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Top Poaching Elephants Quotes

Poaching Elephants Quotes By Richard Leakey

The problem is that during the 1980s, a decade of heavy poaching, the elephants retreated to safer areas. And now people have moved into the corridors once used by the elephants. — Richard Leakey

Poaching Elephants Quotes By Virginia Morell

When poachers target the matriarchs or older females - as they often do, because older elephants usually have larger tusks - they also destroy that lifetime of learning and knowledge. For an elephant family, the death of a matriarch must feel like losing an encyclopedia, or an entire library - and for us, the loss makes stopping the poaching even more urgent, if only to protect the experienced matriarchs, who keep their families out of harm's way. — Virginia Morell

Poaching Elephants Quotes By Veronika Varekova

In terms of economical aspects, reinforcing those national parks with sophisticated anti-poaching patrols - these poachers are beefed up like the army. In the case of Cameroon, that's a perfect example of the lack of finance. The government could not provide the national park with more guards. Therefore, they lost the majority of the elephant population. I don't want to see that anywhere else. — Veronika Varekova

Poaching Elephants Quotes By Yaya Toure

Currently poaching threatens the very existence of the African Elephant, and my worry is that if we do not act NOW, we could be looking at a future in which this iconic species is wiped out. — Yaya Toure