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Pierce Brosnan Simpsons Quotes & Sayings

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Top Pierce Brosnan Simpsons Quotes

Pierce Brosnan Simpsons Quotes By Robert Kirkman

But honestly ... I just don't know what anyone's thinking. To me, that's scarier than any half-rotten ghoul trying to eat my flesh. — Robert Kirkman

Pierce Brosnan Simpsons Quotes By L. Ron Hubbard

Getting married is an adventure. Because when you're getting married, you're doing something you don't know anything about. Did you ever think of that? — L. Ron Hubbard

Pierce Brosnan Simpsons Quotes By F Scott Fitzgerald

The college dreamed on
awake. He felt a nervous excitement that might have been the very throb of its slow heart. It was a stream where he was to throw a stone whose faint ripple would be vanishing almost as it left his hand. As yet he had nothing, he had taken nothing. — F Scott Fitzgerald

Pierce Brosnan Simpsons Quotes By Frederick Lenz

When there is no thought in the mind, no thought of thought, when the mind is quiet but fully alert, we experience a little bit of enlightenment. — Frederick Lenz

Pierce Brosnan Simpsons Quotes By Christina Lauren

My heart is a drum, deep in the jungle of my chest, and it bangs and bangs and bangs for him. — Christina Lauren

Pierce Brosnan Simpsons Quotes By Roan Parrish

Like, you know that feeling," I try to explain, "where it's Sunday night and you have school or work the next morning but then it's a snow day and you don't have to go in? You feel like that."

"I feel like a natural disaster?" he teases, but his gaze is intent.

"No," I say, forcing myself to say what I mean. "A relief. You feel like a huge relief."

Rex's eyes go very soft. "You feel like a relief too, Daniel," he says. — Roan Parrish

Pierce Brosnan Simpsons Quotes By Rhys Darby

When I did The X-Files, there was certainly less of that because the script was as it was and it was such a wonderful script and it was quite complex and there wasn't a hell of a lot of improvising I could do to bring to the table, but I guess what I did bring was a sense of self and that the reason I was cast was because I did come across as someone who possibly was only human for a short time. — Rhys Darby

Pierce Brosnan Simpsons Quotes By Erin Hunter

Foxleap, no! Not now! I've done everything I could! Oh StarClan, why can't you let me help these cats? — Erin Hunter

Pierce Brosnan Simpsons Quotes By Mark Helprin

In the Freudian age, parents say to their children, 'Don't be defensive,' meaning, 'You have no argument,' but I was born in the age of Rommel, when defense was considered an honorable thing. — Mark Helprin

Pierce Brosnan Simpsons Quotes By Miguel Angel Ruiz

It's incredible what we can do if we really want to do it. All we need is to be aware of what we are doing and to return to the authenticity we were born with. — Miguel Angel Ruiz