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Poor Choices In Life Quotes By Tammara Webber

Why me?" I hear his answer in my head before he says it.
"Don't know, honey. But there's a reason for everything." Dad pats my hand. "We'll just have to wait patiently to see what it is."
As i do every time he says that or something like this, I bite back what I'd say if I could reply honestly. I don't believe there's a reason for everything, and having faith doesn't mean I'm blind. I believe people make poor choices. I believed bad things happen to good people. I believe there's evil in the world that I will never understand, but will never stop fighting. If I believe for two seconds that there was a reason behind some of the awful things that occur in this life, I wouldn't be able to stand it. — Tammara Webber

Poor Choices In Life Quotes By P.C. Cast

I have tried to live my life by: I cannot control others. I can only control myself and my reactions to others. And when all else fails, I choose kindness. I show compassion. Then, if I have made poor choices, I have at least not damaged my spirit. — P.C. Cast

Poor Choices In Life Quotes By Thomm Quackenbush

Don't cheer for the roadies. It only encourages their poor life choices. — Thomm Quackenbush

Poor Choices In Life Quotes By Jo Ann V. Glim

Choose to live with honor and integrity; In all that you do, be an honest and trustworthy person; Use your talents to serve others and your country; Protect and nurture life ... it's the most precious gift we have; Develop a personal relationship with God. Life is filled with challenges. Face them with courage and faith. It's where wisdom and strength dwell. If you live by these standards, you will never be poor. Your life will be filled with wealth and your heart will truly know peace. Out of all these choices, the greatest choice we make is to hate or to love ... Choose Love. — Jo Ann V. Glim

Poor Choices In Life Quotes By Richard G. Scott

Fill your life with service to others. As you lose your life in the service of Father in Heaven's children, Satan's temptations lose power in your life. Because your Father in Heaven loves you profoundly, the Atonement of Jesus Christ makes that strength possible. Isn't it wonderful? Many of you have felt the burden of poor choices, and each of you can feel the elevating power of the Lord's forgiveness, mercy, and strength. — Richard G. Scott

Poor Choices In Life Quotes By Drew Hayes

Not every situation has a perfect solution; often, you just have to take your pick from the array of poor choices spread out before you. — Drew Hayes

Poor Choices In Life Quotes By Toni Sorenson

Just because we've made poor or wrong choices in the past, does not limit us from making wise and good choices now. — Toni Sorenson

Poor Choices In Life Quotes By Terry Pratchett

For a witch stands on the very edge of everything, between the light and the dark, between life and death, making choices, making decisions so that others may pretend no decisions have even been needed. Sometimes they need to help some poor soul through the final hours, help them to find the door, not to get lost in the dark. — Terry Pratchett

Poor Choices In Life Quotes By Mia Sheridan

I realize now that there are a lot of paths in life. Some we choose and some are chosen for us. I was dealt some shit, just like a lot of us are, and I made a lot of poor choices too. I have to take responsibility for those. But the only thing we'll get from trying to figure out where another path would have taken us are questions there are no answers to, and heartbreak that can't be healed. Regardless of how we got there, all any of us can do is move forward from where we are. — Mia Sheridan

Poor Choices In Life Quotes By Quentin L. Cook

Our women are not incredible because they have managed to avoid the difficulties of life - quite the opposite. They are incredible because of the way they face the trials of life. Despite the challenges and tests life has to offer - from marriage or lack of marriage, children's choices, poor health, lack of opportunities, and many other problems - they remain remarkably strong and immovable and true to the faith. Our sisters throughout the Church consistently succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees. — Quentin L. Cook

Poor Choices In Life Quotes By Jake Byrne

Plowing through life, you're bound to run into obstructions. Some of life's trials result from mistakes and missteps, and some from poor choices. I know about that too, because I've made my share of blunders and had to face the consequences.
Other times, the unexpected lands in your hands like a wayward ball and the "trouble" coming at you is like a 250-pound linebacker blitzing straight off the edge.
Jake Byrne

Poor Choices In Life Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Poor people have few choices in life, and most of the time you don't think too much about it. You get the best you can and do without when necessary, and hope to God you won't be wiped out by something you can't control. But there are moments it hurts, where there is something you want in the very marrow of your bones and you know there is no way you can have it. — Lisa Kleypas

Poor Choices In Life Quotes By Max Lucado

The meaning of life. The wasted years of life. The poor choices of life. God answers the mess of life with one word: 'grace.' — Max Lucado

Poor Choices In Life Quotes By Brandon Mull

Making mistakes is part of learning to choose well. No way around it. Choices are thrust upon us, and we don't always get things right. Even postponing or avoiding a decision can become a choice that carries heavy consequences. Mistakes can be painful-sometimes they cause irrevocable harm-but welcome to Earth. Poor choices are part of growing up, and part of life. You will make bad choices, and you will be affected by the poor choices of others. We must rise above such things. — Brandon Mull

Poor Choices In Life Quotes By Joey Comeau

I have a form of ESP that allows me to consistently pick losing lottery numbers, and generally make poor life choices. — Joey Comeau

Poor Choices In Life Quotes By Cheryl Zelenka

The best part of seeing your way through a storm, even if you think you have been blown off course, is watching how God takes the wheel and delivers you to safety. Sometimes poor life choices will blow you off course, but God knows how to get you back on course. He will chart an even better progression, and then use your roving to accomplish the purpose He always intended! — Cheryl Zelenka