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Top Pixies And Fairies Quotes

Pixies And Fairies Quotes By Nash Summers

He was from a fantasy where fairies and pixies danced through the woods and slept in dewy beds of twigs and petals. He was a creature unlike anything poets or philosophers could conjure up. He was born from alchemy, created by twisting storm clouds and rays of sunshine together. — Nash Summers

Pixies And Fairies Quotes By Michael Buckley

So what's with the crown?" Daphne asked.
Puck's eyes grew wide. "I'm the Prince of Fairies. Emperor of Pixies, Brownies, Hobgoblins, Elves and Gnomes. King of Tricksters and Prank-Players, spiritual leader to juvenile delinquents, layabouts and bad apples. — Michael Buckley

Pixies And Fairies Quotes By Red Tash

They're distracted. Good thing about living in the landfill," he said. "Lots here to catch the attention of the fae. They're so ADHD. — Red Tash

Pixies And Fairies Quotes By Jennifer Silverwood

Then I shall bid thee goodnight, my dear. Sweet pixies watch over the dusty moonlight of your dreams, Jessameine. — Jennifer Silverwood

Pixies And Fairies Quotes By Niki Livingston

She jolted to a halt when she saw what was waiting for her. They were breathtaking and entrancing. Their beauty overwhelming, and their light warm and inviting. Safety and peace settled over her, as she gazed around at the beauty before her. They were no more than a foot long with silky wings and a wonderful aura, with light beaming from their bodies. All possessing long, satin hair, with a diversity of color. Not one was identical and their divinity could be felt to the depths of Malkia's soul. — Niki Livingston