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Photos In Black And White Quotes By Emma Healey

Sometimes, when I'm having a sort-through or a clear-out, I find photos of my youth, and it's a shock to see everything on black and white. I think my granddaughter believes we were actually grey-skinned, with dull hair, always posing in a shadowed landscape. But I remember the town as being almost too bright to look at when I was a girl. I remember the deep blue of the sky and the dark green of the pines cutting through it, the bright red of the local brick houses and the orange carpet of pine needles under our feet. Nowadays - though I'm not sure the sky is still occasionally blue and most of the houses are still there, and the trees still drop their needles - nowadays, the colours seem faded, as if I live in an old photograph. — Emma Healey

Photos In Black And White Quotes By Allan Sekula

Black-and-white photos tell the truth. That's why insurance companies use them. — Allan Sekula

Photos In Black And White Quotes By Aaron Karo

I think the way you can tell if a guy and girl are in a serious relationship is whether or not they have black and white pictures of themselves together. That's the real test. Because it takes effort to get nice black and white photos. If you've gone that far, there's no turning back. — Aaron Karo

Photos In Black And White Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

Meaning is also a colour and that's why there are many colours in the black and white photos! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

Photos In Black And White Quotes By Jose Parla

One teacher told me that my work belonged in the trash. That day I ran out of the classroom and ended up in the library, where there happened to be a black and white photography exhibition of Robert Rauschenberg's photographs of the streets of New York. The subject of his photos were exactly what I was painting about. — Jose Parla

Photos In Black And White Quotes By Robert Barry

I shoot in black and white, sometimes color, sometimes if it looks good I shoot out the window of the airplanes or whatever, anything that - sometimes I secretly take secret photos, shoot video of people on the plane if it's not too crowded. I don't know, whatever comes up. — Robert Barry

Photos In Black And White Quotes By Donna Tartt

Of huddled anonymity like old black and white photos I'd seen of bank crashes and bread lines in the 1930s. — Donna Tartt