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Pouncing Quotes By Kavipriya Moorthy

Well, you can't expect a lion to stop pouncing on you just because you are a vegetarian, as the saying goes. Yes! Shit happens to everybody, regardless of how good at heart you are.This is karma and it will screw you. — Kavipriya Moorthy

Pouncing Quotes By Abigail Roux

Good or bad? Ty asked, rubbing his fingers over Zane's chest to soothe him. Smith chose that moment to come out of hiding, pouncing on his moving fingers and landing on Zane's chest. His claws sank in, turning the bed into a frenzy of cat fur, flying linens, and screaming FBI agents. — Abigail Roux

Pouncing Quotes By Henry N. Beard

The End of the Raven
On a night quite unenchanting, when the rain was downward slanting
I awakened to the ranting of the man I catch mice for.
Tipsy and a bit unshaven, in a tone I found quite craven,
Poe was talking to a Raven perched above the chamber door.
'Raven's very tasty,' thought I, as I tiptoed o'er the floor.
'There is nothing I like more.'
[ ... ]
Still the Raven never fluttered, standing stock-still as he uttered
In a voice that shrieked and sputtered, his two cents' worth
While this dirge the birdbrain kept up, oh, so silently I crept up,
Then I crouched and quickly leapt up, pouncing on the feathered bore.
Soon he was a heap of plumage, and a little blood and gore
Only this and not much more. — Henry N. Beard

Pouncing Quotes By Gail Z. Martin

Baxter bounced around like a crazed cotton puff, pouncing and running in circles. I grabbed a treat from the bowl next to the door, and he danced on his hind legs. He seemed to know that cuteness was a sure-fire antidote for a stressful day, and I couldn't help chuckling at his antics. It's hard to resist anyone who is that happy to see you. — Gail Z. Martin

Pouncing Quotes By Dorothy L. Sayers

Well, it seems like a miracle to be able to look forward-to-to see all the minutes in front of one come hopping along with something marvellous in them, instead of just[Pg 295] saying, Well, that one didn't actually hurt and the next may be quite bearable if only something beastly doesn't come pouncing out
Dorothy L. Sayers

Pouncing Quotes By Aiden Wilson Tozer

Christians alone are in a position to rescue the perishing. We dare not settle down to try to live as if things were 'normal.' Nothing is normal while sin and lust and death roam the world, pouncing upon one and another till the whole population has been destroyed. — Aiden Wilson Tozer

Pouncing Quotes By Louise Penny

Normally death came at night, taking a person in their sleep, stopping their heart or tickling them awake, leading them to the bathroom with a splitting headache before pouncing and flooding their brain with blood. It waits in alleys and metro stops. After the sun goes down plugs are pulled by white-clad guardians and death is invited into an antiseptic room.
But in the country death comes, uninvited, during the day. It takes fishermen in their longboats. It grabs children by the ankles as they swim. In winter it calls them down a slope too steep for their budding skills, and crosses their skies at the tips. It waits along the shore where snow met ice not long ago but now, unseen by sparkling eyes, a little water touches the shore, and the skater makes a circle slightly larger than intended. Death stands in the woods with a bow and arrow at dawn and dusk. And it tugs cars off the road in broad daylight, the tires spinning furiously on ice or snow, or bright autumn leaves. — Louise Penny

Pouncing Quotes By Richard Dawkins

A tiger's DNA is also a 'duplicate me' program but it contains an almost fantastically large digression as an essential part of the efficient execution of its fundamental message. That digression is a tiger, complete with fangs, claws, running muscles, stalking and pouncing instincts. The tiger's DNA says, 'Duplicate me by the round-about route of building a tiger first.' At the same time, antelope DNA says, 'Duplicate me by the round-about route of building an antelope first, complete with long legs and fast muscles, complete with timorous instincts and finely honed sense organs tuned to the danger from tigers. — Richard Dawkins

Pouncing Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

Children, you must understand, are monsters. They are ravenous, ravening, they lope over the countryside with slavering mouths, seeking love to devour. Even when they find it, even if they roll about in it and gorge themselves, still it will never be enough. Their hunger for it is greater than any heart to satisfy. You mustn't think poorly of them - we are all monsters that way, it is only that when we are grown, we learn more subtle ways to snatch it up, and secretly slurp our fingers clean in dark corners, relishing even the last dregs. All children know is a sort of clumsy pouncing after love. They often miss, but that is how they learn. — Catherynne M Valente

Pouncing Quotes By Harry Emerson Fosdick

No one can get inner peace by pouncing on it. — Harry Emerson Fosdick

Pouncing Quotes By Anne Bishop

Simon didn't think Meg really wanted to know how to eviscerate a rabbit. He could be wrong about that, but he just couldn't picture Meg pouncing on a bunny and ripping it open with her teeth.
Maybe if he tried harder to picture it? — Anne Bishop

Pouncing Quotes By Sinclair Lewis

Babbit was an average father. He was affectionate, bullying, opinionated, ignorant, and rather wistful. Like most parents he enjoyed the game of waiting till the victim was clearly wrong, then virtuously pouncing. — Sinclair Lewis

Pouncing Quotes By Nicholas Dodman

What would you do if your cat suddenly went psycho and started to attack you for no apparent reason, lying in wait and pouncing or stalking you with a faraway look reminiscent of its predatory cousins and ancestors? — Nicholas Dodman

Pouncing Quotes By Malorie Blackman

He loved to draw. Animals pouncing mostly. And trees. Always lone trees in black landscapes. — Malorie Blackman

Pouncing Quotes By Leviak B. Kelly

Cats, based on their corporeal existence, have a different view on trees even if one dismisses the fruit eating aspect. A closer look at common domestic feline behaviour makes these views spring forth like a kitten pouncing on a ball of yarn. It can be hard to miss. — Leviak B. Kelly

Pouncing Quotes By Alan Garner

The walls were shedding their texture and taking another in the pouncing feathers. Gwyn — Alan Garner

Pouncing Quotes By B.V. Lawson

Owls are nocturnal, swooping down silently, with the soft edges of their feathers muffling the sound of the wings, before pouncing and swallowing their prey whole. Death unseen, death unheard, death from above - the military drones of the animal kingdom — B.V. Lawson

Pouncing Quotes By Laura Kreitzer

It took me several minutes to persuade myself to watch the news. During which time I gave myself a stern talking to. That turned into me considering a local pub that would be the perfect place to drown my sorrows in a barrel of tequila, though after much introspection, I scratched the idea just to avoid needless drunken embarrassment. Then, admittedly, I contemplated pouncing Andrew for another steamy romp session. Despite its proven potency to assuage stress and tension, I decided now was not the time to indulge in explosive sexcapades. — Laura Kreitzer

Pouncing Quotes By Jason Isaacs

God, I hate interviews with actors pouncing on. Who wants to know about their lives? I don't want to know about Al Pacino's life. — Jason Isaacs