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Top Plead My Cause Quotes

Plead My Cause Quotes By Hudson Taylor

Oh, for eloquence to plead the cause of China, for a pencil dipped in fire to paint the condition of this people. — Hudson Taylor

Plead My Cause Quotes By William Pepper

Foreman told Ray to plead guilty and he'd then give his brother $500, if Ray didn't cause any problems at the guilty plea hearing, and he could take that $500 and hire a lawyer to set aside the plea. Foreman actually put that in writing. — William Pepper

Plead My Cause Quotes By Barbra Streisand

My nose was part of my heritage, and if I had talent to sing and to act, why wasn't that enough? — Barbra Streisand

Plead My Cause Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

I was keeping Bubba from committing a felony. No offense, but 'he's a zombie, Your Honor, don't electrocute me' isn't a viable excuse. Believe me, I know. My dad's doing three life sentences 'cause he killed, and I quote, 'a crap load of demons who were trying to kill me and if I hadn't killed them, Your Honor, they'd have taken over the city and enslaved all you petty, pathetic humans.' They wouldn't even let my dad plead insanity because of it. So trust me, 'zombies needed killing' isn't a legit defense. (Nick) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Plead My Cause Quotes By T. S. Eliot

And what you thought you came for
is only a shell, a husk of meaning
from which the purpose breaks only when it is fulfilled
if at all. Either you had no purpose
or the purpose is beyond the end you figured
And is altered in fulfillment. — T. S. Eliot

Plead My Cause Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

When the lion is wounded do not stroke its mare. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Plead My Cause Quotes By Kate Douglas Wiggin

If I haven't anything to write, I am just as anxious to 'take my pen in hand' as though I had a message to deliver, a cause to plead, or a problem to unfold. Nothing but writing rests me; only then do I seem completely myself! — Kate Douglas Wiggin

Plead My Cause Quotes By Michael Gove

The British people rejected politics as usual and government as usual. They want and need a new approach to running this country. — Michael Gove

Plead My Cause Quotes By Anthony Trollope

There is nothing perhaps so generally consoling to a man as a well-established grievance; a feeling of having been injured, on which his mind can brood from hour to hour, allowing him to plead his own cause in his own court, within his own heart, and always to plead it successfully. — Anthony Trollope

Plead My Cause Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

The irrationality of a thing is no argument against its existence, rather a condition of it. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Plead My Cause Quotes By Pliny The Younger

Being lately engaged to plead a cause before the Court of the Hundred, the crowd was so great that I could not get to my place without crossing the tribunal where the judges sat. And I have this pleasing circumstance to add further, that a young nobleman, having had his tunic torn, an ordinary occurrence in a crowd, stood with his gown thrown over him, to hear me, and that during the seven hours I was speaking, whilst my success more than counterbalanced the fatigue of so long a speech. So let us set to and not screen our own indolence under pretence of that of the public. Never, be very sure of that, will there be wanting hearers and readers, so long as we can only supply them with speakers and writers worth their attention. — Pliny The Younger

Plead My Cause Quotes By Anonymous

8Open your mouth for the speechless, In the cause of all who are appointed to die.a 9Open your mouth, judge righteously, And plead the cause of the poor and needy. — Anonymous

Plead My Cause Quotes By Twyla Tharp

In circuses, there is a lot of magic. Things become other things. — Twyla Tharp

Plead My Cause Quotes By Bayard Rustin

War is wrong. Conscription for war is inconsistent with freedom of conscience, which is not merely the right to believe but to act on the degree of truth that one receives, to follow a vocation which is God-inspired and God-directed. — Bayard Rustin

Plead My Cause Quotes By Oliver Sacks

I often feel that life is about to begin, only to realize it is almost over. — Oliver Sacks

Plead My Cause Quotes By Graham Greene

I could have waited years, now that I knew the end of the story. I was cold and wet and very happy. I could even look with charity towards the altar and the figure dangling there. She loves us both, I thought, but if there is to be a conflict between an image and a man, I know who will win. I could put my hand on her thigh or my mouth on her breast; he was imprisoned behind the altar and couldn't move to plead his cause. — Graham Greene

Plead My Cause Quotes By Robin Korth

It really sucks to come in second in your own life. It sucks even more to think that this is okay. — Robin Korth

Plead My Cause Quotes By C.S. Lewis

Christianity tells people to repent and promises them forgiveness. It therefore has nothing (as far as I know) to say to people who do not know they have done anything to repent of and who do not feel that they need forgiveness. — C.S. Lewis

Plead My Cause Quotes By David Kinnaman

Most people in America, when they are exposed to the Christian faith, are not being transformed. They take one step into the door, and the journey ends. They are not being allowed, encouraged, or equipped to love or to think like Christ. Yet in many ways a focus on spiritual formation fits what a new generation is really seeking. Transformation is a process, a journey, not a one-time decision. — David Kinnaman

Plead My Cause Quotes By Ovid

Tis base to plead the unhappy prisoner's cause,
With eloquence that's bought. — Ovid

Plead My Cause Quotes By Marvin J. Ashton

Adaptability cushions the impact of change or disappointment. — Marvin J. Ashton

Plead My Cause Quotes By James M. Lindsay

Bipartisanship on behalf of an imprudent policy can be folly, just as partisanship on behalf of a just cause can be wise. What is clear is that politics will not stop at the water's edge simply because presidents plead for it. American foreign policy will return to the tradition of Truman and Vandenberg only when the American public demands it. — James M. Lindsay

Plead My Cause Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

The love of justice and the love of country plead equally the cause of these people, and it is a moral reproach to us that they should have pleaded it so long in vain. — Thomas Jefferson

Plead My Cause Quotes By Anonymous

MIC7.8 Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me. MIC7.9 I will bear the indignation of the LORD, because I have sinned against him, until he plead my cause, and execute judgment for me: he will bring me forth to the light, and I shall behold his righteousness. MIC7.10 Then she that is mine enemy shall see it, and shame shall cover her which said unto me, Where is the LORD thy God? mine eyes shall behold her: now shall she be trodden down as the mire of the streets. MIC7.11 In the day that thy walls are to be built, in that day shall the decree be far removed. — Anonymous

Plead My Cause Quotes By Maximilien De Robespierre

To defend the oppressed against their oppressors, to plead the cause of the weak against the strong who exploit and crush them, this is the duty of all hearts that have not been spoiled by egoism and corruption ... It is so sweet to devote oneself to one's fellows that I do not know how there can be so many unfortunates still without support or defenders. As for me, my life's task will be to help those who suffer and to pursue through my avenging speech those who take pleasure in the pain of others. How happy I will be if my feeble efforts are crowned with success and if, at the price of my devotion and sacrifices, my reputation is not tarnished by the crimes of the oppressors I will fight. — Maximilien De Robespierre

Plead My Cause Quotes By Joanne Crisner

In the middle of this journey, we lose a bit of ourselves. We do not know where we are or where we're headed. We look for directions, seek for guidance, and if we're lucky, we find it without too much time lost. And if we're truly lucky, we gain our whole selves back, with an ounce of wisdom on top. — Joanne Crisner

Plead My Cause Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

Somehow strangely the vice of men gets well represented and protected but their virtue has none to plead its cause - nor any charter of immunities and rights. — Henry David Thoreau

Plead My Cause Quotes By Christine De Pizan

Those who plead their cause in the absence of an opponent can invent to their heart's content, can pontificate without taking into account the opposite point of view and keep the best arguments for themselves, for aggressors are always quick to attack those who have no means of defence. — Christine De Pizan

Plead My Cause Quotes By Edward Gibbon

History, which undertakes to record the transactions of the past, for the instruction of future ages, would ill deserve that honourable office if she condescended to plead the cause of tyrants, or to justify the maxims of persecution. — Edward Gibbon

Plead My Cause Quotes By Frederick Lenz

I lived in a community where celibacy was the rule. My I saw many people asked to leave the ashram for so much as looking intensely at a member of the opposite sex. — Frederick Lenz

Plead My Cause Quotes By Harry S. Truman

The legislative job of the President is especially important to the people who have no special representatives to plead their cause before Congressand that includes the great majority. I sometimes express it by saying the President is the only lobbyist that one hundred and fifty million Americans have. The other twenty million are able to employ people to represent themand thats all right, its the exercise of the right of petitionbut someone has to look after the interests of the one hundred and fifty million that are left. — Harry S. Truman

Plead My Cause Quotes By Stephen Fry

If you have been, I'm glad you've stopped. — Stephen Fry