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Top Prairies Edge Quotes

Prairies Edge Quotes By John Irving

Ever since the Christmas of '53, I have felt that the yuletide is a special hell for those families who have suffered any loss or who must admit to any imperfection; the so-called spirit of giving can be as greedy as receiving
Christmas is our time to be aware of what we lack, of who's not home. — John Irving

Prairies Edge Quotes By Donnie Yen

It's a blessing to be given a variety of roles to what I call an iconic action actor like myself. — Donnie Yen

Prairies Edge Quotes By Stacey Kade

Not five minutes after Alona had vanished through the far wall of my bedroom, my mom had poked her head in my room to say good night, and let's face it, probably check up on me. Her face was glowing with happiness. She must have had a good time Sam at the movies. Where I was absolutely sure they did nothing but actually watch the movie, and refused to believe any evidence to the contrary. It was too ... weird. — Stacey Kade

Prairies Edge Quotes By Denise Mina

I want to kick Grandma in the penis, — Denise Mina

Prairies Edge Quotes By Vince Gill

I had just lost my dad and I remembered all the songs we used to go and hear at concerts, and the records around the house and sometimes we'd play together. — Vince Gill

Prairies Edge Quotes By Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach

When art find no temple open, it takes refuge in the workshop. — Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach

Prairies Edge Quotes By Will Advise

Sometimes I drink coffee at 03:57am, only I call it beer, and it's really purple wine, disguised as clear distilled water, taken from my invisible car's radiator. She used to like radiator water too, so this also serves as a self-reminder to never share a glass with someone who has had hepatitis. Glasses are the main source of broken relationships. I mean glass hearts, as they only bend and change their shape under extremely high temperatures, which, unfortunately, are technically impossible to achieve in some places, like Soviet Russia, where nothing ever happens, because it doesn't really exist anymore. — Will Advise

Prairies Edge Quotes By David Axelrod

Any time you have loose ballots, you have to worry about shenanigans. It's a shame such a hard-fought election has to come down to something like this. — David Axelrod

Prairies Edge Quotes By Jason Alexander

It's a question of finding the right thing, if I'm going to be an actor ... if I have to get up eight times a week for a number of months, I want to be excited and challenged from the day I start to the day I leave. — Jason Alexander

Prairies Edge Quotes By Agatha Christie

Miss Marple made a ladylike noise of vexation like a cat sneezing to indicate profound disgust. — Agatha Christie

Prairies Edge Quotes By Charles Dickens

The wind is rushing after us, and the clouds are flying after us, and the moon is plunging after us, and the whole wild night is in pursuit of us; but, so far we are pursued by nothing else. — Charles Dickens

Prairies Edge Quotes By Melissa Landers

It takes a big man to trust a thief," Renny agreed — Melissa Landers

Prairies Edge Quotes By Philip Gilbert Hamerton

Avowed work, even when uncongenial, is far less trying to patience than feigned pleasure. — Philip Gilbert Hamerton

Prairies Edge Quotes By Kingsley Amis

When the bishop farted we were amused to hear about it. Should the ploughboy find treasure we must be told. But when the ploughboy farts ... er ... keep it to yourself. — Kingsley Amis

Prairies Edge Quotes By August Derleth

There was something about him where he stood all by himself under the trees and the stars, on the edge of the streetlight's glow in the darkness, that was symbolic of many men and women, not alone in this Sac Prairie, but in all the Sac Prairies of the world, something which spoke, out of that pathetic, ludicrous figure, of the spiritual isolation of so many people, something which made the thoughtful onlooker to wonder what thin line divided him from that other, knowing perhaps that the distance of chance or Providence was less great than the few steps separating one from the other in that darkness. — August Derleth