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Polyester Quotes By Barbara DeMarco-Barrett

Sound is so important to creative writing. Think of the sounds you hear that you include and the similes you use to describe what things sound like. 'As she walked up the alley, her polyester workout pants sounded like windshield wipers swishing back and forth.' Cadence, onomatopoeia, the poetry of language are all so important. Learn all that you can about how to bring sound into your work. — Barbara DeMarco-Barrett

Polyester Quotes By Ibi Kaslik

Heart lesson #3: post-heartbreak survival.
The heart is resilient, I mean literally. When a body is burned, the heart is the last organ to oxidize. While the rest of the body can catch flame like a polyester sheet on campfire, it takes hours to burn the heart to ash. My dear sister, a near-perfect organ! Solid, inflammable. — Ibi Kaslik

Polyester Quotes By Rob Thurman

As I stood, I took in a last breath of spring-scented air, listened to the birdsong, and then saw a member of wildlife the conservationists hadn't planned on reviving in this place. A perv in a white shirt and polyester pants. A standard hide-in-the-bushes-and-whack-it perv. Fat and balding, it was as appealing as watching a giant marshmallow go at it. — Rob Thurman

Polyester Quotes By Holly Black

When Tana was six, vampires were Muppets, endlessly counting, or cartoon villains in black cloaks with red polyester lining. — Holly Black

Polyester Quotes By Tab Hunter

I did Polyester, and I don't regret one minute of it. It was wonderful. — Tab Hunter

Polyester Quotes By David Foster Wallace

John McEnroe ... was arguably the best serve-and-volley man of all time, but then McEnroe was an exception to pretty much every predictive norm there was. At his peak (say 1980 to 1984), he was the greatest tennis player who ever lived-the most talented, the most beautiful, the most tormented: a genius. For me, watching McEnroe don a blue polyester blazer and do stiff lame truistic color commentary for TV is like watching Faulkner do a Gap ad. — David Foster Wallace

Polyester Quotes By Nina George

people; 'Manners like a creased polyester shirt — Nina George

Polyester Quotes By Ayelet Waldman

Gym class was, of course, where the strongest, best-looking kids were made captains and chose us spazzes last. More important, it was where the figures of supposed authority allowed them to do so. Forget the work our parents did molding our minds and values. Everything fell apart as soon as we put on those maroon polyester gym suits. — Ayelet Waldman

Polyester Quotes By Jennifer

At ShirtJunky You will get unique, 1 of-a-kind Shirt product, It printed exclusively for the customer who ordered it. Our Shirt Products are exclusive and 100% soft polyester. — Jennifer

Polyester Quotes By Alice Dreger

Want to be a well-paid bioethicist, with one, two, or even three university appointments? Just get yourself a two-piece navy polyester suit and follow these three simple rules: (1) Never name names. (2) Screw principles; just follow procedures. (3) Bury the money. — Alice Dreger

Polyester Quotes By Christy Leigh Stewart

I want to find a designer that can represent me. I want to find a celebrity that reflects me.
So far I've been dressing in cotton-polyester blends.
It's what Jerffrey Dahmer wore. — Christy Leigh Stewart

Polyester Quotes By Julie Buxbaum

Liam's hands are curled into fists, as if he is ready to throw punches right in the middle of IHOP, which is of course a dumb place to fight. There are children here, and polyester booths, and smiley-face pancakes. Multiple kinds of syrup. Some of the drinks even come with maraschino cherries. — Julie Buxbaum

Polyester Quotes By Ariel Levy

Sex is one of the most interesting things we as humans have to play with, and we've reduced it to polyester underpants and implants. We are selling ourselves unbelievably short. — Ariel Levy

Polyester Quotes By Barry Ritholtz

I find it funny that people who didn't think there was any inflation in the pipeline are now talking about stagflation. This is nothing like the 1970's, which was a pretty dismal period and not just because of polyester and disco. — Barry Ritholtz

Polyester Quotes By Sammy Kershaw

I made her the queen of my double wide trailer with the polyester curtains and redwood deck. — Sammy Kershaw

Polyester Quotes By J.R. Ward

Although he could have been wearing a seventies lounge suit and she probably would have drooled over the polyester. — J.R. Ward

Polyester Quotes By Alberto Hazan

night-vision goggles with high-definition magnification. Despite the unbearable heat and humidity, Robert wore his long-sleeved elastane top and his favorite pair of dark polyester pants. He didn't care that the outfit made him look unarmed and vulnerable to anyone interested in picking a fight. It'll take them a minute to decide. He — Alberto Hazan

Polyester Quotes By John Sayles

It's a mixed crowd at the dogs - black, white, hispanic - but to Walt they all look like Jackie Gleason. Heavyset guys with big plans and polyester souls. — John Sayles

Polyester Quotes By Kristin Bauer Van Straten

One lesson I got from Gandhi, 'Be the change you want to see,' haunts me. I just feel like I can't keep stomping around pointing the finger at BP when I am supporting the oil industry with my very own dollars and actions by buying their products, helping to pay their mortgage - plastic is from oil ... polyester, shower curtains. — Kristin Bauer Van Straten

Polyester Quotes By John Anderson

We're all polyester poets and pickers of a kind, with far too many questions for the answers in our minds. — John Anderson

Polyester Quotes By Rick Yancey

But the most wonderful thing of all, our highest achievement and the one thing for which I pray we will always be remembered, is stuffing wads of polyester into an anatomically incorrect, cartoonish ideal of one of nature's most fearsome predators for no other reason than to soothe a child. — Rick Yancey

Polyester Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

You would give John Travolta a run for his money. (Tory)
Yeah, and I'm sorry about my clothes. I tried, but I just couldn't bring myself to wear that. Hell, I couldn't do the disco look even when it was popular. I swear I'm allergic to polyester. Thank God for the punk movement. Otherwise I'd have been naked for a decade. (Acheron) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Polyester Quotes By Lea Thompson

One thing the futurists never get right, though, is that the extreme desire for polyester only lasted a brief period in the '70s! — Lea Thompson

Polyester Quotes By Matt Taibbi

Just looking at Palin up on the podium doesn't impress me. She looks like a chief flight attendant on a Piedmont flight from Winston-Salem to Cleveland, with only the bag of almonds and the polyester kerchief missing from the picture. With — Matt Taibbi

Polyester Quotes By Patti Smith

A lot of children don't have a developed aesthetic. I did. I made early choices in life, even about cloth; I liked flannel and not polyester. — Patti Smith

Polyester Quotes By John Connolly

He was in his mid-thirties, tall and pale and thin, with long, sandy hair and rimless glasses, dressed in brown polyester pants, cheap brown shoes, and a light tan shirt. He looked like someone had put a wig on a giraffe and run it through the local Target. — John Connolly

Polyester Quotes By Zach Braff

When you were a kid and the circus came to town it was awesome to see these little creatures, but these things go out of fashion, like polyester blazers with rolled up sleeves. We don't have to suffer them anymore so why are there all these little people running around? — Zach Braff

Polyester Quotes By Daniel Dumile

Golly, he's just a pest and your worst best friend,
Who mend and rip space-time fabric like polyester blend. — Daniel Dumile

Polyester Quotes By Sophie Littlefield

He settled his big hands on her hips. He let them slide slowly down to cup her ass which she had jammed into a Spanx hide and seek high rise panty. Before slipping on the slinky purple faux wrap dress that her daughter had given her after surviving being held at gunpoint together gift the prior fall. Stella was fairly sure she would enjoy the sensation of Goat's strong fingers kneading her flesh if it hadn't gotten numb in its fierce polyester lycra prison hours ago. — Sophie Littlefield

Polyester Quotes By John Nichols

If the radical right had its way we'd all be church-going polyester heterosexuals driving around in white Cadillacs eating meatloaf and wax beans while mammoth bulldozers leveled all our forests and even hummingbirds were extinct.
Charley, The Voice of the Butterfly — John Nichols

Polyester Quotes By Ted Kerasote

Yet one powerful way of cleaning up a small bay of the chemical ocean is within our reach. We can vote with our purchases. It is the one thing to which industry pays attention. How many polyester dog toys, laced with antimony, would manufacturers continue to produce if none of us bought them? How many Frisbees, footballs, and retriever dummies full of phthalates would they make, if these toys sat on the shelves? How many fire-retardant dog beds and how many kibble bags lined with PFCs would any manufacturer ship, if they remained unbought? It is a powerful way to change silence into action. Our dogs, after all, have no say. — Ted Kerasote

Polyester Quotes By Peter Andrews

There is one thing in this world that is dumber than playing golf. That is watching someone else playing golf. What do you actually get to see? Thirty-seven guys in polyester slacks squinting at the sun. Doesn't that set your blood racing? — Peter Andrews

Polyester Quotes By Mary Rose O'Reilley

What to wear on a Minnesota farm? The older farmers I know wear brown polyester jumpsuits, like factory workers. The younger ones wear jeans, but the forecast was for ninety-five degrees with heavy humidity. The wardrobe of Quaker ladies in their middle years runs to denim skirts and hiking boots. This outfit had worked fine for me in England. But one of my jobs in Minnesota will be to climb onto the industrial cuisinart in the hay barn and mix fifty-pound bags of nutritional supplement and corn into blades as big as my body. Getting a skirt caught in that thing would be bad news for Betty Crocker. — Mary Rose O'Reilley

Polyester Quotes By Alex Flinn

What happened December 12?" Polyester asks.
I look at the wall, my attention suddenly riveted by a palmetto bug, feelers writhing. I could kill it if I wanted.
He hit me."
The bug slides to the floor. — Alex Flinn

Polyester Quotes By Zach Braff

If we've learned anything, it's that the combination of yellow smiley faces and blue polyester vests are irresistible to the inbred. — Zach Braff

Polyester Quotes By Robert Goolrick

I'm not having much of a life. It's not awful, just ordinary. I am trying to accommodate the memories of the life I had with the life I am now living, and I just can't do it. After being behind the wheel of a Lamborghini going 140 down Sunset Drive at four a.m., it's hard to get up and put on a polyester shirt and sell books at Barnes and Noble. But I'm not ashamed of it. — Robert Goolrick

Polyester Quotes By Martin Amis

My clothes are made of monosodium glutamate and hexachlorophene. My food is made of polyester, rayon and lurex. My rug lotions contain vitamins. Do my vitamins feature cleaning agents? I hope so. My brain is gimmicked by a microprocessor the size of a quark, and costing ten pee and running the whole deal. I am made of - junk, I'm just junk. — Martin Amis

Polyester Quotes By Fran Lebowitz

Breakfast cereals that come in the same colors as polyester leisure suits make oversleeping a virtue. — Fran Lebowitz

Polyester Quotes By Rainn Wilson

The great challenge working on this show for me is wearing polyester all day long and having the worst haircut known to man at the top of my head and sitting under fluorescent lights. That is America, people. Polyester, bad haircuts, under fluorescent lights. — Rainn Wilson

Polyester Quotes By Sherry James

Joy. Casey groaned under her breath. Just what she needed to plunge her day completely into the toilet - being the object of the plaid polyester king's desires. — Sherry James

Polyester Quotes By David Wong

Another bite victim lay nearby, a young man writhing as if in a seizure. Eventually his legs kicked themselves free from the rest of his body. The limbs thumped along the floor on their own like two giant polyester snakes with shoes for heads. Right behind them was a loose head stuck to a single arm, furiously biting and clawing the carpet. I felt like we might not be in control of this situation any longer. — David Wong

Polyester Quotes By Dav Pilkey

O'er rivers, through woods,
With winding and weaves,
Their school bus sailed on
Through the new-fallen leaves.

When out on the road
There arose such a clatter,
They threw down their windows
To see what was the matter.

When what with their wondering eyes
Should they see,
But a miniature farm
And eight tiny turkey.

And a little old man
So lively and rugged,
They knew in a moment
It was Farmer Mack Nuggett.

He was dressed all in denim
From his head to his toe,
With a pinch of polyester
And a dash of Velcro.

And then in a twinkling
They heard in the straw
The prancing and pawing
Of each little claw.

More rapid than chickens
His cockerels they came.
He whistled and shouted
And called them by name:

"Now Ollie, now Stanley, now Larry and Moe,
On Wally, on Beaver, on Shemp and Groucho! — Dav Pilkey

Polyester Quotes By Paul Rudnick

Most gay bashers will be wearing what gay people had on four years earlier - only in polyester with a Penney's label. — Paul Rudnick

Polyester Quotes By Stewart O'Nan

Her address book confirmed it, the pages inhabited equally by the living and the dead ... Each name called up raucous dinner parties and gin-and-tonics on sunny patios, lazy Saturday afternoons at the swim club, station wagons filled with noisy boys in polyester baseball uniforms. — Stewart O'Nan

Polyester Quotes By Don DeLillo

Grass: I've invested heavily in blood futures. I have a direct line to the trading floor for polyester blood. There's a heaving mass of men crying out their bids. The blood arrives at the warehouse in the form of double-knit suits. It's the only kind of suit I wear. When I collapse in the street, paramedics rush me to the hospital, liquefy the suit and inject it in my veins. — Don DeLillo

Polyester Quotes By Jon Stewart

I remember having a grade-school teacher I thought was a hard-ass. When you're that age, you think the guy is Himmler. Then you visit him eight years later and he's wearing polyester pants, he's four foot eight, you think he's gay, and you're like, 'Are you the guy I was afraid of? — Jon Stewart

Polyester Quotes By Caitlin Doughty

He had been a criminal, but he was also beautiful. I wasn't there to judge, only to make him clean and dressed him in his powder-blue polyester suit with the ruffled tuxedo shirt. Holding up his arm to wash it, I paused: I was comfortable. I wanted other people to know that they could do this too. The washing, the comfort. This confident, stable feeling was available to anyone, if society could overcome the burden of superstition. — Caitlin Doughty

Polyester Quotes By Joe Hill

He paused, twisting his goatee, considering the law in Deuteronomy that forbade clothes with mixed fibers. A problematic bit of Scripture. A matter that required thought. "Only the devil wants man to have a wide range of lightweight and comfortable styles to choose from," he murmured at last, trying out a new proverb. "Although there may be no forgiveness for polyester. On this one matter, Satan and the Lord are in agreement. — Joe Hill

Polyester Quotes By Emily Organ

It felt safe under the duvet. The world couldn't reach Patricia now she was hiding under a thick layer of polyester. — Emily Organ

Polyester Quotes By John Waters

I think it's all independent films. There aren't any! If they were looking for me when I was making Polyester, then it'd be perfect, but they're not. I'm not looking for that. TV is much bigger and better now; far more people see it. — John Waters

Polyester Quotes By Adam Rex

Polly Esther Doe was born at 8:03 a.m. on August 14. — Adam Rex

Polyester Quotes By Roseanne Barr

My daughter made me a Jerry Springer-watching kit, with crackers, Cheez Whiz, polyester stretch pants and a T-shirt with two fat women fighting over a skinny guy. — Roseanne Barr

Polyester Quotes By Colleen Atwood

I grew up in the age of polyester. When I got to touch real silk, cotton and velvet, the feel of nonsynthetic fabrics blew me away. I know it's important how clothing looks, but it's equally important how it feels on your skin. — Colleen Atwood

Polyester Quotes By Chris Hardwick

While the liberal media elite depict the bowler as a chubby guy with a comb-over and polyester pants, the reality is that bowling is one of the most tech-heavy sports today. Robotic pinsetters and computerized scoring were just the beginning. — Chris Hardwick

Polyester Quotes By Joe Scarborough

I don't want to return to the past. I don't yearn for when I was 18 years old. I was in high school then. I had acne. I had a terrible hairdo. I'm sure I was sporting polyester pants. — Joe Scarborough

Polyester Quotes By Diana Rowland

You're all angles and elbows right now." I gave him a sour look. "You certainly know how to make a girl feel sexy."
He grinned. "Well, how about: If anyone can make an oversize polyester uniform look hot, it's you. — Diana Rowland

Polyester Quotes By Bruce Sterling

Las Vegas is a major family destination. Nevada casinos have become American family values now. It's considered just fine to go into one of these windowless scary gambling-malls, drink yourself silly, lose your ass at roulette, and then go ogle showgirls with breast implants. Republicans do this now. Working-class folks do it in polyester stretch pants. It's normal. — Bruce Sterling

Polyester Quotes By C.A. Deyton

I don't understand death. For that matter, I don't really understand life. You live. You suffer. You die. It hardly seems worth doing. Yet, here I am, robotically taking a fresh breath every few seconds, standing in this awkward brown and orange polyester waitress uniform, pretending to listen to Mr. Chester go on about his bunions for the second time this week, pouring the evening's thirty-second cup of coffee and trying so hard to put the events of the last four weeks behind me. — C.A. Deyton

Polyester Quotes By Jay R. Ferguson

Let me just tell you this: I love polyester. — Jay R. Ferguson

Polyester Quotes By Rachel Caine

I added pieces the same way I'd constructed my body, from the inside out: boy-cut panties first (lacy), bra (sheer), stockings (thigh high), knee-length leather skirt (black), lime green midriff-baring shirt (polyester). David leaned against the wall and watched this striptease-in-reverse with fabulously expressive eyebrows slowly climbing toward heaven, I finished it off with a pair of strappy lime green three-inch heels, something from the Manolo Blahnik spring collection that I'd seen two months ago in Vogue.
He looked me over, blinked behind the glasses, and asked, "You're done?"
I took offense, "Yeah. You with the fashion police?"
"I don't think I'd pass the entrance exam." The eyebrows didn't come down. "I never knew you were so ... "
"Not really the word I was thinking."
I struck a pose and looked at him from under my supernaturally lustrous eyelashes. "Come on, you know it's sexy."
"And that's sort of my point. — Rachel Caine