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Top Pool Parties Quotes

Pool Parties Quotes By Jade Jagger

The best parties have always been at my house in Ibiza. They start with a bit of music and a barbecue by the pool. — Jade Jagger

Pool Parties Quotes By Amy Poehler

If I wanted to see Jonah Hill masturbate at a pool party, I'd go to one of Jonah Hill's pool parties. — Amy Poehler

Pool Parties Quotes By Billy Bob Thornton

So we are headed for a time when there won't be anything but movies that are essentially made like video games, and actors will become obsolete, and then the big stars will be people who live in Brentwood or wherever it is, and they have a show called, I don't know, "Pool Parties of Brentwood" or something like that. — Billy Bob Thornton

Pool Parties Quotes By Rod Dreher

Nobody had to say it; everyone could see it with their eyes and know it in their hearts. In a way all those afternoons down on the sandbar at Thompson Creek, late evenings of margaritas at Que Pasa, nights of pool parties and barn dances and Ronnie Morgan's campfires followed by pancakes and kitchen camaraderie, and church on Sunday morning--these things were like a levee the people of Starhill had spent a lifetime building together. Now, facing a catastrophe that felt like it had the power to wash them away, the levee was holding. — Rod Dreher

Pool Parties Quotes By Ze Frank

Perfectionism may look good in his shiny shoes, but he's a little bit of an asshole and no one invites him to their pool parties. — Ze Frank

Pool Parties Quotes By Jennifer Egan

It's all still there: the pool with its blue and yellow tiles from Portugal, water laughing softly down a black stone wall. The house is the same, except quiet. The quiet makes no sense. Nerve gas? Overdoses? Mass arrests? I wonder as we follow a maid through a curve of carpeted rooms, the pool blinking at us past every window. What else could have stopped the unstoppable parties? But it's nothing like that. Twenty years have passed. — Jennifer Egan

Pool Parties Quotes By Barkhad Abdi

I would DJ pool parties in Minneapolis, but I never swam there! — Barkhad Abdi