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Plagiarizing Quotes By Jorge Luis Borges

I don't think I can really believe in doomsday; I could hardly believe in rewards and punishments, in heaven or hell. As I wrote down in one of my sonnets - I seem to be always plagiarizing, imitating myself or somebody else for that matter - I think I am quite unworthy of heaven or of hell, and even of immortality. — Jorge Luis Borges

Plagiarizing Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

God loves the plagiarist. And so it is written, 'God created humankind in His image, in the image of God He created them. God is the original plagiarizer. With a lack of reasonable sources from which to filch - man created in the image of what? the animals? - the creation of man was an act of reflexive plagiarizing; God looted the mirror. When we plagiarize, we are likewise creating in the image and participating in the completion of Creation. — Jonathan Safran Foer

Plagiarizing Quotes By Katharine Elizabeth Fullerton Gerould

Originality usually amounts only to plagiarizing something unfamiliar. — Katharine Elizabeth Fullerton Gerould

Plagiarizing Quotes By C. G. Jung

I myself found a fascinating example of this in Nietzsche's book Thus Spake Zarathustra, where the author reproduces almost word for word an incident reported in a ship's log for the year 1686. By sheer chance I had read this seaman's yarn in a book published about 1835 (half a century before Nietzsche wrote); and when I found the similar passage in Thus Spake Zarathustra, I was struck by its peculiar style, which was different from Nietzsche's usual language. I was convinced that Nietzsche must also have seen the old book, though he made no reference to it. I wrote to his sister, who was still alive, and she confirmed that she and her brother had in fact read the book together when he was 11 years old. I think, from the context, it is inconceivable that Nietzsche had any idea that he was plagiarizing this story. I believe that fifty years later it has unexpectedly slipped into focus in his conscious mind. — C. G. Jung

Plagiarizing Quotes By Simone Muench

I think that when you pay tribute and are citing, not only through naming the authors but also through the acknowledgement of the form, that you are in no way plagiarizing. — Simone Muench

Plagiarizing Quotes By Zadie Smith

The term 'role model' is so odious, but the truth is it's a very strong writer indeed who gets by without a model kept somewhere in mind. I think of Keats. Keats slogging away, devouring books, plagiarizing, impersonating, adapting, struggling, growing, writing many poems that made him blush and then a few that made him proud, learning everything he could from whomever he could find, dead or alive, who might have something useful to teach him. — Zadie Smith

Plagiarizing Quotes By Joe Biden

In presidential campaign I released a 65-page file from the Syracuse University College of Law that showed poor grades, back in college, also. If I were plagiarizing consistently, my grades would have been better. — Joe Biden

Plagiarizing Quotes By Vladimir Nabokov

As to the rest, I am no more guilty of imitating 'real life' than'real life' is responsible for plagiarizing me. — Vladimir Nabokov

Plagiarizing Quotes By Augusto Roa Bastos

Man is an idiot. He doesn't know how to do anything without copying, without imitating, without plagiarizing, without aping. It might even have been that man invented generation by coitus after seeing the grasshopper copulate. — Augusto Roa Bastos

Plagiarizing Quotes By Louis-Ferdinand Celine

Man hardly comes in more than two varieties, wherever he is, whatever he does: workers and pimps ... they're either one or the other! ... and inventors, the worst kind of jobholder! ... they stand condemned! ... the writer who doesn't pimp along, peacefully plagiarizing, who doesn't pump out the pop stuff, he's had it! ... everybody hates him! — Louis-Ferdinand Celine

Plagiarizing Quotes By Mary McCarthy

My occupational hazard is that I can't help plagiarizing from real life. — Mary McCarthy

Plagiarizing Quotes By Karl Kraus

An idea's birth is legitimate if one has the feeling that one is catching oneself plagiarizing oneself. — Karl Kraus

Plagiarizing Quotes By Paul Scofield

Cheating on a quiz show? That's sort of like plagiarizing a comic strip. — Paul Scofield

Plagiarizing Quotes By Kristen Henderson

If in poetry court she was called
to testify on matters where
I was condemned to imprisonment: parking my ego
at a broken meter, line violations, forced rhyme,
dealing stanzaics to children, shooting
off my mouth, getting cute, for even this
latest attempt at verse, she would tell the whole truth,
she would admit from the pit
of her unsung brilliance,
from all of the paintings and poems
she herself has been making
and storing in the vast empire of her
singing soul, your Honor, my daughter is guilty
of plagiarizing my cells. — Kristen Henderson