readiness - corresponds to pre-school and kindergarten experiences. — Mortimer J. Adler

Pre Kindergarten Quotes By James Hunt

Our pre-kindergarten programs have shown a better work force and have attracted more businesses into the state. We implemented our Smart Start program in 1993. In my first two terms in the 1970s, we focused on elementary and high schools. We realized we were starting too late. We knew to be effective we had to start even earlier. — James Hunt

Pre Kindergarten Quotes By Bruce Fuller

This framing accents the importance of building a tidier system, one that incorporates the array of existing child care centers, then pushes to make their classrooms more uniform, with a socialization agenda "aligned" with the curricular content that first or second graders are expected to know. Like the common school movement, uniform indicators of quality, centralized regulation, more highly credientialed teachers are to ensure that instruction
rather than creating engaging activities for children to explore
will be delivered in more uniform ways. And the state signals to parents that this is now the appropriate way to raise one's three- or four-year-old. Modern child rearing is equated with systems building in the eyes of universal pre-kindergarten advocates
and parents hear this discourse through upbeat articles in daily newspapers, public service annoucement, and from school authorities. — Bruce Fuller