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Top Positive Suggestions Quotes

Positive Suggestions Quotes By Amanda Lang

You have to free your brain to roam to places that are a little impractical, and innovation consultants have come up with some great ways to encourage that. One of my favorites comes from Legrand, who tells people in group brainstorming sessions to try to come up with the WORST possible ideas that they can think of ... Once you have a list of really, really bad suggestions - and coming up with them does force your brain to work in a different way - you try to flip them over into the positive. — Amanda Lang

Positive Suggestions Quotes By Dorothy Sarnoff

We don't criticize. Criticism is an enemy. You've got to make loving, positive suggestions. — Dorothy Sarnoff

Positive Suggestions Quotes By Ilchi Lee

A "positive, open consciousness" means looking at something as it is, without coating it in your own ideas or emotions and, furthermore, looking for hope and potential I in it. Thus, when you consciousness is open, you can communicate easily with another person and accept positively that person's actions or suggestions. An open person fundamentally has respect for all life. Additionally, that person readily accesses cosmic information, because the door of their consciousness is open and they are able to receive needed ideas and inspiration easily This leads to new creation. — Ilchi Lee

Positive Suggestions Quotes By Phil Garlington

Finally, I applied to one of my roommates, more sagacious than the rest, for advice. Dave, I said. I'm broke and without prospects. I've blown my GI Bill on flying lessons. I can't hide out here in college much longer. What should I do?

Well, he said, at this crucial juncture you need to coldly appraise yourself. "I've only known you these few short years, but it strikes me you wouldn't be good for anything important; I'd have to say you're lazy, self-absorbed, glib and facetious, always ready to mock the suggestions of others, but never offering anything positive of your own. Intellectually shallow, no tap root anywhere, spiritually neutered, without feeling or compassion, unsteady of focus, lacking the fortitude for the long pull, with no fixed belief in anything."

I shook his hand and thanked him. The acuity of his analysis made my path clear. My only hope lay in daily journalism. — Phil Garlington

Positive Suggestions Quotes By Jack Layton

I've always favoured proposition over opposition. But we will oppose the government when it's off track.We'll support positive suggestions that we'll bring forward and support the government when it's making progress. — Jack Layton

Positive Suggestions Quotes By Karen Lewis

I found the sections on aging, relationships, and procrastinating especially helpful. I really found the tips and suggestions very helpful, inspiring, positive, and motivating. Yes, I would definitely recommend it. — Karen Lewis

Positive Suggestions Quotes By Jane Roberts

You should tell yourself frequently 'I will only react to constructive suggestions.' This gives you positive ammunition against your own negative thoughts and those of others. — Jane Roberts

Positive Suggestions Quotes By William Walker Atkinson

The lives of all of us have been moulded largely by induction through suggestion. — William Walker Atkinson

Positive Suggestions Quotes By Muhammad Ali

When a man says I cannot, he has made a suggestion to himself. He has weakened his power of accomplishing that which otherwise would have been accomplished. — Muhammad Ali