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Polka Dance Quotes & Sayings

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Polka Dance Quotes By Milan Kundera

Back at home, after some prodding from Tereza, he admitted that he had been jealous watching her dance with a colleague of his. "You mean you were really jealous?" she asked him ten times or more, incredulously, as though someone had just informed her she had been awarded a Nobel Peace prize. Then she put her arm around his waist and began dancing across the room. The step she used was not the one she had shown off in the bar. It was more like a village polka, a wild romp that sent her legs flying in the air and her torso bounding all over the room, with Tomas in tow. Before long, unfortunately, she bagan to be jealous herself, and Tomas saw her jealously not as a Nobel Prize, but as a burden, a burden he would be saddled with until not long before his death. — Milan Kundera

Polka Dance Quotes By Peter Newell

She played upon her music-box
a fancy air by chance,
And straightway all her polka-dots
Began a lively dance. — Peter Newell

Polka Dance Quotes By K.d. Lang

To dance is human, to polka is divine. — K.d. Lang

Polka Dance Quotes By Darryl McDaniels

If you draw, if you dance, if you like poetry, if you like spoken word, whatever, if you like polka dots - use who you are, who you really are, as a positive. That's your superpower. Wendy — Darryl McDaniels